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Breathers for Applejack (a MLP story) (ch.4 pt.2)
 “Don't you try to blame this on me,” Applejack said, giving Rainbow Dash a squinty look, “This was your idea in the first place! And she wouldn't'a found me if y'all weren't so eager to feed me the entire cloud I was 'sposed to be hidin' in!” she said, her chubby body dangling below her as Rainbow Dash dragged her through the air, cruising along towards Smokey Mountain.
“I was trying to keep you afloat! She wouldn't of found you if you hadn't made any noise!”
“Well, I made noise because y'all were too busy grabbin' hooffulls of cloud to stuff me with to notice that there weren't enough of the cloud left over to cover me up!”
“Well if you would just let me help you, Applej-
DON'T-! Don't you say it, Rainbow Dash, not you too!”
Okay, THAT'S IT!” Rainbow Dash shouted, screeching to a complete halt in midair, Applejack's fattened body swinging
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Breathers for Applejack (a MLP story) (chapter 2)
  She dragged one of her forehooves across the ground and lifted the brim of her hat up and looked, bleary-eyed, at her surroundings. She was back in ponyville, alright. She adjusted her hat back on her head and her eyes traveled up the full height of town hall, which towered over the surrounding buildings. She had managed to burp herself all the way from sweet apple acres to town square in ponyville. Under other circumstances, she would be impressed, but what just happened was probably something she wasn't going to be boasting about any time soon. She got herself, stumbling and shaking, to her hooves. She was battered and dirty from the cellar and the tree, and she shook herself off and weakly beat at her coat with her forehooves, but it didn't help much. The ground spun under her like she was still falling through the air. There weren't very many ponies in town square at this time, and none of them seemed to notice her. She walked along, trying to find her way back west to sweet
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Why Me!? - 85 by Gutovi Why Me!? - 85 :icongutovi:Gutovi 131 238 Why Me!? - 72 by Gutovi
Mature content
Why Me!? - 72 :icongutovi:Gutovi 164 413
Why Me!? - 69 by Gutovi Why Me!? - 69 :icongutovi:Gutovi 167 1,040 Why Me!? - 63 by Gutovi Why Me!? - 63 :icongutovi:Gutovi 171 371 Why Me!? - 47 by Gutovi
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Why Me!? - 47 :icongutovi:Gutovi 134 354
Why Me!? - 45 by Gutovi
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Why Me!? - 33 by Gutovi
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Why Me!? - 14 (Animated) by Gutovi Why Me!? - 14 (Animated) :icongutovi:Gutovi 269 171
Those Blue Wings - chapter 1
Those Blue Wings
Applejack glanced at the sky, pausing her applebucking as she noticed a gray coated mare with a blond mane glide down from the sky. Even if she hadn't recognized the pony herself, the mailbag slung around Derpy's shoulder would have tipped her off. Noting the lack of any other Apple family pony present on the farm, Applejack trotted up to the mailmare. "Whatcha got for me, Derpy?"
The gray pegasus just smiled, pulling a letter out of her bag for Applejack to see. The farm pony's eyebrows lifted as she read the address, her surprise growing as she opened the letter and read its contents. "Well, ah'll be..."
Focused as she was on the letter, she did not notice Derpy take off, heading towards Sugarcube Corner. The mailmare had plans, and many muffins had to be ordered...
"Hey, Twilight!"
The librarian pony turned away from her reading, her
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Being a dragon: Dragon Lessons by Noratcat Being a dragon: Dragon Lessons :iconnoratcat:Noratcat 6 0



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