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(I'm still here ^^; )
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Chicken by PassionAndTheCamera
True Love by SakurahKirarah
Taking Flight by SakurahKirarah
Freedom by SakurahKirarah
Encyclopedia Animalia
Pterodaustro guinazui by paleopeter
Fluffy Moo Moo by cobaltsennheiser
Cue the theme from Jaws by paulbalchin
Titus by Michawolf13
Reptilian Renderings
After a Hard Day's Work by paulbalchin
Hey, everybody - zzzup? by Parazelsus
look into my eyes, are you telling the truth? by Parazelsus
Silent by FemtoGraphy
Invertebrate Inclusions
Nosedive by isischneider
The Last Monarch by WraithPhotography
Argiope bruennichi by FemtoGraphy
Stictocephala bisonia by FemtoGraphy
Avian Additions I FULL
Shout out by NicoFroehberg
Corriere Piccolo - Charadrius dubius by EpHyGeNiA
Sgarza Ciuffetto - Ardeola ralloides by EpHyGeNiA
Garzetta - Egretta garzetta by EpHyGeNiA
Avian Additions II
Eagle by lliliyal
brown eyes by aniamm
turkey vulture tattoo concept by jeheil
Bucket For a Crown by Mouselemur
Amphibian Alley
The Toad - The Pure Earthiness by MisterBug
Spring solo by Plioart
Kaloula Pulchra by IenYamasaki
Axolotl by X-Alex
Mammalian Models
Plains Bison - Solemn by JestePhotography
Beaver - Log roller by JestePhotography
High horse by Lys333
African Elephants by daniluc78
The Aquarium- Fish Only
Border collie 2 by HendrikHermans
Otherworldly by EvelynVictus
Koi by vashthestampede
Animal Identification
tiny crab by FrlMahlzeit
A Running Piper by Gamerlunalicious
Conservation Carousel
Fur Belongs to Me by The-Dreaming-Dragon
The Museum- Extinct Animals
Microraptor Gui Restored by TheDragonofDoom

Group Rules!

Thought I might make this one clearer-
1. Only submit artwork of ANIMALS- so, no plants, no mushrooms, no selfies (yes, humans are technically animals, but still, no.)
2. Only submit artwork of wild animals. Zoo creatures work too, but no domesticated species like dogs, cats, horses, etc. (Wild dogs like wolves, wild cats like Ocelot, and Mongolian Wild Horses work)
3. Please submit the correct animal artwork to the correct folder (so no Squirrel Monkeys in the bird folder and no Macaws in the amphibian folder)
4. No dead animals please- we don't need to look at the decaying bat in your garage.
5. Unless the artwork is trying to convey a message, please try to make artwork of zoo animals as naturalistic as possible. This applies especially to photos.
6. Doesn't matter how small an animal in a photo is, as long as it's the main topic, it works.
7. Carvings, sculptures, etc. also welcome, but remind me if you're submitting one of those via note as then I have to create a new folder..
8. Caught animals (for hunting purposes, fishing, or trapping) shouldn't be submitted. We would like to see the deer in it's natural habitat, not on the dinner table. Contrary to what many think, the deer's natural habitat is the woods, not the hunter's shed.
9. No overly cartoony artwork. Try to keep the animal as realistic as possible. So no rainbow wolves and stuff like that.
10. Photos should be as clear as possible. Please don't submit stuff that looks like multicolored sand.
11. Respect other deviants and their artwork. No flaming, random insulting, or swearing in this group.
12. Only 3 devinations a day.
Not really a rule, but
- If you have any animals you can't quite put a name to, feel free to submit to the 'Animal ID Section', and the other members of this group will try to put an ID to them ^^
(sorry for the weird names,-)
- Avian Artisans. Any bird-related art. Photos, artisan crafts, drawings, paintings, etc. are all okay. Please, however, do not post blurry, grainy photos or blurry photos of drawings. Any extinct birds go in the 'Museum of the Lost' folder. Any artwork raising awareness or depicting endangered species goes in 'Conservation Carousel'.
- Mammalian Models. Like previously said, any mammals. Same rules as birds. Any extinct mammal goes in 'Museum of the Lost', and an endangered one in 'Conservation Carousel'.
- Amphibian Alley. Any artwork of Salamanders, Newts, Frogs, Toads, and Caecelians.
- Reptilian Renderings. Same rules as above. If the subject is a pet, like a pet Rock Python, please try to have the photo in a naturalistic surrounding or background.
- Aquatic Acquaintances. Fish only. No jellyfish, sea snails, octopus, squid, dolphin, seal, whale, or sea turtle. Same rules as above
- Invertebrate Inclusions. ANY invertebrates. Marine ones, too. Arachnids, Sea Anemeones, Sea Stars, etc. as well.
- Conservation Carousel. Any artwork depicting an endangered species or raising awareness of its plight.
- Museum of the Lost. Any extinct creature, be it from Dinosaur (Triceratops, Hadrosaur, Drameosaurs, etc.) times or from more recent times (Passenger Pigeon, Thylacine, etc.).


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