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Worlds-LifeCrystals is a group created for the different species
which thrive the world of the Seven Life Crystals.
In this fantasy world, two forces confront one another.
On one side, there are Humans and their technology.
On the other: beasts with enormous powers.
A long and hard battle awaits.

Please get acquainted with the index
and the rules here below before submitting.

:bulletblack: No offensive, pornographic or sex-related work.
:bulletblack: Pictures and texts must be related to this group's theme.
:bulletblack: Submissions must be finished works. WIPs are accepted in "Animations" folder only.
:bulletblack: No brusqueness between the members.

Want to join us and contribute to the gallery?
Simply click the "Join our Group" button at the top of the page.
Everyone is welcome to join!

 photo PhoenixDragonBadge2_zpsb9156321.png

Welcome, everyone! Today is the day that marks the winners of the Hunt for Gems contest.

I must repeat that this is not a contest to see who has the prettiest artwork pieces, no! This is a contest of improvement and attention to detail to both artwork AND literature.

Instead of top three, there are going to be top five winners. The top three of the five is going to have more prizes! Everyone gets MORE PRIZES!

1) Chalcedony's Onyx  by Dani00000
gets a Skulliez, a choice of any adoptable, and a choice of getting an "older" Skitter, a baby character of personal choice, detailed profile picture.

2) Danger between the clouds  by Kelirth
gets a Skulliez, a choice of any adoptable, and a choice of getting an "older" Skitter, a baby character of personal choice, detailed profile picture.

3) Contest Entry: I knew I didn't like caves.  by SabarielLocien
gets a Skulliez, and a choice of any adoptable, a baby character of personal choice, detailed profile picture.

4) Exploring The Depths  by May5Rogers99
gets a baby character of personal choice.

5) So shinyyyyyyyyyyyy by Shralen
gets a baby character of personal choice.

Everyone that submitted an entry to the Hunt for Gems contest gets a Skitter, regardless if they did not win. They also get a Swamp Lizard Turtle and Griffin Beast, for free!

Swamp Lizard Turtles and Griffin Beasts found here:…

Adult Skitter found here:…

Honorable Mentions:
EVERYONE! The honorable mentions are everyone! All the people that took an interest in this contest, even if they did not have the time to finish their entries.
I want to thank all everyone for being such an amazing community. It brings me such pain that I can't put everyone on the winning list, it really does.
I want to thank Grimmla especially for announcing our contest to her own community of wonderful people, and everyone else who made journals.

Black-wing24 and I both thank you so very much from the bottom of our hearts! Thank you!!
More Journal Entries


Folders in order of presentation
Click on the titles to get to the complete folder or on "[bio]" to get to the reference sheet.

:bulletblack: Reference Sheets
contains reference sheets of any Gods, Guardians, Ar'Locs or Hunters.

:bulletblack: The 3 Gods
contains art related to the three Gods, in alphabetic order:
• Enagi (assigned to MsDinoGoat) [bio]
• Gaia [bio]
• Phoenix Dragon (assigned to SanguineMiasma) [bio]

:bulletblack: Guardians
contains art of the seven Guardians, in alphabetic order:
• BlackWing (assigned to Black-Wing24) [bio]
• Eile (assigned to SanguineMiasma) [bio]
• Maisael (assigned to M4WiE) [bio]
• Navara (assigned to Shinju-Tsukuda) [bio]
• Nivis (assigned to Floeur) [bio]
• Taneldaith [bio]
• Wood Guardian (assigned to SashaWren) [bio]

:bulletblack: Hunters
contains art of any Hunters species, in alphabetic order:
• Big & Small Hunters
• Bulldog Hunters
• Hunter hybrids
• Hybrid Hunters
• Mimic Hunters
• Phoenix Hunters
• Saber-Tooth Hunters
• Small Dog Hunters
• Small Dragon Hunters
• True-blood Hunters
• War Hunters

:bulletblack: Ar'Locs
contains art concerning the Ar'Loc species. [bio]

:bulletblack: AIs
contains art concerning the AI (Artificial Intelligence) species.

:bulletblack: Skitters
contains art concerning the Skitter constructs.

:bulletblack: Breeding charts and Memes
is for Hunters and Ar'Locs who bred and for memes related to those creatures.

:bulletblack: How To Draw and Tutorials
here will be anything that helps the members to become better with their art!
Creatures showed must be related to the group.

:bulletblack: Other Characters and Wild Creatures
contains art of characters that belong to the world, but that do not fit any other folder.

:bulletblack: Adoptables
contains adoptables of all types of creatures!

:bulletblack: Animations
contains animated deviations of any creature that belongs to the group.

:bulletblack: Contest Entries
contains entries to several different contests; all in their own sub-categories.
Some of these pictures do not fit in the world of Life Crystal, but
instead help awareness and productivity for the group.












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