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<da:thumb id="438693831"/> i can't keep walking on these dry-rot bonesoh, i am not a poet;
like the ink scratches
of plath, i am
a diamond-dreamer
specter boy: decay,
dispose, & disappoint
because this is the way
that writers wane -
(this hangman head is no
survivor story, & gods
do not burn out
in supernovas)
poem for borderlinesif i could concentrate over
seven hundred thousand eyes
at the roof to the numbers stepping
from the nicities & rows
to go back
to the shattered surface
& the ripples beating over the hang
halfway between shallow
and shore
biting lips. maybe--
she couldn't have known
that it takes a whole three minutes
for the lungs to
well, maybe she
who, oh well
                         oh wait
the white; the haze--
the booming over
the spume and spray
stop changing
me get out of my head
just pull up the shutters
step outside
my tongue the weight to talk
it out
but that's all we'll ever be:
a match burning itself out for
under the backspray of someone else's wheels
i didn’t realize that you were my sixth vertebrae
until i broke my
  ( i stepped through the cracks in the tunnel when you held my hand )
you skated out of the hospital like the ribbons
living in the edges of my eyelids -
i knew you were a dancer on the left stage of my Broadway
        right around the streetlights in my ribcage.
i switched my veins for electricity and my eyes for strobe lights
letting the vibrations shatter my sweet bones.
  ( we drove that car down i-75 at breakneck )
you shivered into my skin like hyperactive meteors
& i thought i was your polish girl [stretched into your cosmos]
displaced echoes crackled in my eardrums and under my pinky toe
 as Edison pulled the wires tight
and my veins ignited under your glow-in-the-dark smile.
      ( you were every photo on my camera)

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