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AD 1520

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Portrait in the style of a sixteenth century copperplate print. This depicts the historic meeting of King Henry VIII of England and King Francis I of France at the "Field of Cloth of Gold" in 1520. The kings are accompanied by their queens, Catherine of Aragon and Claude de France.
The Field of Cloth of Gold (French: Le Camp du Drap d'Or) took place from June 7-24, 1520, between Henry VIII of England and Francis I of France. It took place just outside of Calais. French diplomat Guillaume du Bellay wrote, in reference to the magnificence of the courtiers at the Field of Cloth of Gold, "Their expenses were so great that some bore their mills, their forests and their meadows upon their shoulders"

Original sketch, Penstix on bristol AD1520 Pen and Ink on white by WorldsEdge Print publishing history: Publicity image for "Black Rose Ball" event in 2010, The Crown Prints 10/2010

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Holy snap this is awesome! great work!!
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Thank you for stopping by, and especially thank you for leaving a comment.
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Anytime!! it's a really nice picture c: mainly found this since both Queen Claude is my favorite queen and I love the tudor times, I find Henry very...entertaining to say the least ^^;
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Wow! You're the first person I've met who idolized Queen Claude! I'm doubly glad you stumbled upon this illustration, then. A little bit of trivia for you: She is pregnant in this image.
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Mhm! like one of my friends who used to watch after me told me all about this one french queen and never said a name, and only like, sometime last year I learned it was Claude De France, so I became obsessed with her, she was like a storybook queen to me ^^; and Oh I noticed that! I actual really liked that, all the pictures I see are just done of dolls or other things, and that she's pregnant here was something I hadn't seen before in an illustration of her :aww:
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Excellent! This is one of the most legendary meetings of monarchs in history.
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Yes. Legendary!
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Very original!!
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