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Sorry everyone, I gave been away for medical trasons. I have severe Macula damage and severs retiba damage in both eyes,. I have had suirgery on one eye abd srill nees surgery on the other.  On tjhhe 4th of Mat 2022, had a house fire and lost everything and lived in a tebt for 4 months. 
Noe I am living in a caravan and plan to sort the group out and get it back to the way irtt was..
so, this group is dead? then, bye! 
Well, to all people wondering about the Hitler pictures. There here beacuse someone hacked the group.

( back at it again, Mikey?)

He put a LOT more, but dA automated surveillance system got rid of thoses. But the hitler pictures aren't considered harcore enough, so that's why they are still here.

Only the admin could get them out I think.

And I think he's absent.
so, this group is dead ?
I'm not a member, so I can only guess. But it seems that way.

Stil 3466 members though.
Need a 2020 folder...