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Welcome To World Star Art


Rules and Information About This Group

:bulletblue:1. We accept all types of art, except written, poem and literature.

:bulletblue:2. Any questions or something to reveal, send a note to the group.

:bulletblue:3. We are not accepting Members at this moment in time.

:bulletblue:4. We are not looking for Contributors or Administrators.

:bulletblue:5. We do not accept Affiliates.

:bulletblue:6. Please do not spam the group.

:bulletblue:7. Right now, Non-Members can only watch this group.

:bulletblue:8. Please do not start trouble here.

:bulletblue:9. That's about it..

Explore a diverse collection of handpicked art!

From vibrant paintings to captivating sculptures, we showcase exceptional works across all visual mediums.

While membership is currently closed, we welcome art enthusiasts to follow along and immerse themselves in creativity.

Have a question or want to share your thoughts? Send us a note!

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(O Fortuna)" Released on January 01, 1995

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Hi! Thanks for adding my picture of Paris!

Thank you (^-^)

Thank you for the request!

Hi! Thanks for having Night Flight and Country Breeze in yor gallery!

Hi there. Thanks for request!!

Thank you for the request! :)