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Gallery Folders

Forest Overview by extraisthmus
Kerihekteki Remodel II [2020 Edition] by X-Cytilinsk
Amthalassan Forest Edge by Katie-Xenobiology
Pigeons by Kehhalar
Digital Arts
DEJ 10 - Knitting by Cranash64
DEJ 15 - Of fire and smoke by Cranash64
Entryway encounter by BananaScholar
Mantis girl by BananaScholar
Traditional Arts
Summer Rose by xTheChildOfWinterx
Spring Rose by xTheChildOfWinterx
Algoma's world by Halistablackgriffon
Ruins by Kehhalar
References and Concepts
Quaralian castes and dress codes by BananaScholar
Quaralian notes by BananaScholar
Lea ref by SkadefroDane
Vampirology, part 1/2 by BananaScholar
Merry mushroom. relax coloring page by MinOriCozyShop
Geastrum. coloring relax page by MinOriCozyShop
Cute mushroom. Coloring relax page by MinOriCozyShop
Grandpa tells stories. coloring relax page by MinOriCozyShop
P0322eng by Cranash64
P0321eng by Cranash64
P0319eng by Cranash64
P0315eng by Cranash64
Electrical Lands
Bond by Kehhalar
Kadsimrant by Ivelin-Fulmen
Deckhouse by Ivelin-Fulmen
Sunrise by Ivelin-Fulmen
Katrandar World
Atoll charybdetis by TereruArt
Charybdetis leviathan by TereruArt
Katrandar location map by TereruArt
Reef Cauldron by TereruArt
Terra Ardenta
Wild imperial cockatrice by TereruArt
Azulak - sand drake by TereruArt
Efreet-gladiator by TereruArt
Hot Rocks by TereruArt
Leaving The Cradle
NuUrg Project
Glassy Sky by Silverbloodwolf98
Paradigm World and Lucern
Paradigm creatures: Shooter Sagreen by VentralHound
Soranda Galaxy
Kvells'Kita by skitalets
Conjunction of Spheres
Thanks for the 1000+ watchers! by Keltaan
Created Worlds and Esvarra
Hontoriel by hontor
Planet Caidrynel
Zaurryl, Dec 2013 by Faullyn
Zaluga by AlexAngora
The Orum world
Orum - Biskvaarg the Terrible by Petros-Stefanidis
World of Gieges
Tundra Muskhound [gif] by celine-necrotheo
Broken Sun
Broken Sun setting illustration by TereruArt

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List of rules and folders

Here is a couple of simple rules. Please, follow them

:bulletblack: Do not submit fan art, fan OC's, known mithology characters, etc. - we are group for artists who create their own worlds, creatures and stories, but we accept arts (commissions, AT, etc.) with not your own creations if their author complitelly made them by their own
:bulletblack: Do not submit real animal or human characters if they aren't involved in some kind of fantasy or sci-fi story
:bulletblack: Submit your art in correct folder - we don't want have a mess in our Gallery
:bulletblack: Don't be rude with members and administration of the group
:bulletblack: Don't submit lechery, porn (however some erotical stuff is nice), too abnormal art, fetish art - we don't want irritate members

And here is list of our folders

:bulletblack: Featured - folder for your best arts in that you can contibute once in a month
:bulletblack: Digital Art - folder for all completed digital works (3D and 2D) in that you can contribute four works weekly
:bulletblack: Traditional Art - folder for all completed traditional works (paintings, drawings and crafts) in that you can contribute four works weekly
:bulletblack: References and Concepts - folder for all completed reference, tutorial and concept art works in that you can contribute four works weekly
:bulletblack: Sketches - folder for all your sketches, you can contribute ten works daily
:bulletblack: Stories - folder for all your literature or graphic stories works regards to your creations, you can contribute ten works daily
:bulletblack: Original worlds folders - made only for that people who make own deeply thoughtful worlds, you can contribute ten works daily

Тут несколько простых правил. Пожалуйста, придерживайтесь их

:bulletblack: Не выкладывайте фан-арт (касается и мифологических персонажей) - эта группа для своих собственных творений, хотя разрешено выкладывать работы с персонажами тех, кто сам их придумал
:bulletblack: Не выкладывайте обычных животных или людей, если они не связаны с фентезийным или фантастическим концептом
:bulletblack: Помещайте работы в правильную папку - мы не хотим иметь бардак в галерее
:bulletblack: Не грубите участникам и администраторам
:bulletblack: Не выкладывайте тут разврат и прочие ненормальные вещи - мы не хотим нервировать участников

И немного о папках

:bulletblack: Featured - папка для лучших работ, куда можно выкладывать работу раз в месяц
:bulletblack: Digital Art - папка для законченных работ в цифре (3D и 2D), куда можно выкладывать по четыре работы в неделю
:bulletblack: Traditional Art - папка для законченных работ в традише (рисунки и крафт), куда можно выкладывать по четыре работы в неделю
:bulletblack: References and Concepts - папка для законченных референсов и прочих справочных работ, куда можно выкладывать по четыре работы в неделю
:bulletblack: Sketches - папка для набросков и зарисовок, куда можно выкладывать по десять работ в день
:bulletblack: Stories - папка для текстовых и графических литературных работ, куда можно выкладывать по десять работ в день
:bulletblack: Original worlds folders - папки, созданные исключительно для собственных миров некоторых участников, куда можно выкладывать по десять работ в день
As you noticed, for the last time were a lot of expired requests and different problems on running the group. This is connected to the fact I have no that much of free time as I had before (generally some years ago), so running groups and being active on the site is a big problem to me. As the only admin in this group who actually moderates it, I'm asking you: do you want to help me to run it? Or should we just close the group? Waiting for your answer. Thanks
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Catstudio7 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for requesting my work! :D
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CyiCreations Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is there by chance I can get a folder for my own creatures? all the monsters and the 1 human I draw belong to a place thats called the forest.(or VASN) im currently making a lore journal on my profile if its required. if it is/isnt can you tell me the requirements?  
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PSYCHOMITTENS Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2020
Woah what an incredible group, this sort of stuff is right up my alley - definitely be joining! Thanks so much for requesting my original species ref, truly means a lot!! <3
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celine-necrotheo Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was curious, how does one get their own folder :0 are there requirements to be met or something along those lines?
I know I'm new to the group and have only recently starting posting my world-building stuff, but I figured I would ask, just in case I could potentially work up to that :>
Thanks ahead of time!
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Polar--Tang Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much for requesting my work!
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