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MKW New CT - Haunted Woods



This is a re-upload of my original custom track design Haunted Woods (please ignore the N64 in the title) for Mario Kart Wii

Now, onto the course :D

At the beginning of the track the racer is faced with an assortment of pipes to dodge and weave through, and a Piranha Plant for good measure ;) Here at this corner is the first of many possible shroomspots, with a small piece of offroad containing two more piranha plants (one potted and one not). This corner is also the first appearance of the dead trees from Bowser's Castle (Wii version) in the middle of the track (as the woods are haunted I wanted something sufficiently eerie to reflect this - what's more, as it's a wood I wanted to have various obsticles in the middle of the track to add to difficulty rather than just making the course rediculously long like most other CTs) along with the first appearance of the leaf piles from Maple Treeway in a custom track, since the trees are dead I figured these leaves could be the ones that fell off :P

On the next corner I placed a small piece of water as many people like to take corners tightly to make for a faster time, however one nudge or wrong move and you'll fall in.

Next is a longer stretch containing Monty Moles and a few zippers (note the piece of mud between them, this will be the oil from SNES Mario Circuit 3 with a pallet change to brown to resemble mud rather than oil), the idea here is to time the use of the zippers well enough to avoid the Monty Moles jumping up and slipping on the mud which will cause the player to lose even more valuable time.

On the next corner I included even more of the dead trees with leaf piles and the some offroad parts in the middle of the track (mud or grass perhaps?) as well as another pipe to possibly crash into. This then leads the player into ANOTHER possible shroomspot to cut the next corner which also contains several potless Piranha Plants to potentially mess up the player. This then leads to ANOTHER shroomspot to cut the next corner should the player wish and along a bendy road (with some mud, a potless plant and another potted plant) followed by a zipper boost pad (in the alpha design I planned for this to be a jump pad but I decided against it as it may cause problems with hopping over the wall to save time).

Alternatively, the player could travel down another offroad area (requiring mushrooms) to another zipper jump pad, flipping over a small pond and needing to miss two more patches of mud on the other side. This route would save a large amount of time compared to the other way around (however risking the possibility of getting hit by six more potted Piranha Plants and two pipes along the way, this route is probably better with a star or mega mushroom due to the high-risk nature).

The player then reaches another long stretch with three more leaf piles before yet another patch of mud and another pond on the final corner. My plan is to have bats flying from here (which possibly might cause you to fall into the water?) however I'm unsure if current hacking tools are capable to implimenting bats into a CT. Then a short bit of road to the finish line :)

If it is possible I would like to put Goomba's in this course too but I am aware that this is problematic in some way with custom tracks :/ Additionally, I wanted to include the floating ghosts from SNES Ghost Valley 2 as I believe it would complete the haunting theme of the course :D along with the patches of leaves from Maple Treeway that shoot out bananas, stars and mushrooms (however I am unsure if this is possible yet...). If it could be done it would be pretty cool to impliment a house in the space in the middle of the picture (like the one from Kartwood Creek) and the large trees with trickable roots (from Maple Treeway) possibly along the piece of road at the top of the picture near the Monty Moles.

I wanted to create a course where Funky Kong would not be king. I hope this course (with all its twists and turns) will be much more suited to Daisy's Mach Bike, however I will probably be unable to create this course myself at least until summer (maybe not even then!) so any help/advice would be much appreciated.

EDIT: Thank you Thondam! :D

NOTE: I do not in any way own the Mario franchise. This artwork is purely FANMADE and no copyright infringement is intended. Mario is property of Nintendo.
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congrats! with this post, you ended up creating the worst track in CTGP!