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June 27, 2010
Realistic Awesome by ~wormhappy1plz The suggester states "Awesome, need I say more?". True indeed, and take a closer look for the awesome details!
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Suggested by CreatureInTheClouds
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Realistic Awesome


Detail: [link]
Used images: [link]

Realistic Worm: [link]

( ~darioart )

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Chuckecheesefanboy's avatar
Looks like annoying orange

The Default 
ArmoredArgonian's avatar
That face when you have deep depression, suicide not funny.
ppgz2011's avatar
I'm working on realistic drawings too but i can't do it well like this :') how did you do this?
bruhitszoe's avatar
I saw some of yours, you do really good on those
R4DIO-HAZARD's avatar
This is so well drawn but creepy at the same time
AskRowanclaw's avatar
That is actually terrifying
DibbyMin's avatar
Such realistic, very detail.
ChocoloverXXOX's avatar
It looks so real. The skin looks like it has the same texture as a lemon and the tongue looks a bit white. The eyes look like the guy hasn't slept for hours but he doesn't have bags. But tbh it IS pretty awesome.
hamedShayegh's avatar
very good works . i pleasure to see your works . please check my works and say your idea about my works
EM0Jl's avatar
fucking kill that shit its evil
Ovinaso's avatar
This is awesome buddy
xXxOkamiArtistxXx's avatar
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GDraconiaTitan's avatar
Holy shit Oo This will be featured!!!! 
SamPanther's avatar
that's okay, sleep is overrated.
DareLOL's avatar
thats horrifing
Klarousek's avatar
oh.OH. KILL IT! KILL IT WOTH FIRE!!!!! amazing work btw xD
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