Keep Calm And Love Chio Ch. 55

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Now, back to the modern world (Finally)!

Meanwhile, back in the forest... where the child marionette named Jussi was mentoring the mixed posse. "How so? All I did was just ask you all a simple question" Jussi replied to Dani's comment. "But, the way you asked said question and the fact that you took the time to give us all advice without judging us" Dani answered. Right when the young marionette was just about to respond, he was interrupted by what sounded like the distant voice of a young teenager. "Jussi, where the hell are you!?" The distant voice shouted urgently. "Fuck me running!" Jussi muttered to himself. "Who's that?" Questioned a slightly puzzled Azura. "My brother... one of my brothers anyhow" He answered, hoping that this supposed brother of his wouldn't be able to find both him and the gang. But, the young puppet was spotted. "Where have you been, dude? You normally don't go wandering off this early in the morning. Anyways, Rain and I found this creep snooping around in our territory and every single time we tried to ask for his name, he just kept saying that he was an ogre. This dude's got some serious issues" Said the brother. He was sporting a heavily deathrock aesthetic consisting of a black and purple teased death-hawk, a black tank top that was decked out in safety pins, torn up black and white sleeves, a bullet belt around his waist a pair of torn up black tights with black fishnet tights layered underneath, and a pair of black platform boots. He was also sporting a white face with thick black eyeliner, elongated black eyebrows and black lips. He grabbed the supposed creep's shoulder and brought him forward to show Jussi. It was Ogre and he was bound in ropes. Poor guy. Naturally, Chio immediately recognized him and said, "I know him! Please let him go". "And who exactly are you and why are you here? This is our turf. In fact, all of you need to leave" Responded the teen almost rudely. "That's enough, Jonny! Remember that there are no leaders in our tribe for a reason. Look, nobody here is human, except maybe that guy over there. But, if Chio knows him, then I'm sure he's alright" Jussi replied assertively. "Who the hell is Chio?" He questioned. Jussi pointed at Chio, who was sitting on a large stone. "We know him too! Ogre is a friend of our's" Tino said while standing up. "Yeah, you'd better let him go right now or else Chio will beat your sorry ass" Mal said angrily. "I will?" Questioned a puzzled Chio. "You know that not all humans are complete scumbags, right?" Harley questioned. "Another marionette, I see. How many more of you are there?" Questioned Azura. "Well, considering that a good amount of our tribe members have been kidnapped and murdered recently, there are only six of us as of right now. As far as I'm concerned, we are the last of our kind. Which is one of many reasons why we all have to try our best to keep all of these damn humans out of this forest" He answered. "The last of your kind? You're shitting us, right?" Asked Dani. "We're not the last of our kind, Jonny. I didn't find this out until just earlier. This is Harlequin, Malvina, Buratino and Pinocchio. They all somehow traveled through time to get here" Jussi said while pointing at the other marionettes. "Holy shit... but, how? There's just no way" Said Jonny, completely perplexed. "There is a way. There's always a way" Azura said. Another marionette who was hiding behind Ogre, came forward to investigate Chio. She was small in stature and had black shoulder length hair that was slightly teased and her eyes were gray and framed with red eyeliner. She was also wearing a black Siouxsie Sioux long sleeved top, plain black pants and black pikes. "You must be Rain" Said Azura. The girl marionette looked up at the faery. She was obviously younger than Jussi. "I am. Jonny and I aren't certain about these characters, here" She answered shyly while kneeling down in front of Chio. Rain immediately began to place both of her hands on the wooden boy's face. Chio automatically started to feel incredibly awkward due to this. "What are you doing?" He asked. "Oh, I'm just trying to figure out whether or not you are who Jussi says you are" Rain answered while running her hands up and down his face. She then felt the base of his nose and began to pull on it. "Ow! Can you please stop pulling my nose?" He said to her, trying to be as polite and patient with her as possible. "Yeah, that thing is actually attached to his face, believe it or not" Tino said jokingly. "Oh, sorry! I just had to make sure it wasn't fake. But, if me tugging at your nose actually did hurt you, then that means it is indeed a part of you. So... you really are Pinocchio!" She exclaimed. Chio covered his nose with his hands, trying to recover from the mild pain. "Good thing you didn't make him sneeze. That would've been a terrible mess!" Mal said playfully. "God damn, how big do you think my nose is?" Chio questioned. Rain chuckled briefly, then said to Jonny, "Alright, now that we know this Ogre guy is a friend of Pinocchio's, let's just go ahead and release him". "Alright, fine" Jonny said reluctantly while untying the ropes and gag that were binding the man.
Ember is transgender (Female to male), in his 20's and enjoys the alternative/gothic lifestyle. But, whenever he winds up meeting a mysterious and mischievous stranger named Chio, his world turns completely upside-down. The stranger has a secret, but does not want to be rejected nor feared by Ember and the rest of society. In this dark, gothic and industrial retelling and continuation of a beloved fairy tale, you'll be in for a surprise, maybe even a treat. Either way, enjoy! I've got more chapters coming soon!
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