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Hello there! I wanted to make a journal about rules I have for adopts! Please read before purchasing any adopt!

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So for anyone who doesn't know about adopts, Ych's, Gachas, OTA, Raffle adopts, DTA, theme adopts, and egg adopts! let me tell you about them!

Adopts are characters people can adopt by either buying it with points/USD, DTA (draw to adopt) or OTA (offer to adopt)!
Draw to adopt is when you draw the character to adopt it! This can include adding a name, outfits, backstory or just a simple drawing! Offer to adopt is where you can offer up a number of points, a character, art and more! Theme adopts are characters based off a theme whether chosen by you or the artist selling the adopts! and Lastly, egg adopts are eggs you can buy with colors and patterns on them that the character will either be made based off of or the character is already made and you will only receive the original character when you purchase the egg. Gachas are another form of adopts but more randomized!

Mlp Gacha Adopts! (Open!) by PegaAdopts

Heres an example of a mlp gacha! Also feel free to check out their gacha's! You pay a number of points for a randomized character! You can also pay more if you'd like to choose a theme, age, species, and gender! you can also pay an amount of USD/points to get a premium character, which can include the following accessories, a name, backstory and more!

Ych's mean "Your character here" which is when an artist draws a pose and you pay for your character to be drawn in that pose! Raffle adopts are adopts that you get from raffles, usually, you'll be given a number and the artist will use a number picker to pick the winner!

Anyways enough about what adopts are here's info about my adopts! I will be doing all the adopts above on this account! I will take money either with patreon or with the DeviantArt point system! For those who don't know, 1Pink Points = a penny! So 100Pink Points = 1USD Sprite!!

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Rose's RoseAfter buying an adopt you can change anything you'd like about it!Rose's Rose
Rose's RoseCredit me for the design on the first drawing you do of the character! Every time after there's no need!Rose's Rose
Rose's RoseYou can send money or points! I'll put in each description of each adopt whether im taking money or points!Rose's Rose
Rose's RoseYou can only resale an adopt after you buy it!Rose's Rose
Rose's RoseAdopts can be gifted and traded to others! You can also buy an adopt for another user!Rose's Rose
Rose's RoseOnly send USD/points after you get the all-clear from me!Rose's Rose 

Flower HeartThank you for reading, if you made it to the end comment "Read and understood"!Flower Heart
nosysheperd13 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
read and understood
Worst-Waifu Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2018  Student General Artist
Thank you!!
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