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Here's the cold hard truth boys: The Sony vs. Microsoft dynamic is not about games. Sony we know supports Blu-ray and Microsoft HD-DVD. Both of these companies stand to make far more by controlling the next media standard for movie releases than they will ever make by winning one round of an ongoing console struggle. The reason you are all paying so much for features you may or may not use is because these companies want to get a pre-emptive strike at putting their format in homes. The PS3 and Xbox 360 are being used to advance agendas that have nothing to do with the videogame market. It isn't about what's best for the consumer; it isn't about what's best for the developer; it isn't about what's best for the industry; it isn't even about what's best for the videogame branch of each company. It's about who gets paid when Netflix restocks their entire library with a different media format.

That's why the current generation came out when the last one hadn't been exhausted yet. Neither Xbox nor Gamecube had seen its full graphical potential yet, but when Sony began moving to advance Blu-ray (since the PS2 had in fact graphically peaked), Microsoft had to act or lose the movie war. Caught up in the sweep, Nintendo had little choice but to release a new system themselves. Without a format to invest in or any real interest in the movie market, however, Nintendo chooses not to raise the cost of the system, nor to tie their success to the success of a competitor, and thus they reject both formats. They have to differentiate themselves somehow though, and thus, the user interface. It matches philosophically with what all the Nintendo fans like to espouse about gameplay and ingenuity, so its perfect.

~Anonymous @ 4chan's /v/ board

posted because it's so very accurate


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Hey Keibaby. I'm glad you back on Deviantart. I can't wait until you post some new stuff. *hug*
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you messing with my head <3
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Yes. Welcome to the new world of DA. You might not be familiar yet with everything here, so if you have any questions just send me a note. ;P
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Welcome to DA!!! :wave: you got sum cool stuff, ill be ur first watcher
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I'm just stopping by to say welcome to deviant art. Always looking to make new friends and check out everyones deviations!!! :picknose:

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Welcome to dA, I hope you're going to enjoy your time here. At first, everything seems to be a bit confusing but once you get the hang of it it's just a great way to find new art, get inspired and get feedback.

Stop by my page if you feel like it,
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