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    The first Hug a Deviant Day was hosted in 2010 and we had an amazing response; hundreds of deviants hugged and shared a personal note or two... it was wonderful! Thus I want to do it again this year Love by LiOneSS-178

What is this?

    On March 27th it's a day for deviants to go about and leave their fellow deviants a sentence or two of love, thanks, appreciation, gratitude or compliments. You can do this via note, comment or another method if you have one on dA. Kind of like Valentines Day for deviantART.

    It doesn't have to be anything fancy; just a quick
hug by Little-Vampire Thanks for being such an awesome deviant and amazing friend light pink heart bullet by to-much-a-thing Happy hug a deviant day!
feel free to make it even more personal if you'd like about why you think that deviant is so wonderful. Which ever way you wish!
    Hug one person, hug a hundred people; just hug someone :huggle:


  • because hugs are fantastic
  • because it's fun to show our love, appreciation & gratitude
  • because they deserve it
  • because a quick hug and wonderful message can brighten ones day!
  • because you want to :thumb149303339:

Then What?

  • Continue hugging and loving throughout the year until next :thumb147860433:
  • and let us know you've participated so you can be added to this years participants list!
  • you do NOT have to let us know who you hugged, 
                                                             but we don't mind if you do Spread More Love Emote - PLZ by a-kid-at-heart

There are plenty of ways to hug someone...

Hug :hug:2 rvmp Tight Hug Hug Man Hug Tackling hug Huggle! sigh hug :hugs: Glomp emoticon hug :doublehug: revamp :lovehug: la huggle :snuzzle: V3 :bademoticon: My first emoticon - Huggy :ladummyhug: :snuddle: v2 :spinhug: :InLove: :hugrevamped: 

2014 Participants!


:thumb433377144: Also; please help spread the word! I want to get as many huggers as we possibly can this year!!! :thumb433377144:

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kitten-paradox's avatar
I hugged someone then, I just didn't know we should say something.....

So yea..... Little late
WorldWar-Tori's avatar
That's fine :)
there's a lot of people I didn't add here, it's just been people that mentioned it to me :)
Aryiea's avatar
I did hug someone, just didnt' say anything til now xD
WorldWar-Tori's avatar
:giggle: okay; I added you to participants :D
LauraGalliArt's avatar
I got to know about this project from my friend HarLeezPix and although I'm a bit late, I also spread some hugs around:huggle:
So yes, I'm in! Hope I'll do it in time next year :D
HarLeezPix's avatar
Hello dear Laura!! :wave:
  I just wanted to thank you for even mentioning me regarding your comment to this journal ... it really means a lot, but you didn't have to do this!! :hug:  However ... I still really appreciate it and I again want to send you many severe :iconlovehug:s now and for every day in the future, okay? :nod:
  Take care and here's some more :tighthug:s for you!! :lol:
  ~Lee :heart:
WorldWar-Tori's avatar
Awesome :tighthug: I added you to our participants :la:
and I can't wait for next year!!
AmyKPhotos's avatar
Sorry I'm a bit late, but :tighthug: :hug: :glomp: :huggle: and all forms of hugs to you! :) I passed the message to another friends too! :D
WorldWar-Tori's avatar
It's never too late :tighthug:

awesome :la: I'm glad to see this spreading :)
AmyKPhotos's avatar
It is an awesome idea you found out, as always - the only problem that I haven't seen your ideas before, but I browsed through them -, so all it can do is to spread! ;)
WorldWar-Tori's avatar
Ahh; that will happen. I started this I think 2010 was the first time :O
keep an eye out, I try to have some sort of event going most of the time :) I take little breaks; but there's usually some contest, project or something going ;)
AmyKPhotos's avatar
I'll surely do! ;)
WorldWar-Tori's avatar
:la: I hope to see you more then!
transformicerawks11's avatar
count me in!
i did it guys
i did it
WorldWar-Tori's avatar
Awesome :highfive: I will be updating the list soon!
Xilka's avatar
This is such a wonderful idea!!!! :iconhug-plz:
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