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Commission: Gudrun

Commission we finished for the super talented Bernice Gordon of her character Gudrun. Lots of different challenges here, from the humanish face to the little hands, to the character's androgyny . Overall, good fun to make! Challenging well thought out designs & unique are the best commissions, no question.

She's fully armatured with ball and socket joints, with original sculpts for her head hands and feet. Hand painted 'a course to match her spotty bum, which has wefted detailing and a fluffy tail I quite like. She's fully poseable, can hold items, high five you, roll around in the clover outside but... she doesn't read the cards very well. That's okay; nobody's perfect. Yard sale cards are probably not top quality as far as fortune telling goes anyway.

This is a one of a kind item (someone will ask if I don't say it!). Character & design belong to Bernice Gordon; we just got to make it.
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Oh wooow~ This is really lovely. 
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This is why gelflings and chipmunks shouldn't cross breed. :D

Nice work though.
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You guys, you guys make my hart fly not matter what you do. his doll was pimped out in the stdio the other day- everyone saw. Everyone marvelled, and I only wish that I could package all the amazing comments and words and send them to you. You have outdone yourself, with this STUNNING creation. This has to be the BEST piece of Gudrun work I have every received, and my heart POURS with joy every time I see her. I cannot WAIT to snuggle this baby in my arms… you two are fantastic. talented, and so amazing in every way imaginable!!!
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I dont know what she is but shes cute!! :D
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This is so awesome, but so creepy XD It's so uncanny valley-ey....but amazing job all the same!
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Aww, It's cute X3!!! AWESOME JOB!!!!
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Wow, that's gorgeous. Great job!
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Super cute, but I gotta say, kudos for absolutely nailing the androgyny!
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Wow, so talented with art dolls! She's a bit creepy, I'll admit, but that just makes the doll even cooler. Great job!
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