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Alice in the Shire (Not Wonderland) by Slofkosky

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Pretty nude mermaid - Mixed media and AI Art by Cyberalbi
The Spell by Slofkosky
Adopt Auction Flower Druid 25 [AUCTION OPEN] by Rina-Li
Dragoncember Day 7 Faolan by BlueWyst
Things with Horns - Part 1 by Nigreda
Dragon by Nigreda
Twin Souls by Anfani
Fairies, Elves...
Castle Infiltration by TabooGood
Forest Fairy. by SueMArt
Snow Elf by 0-xcheekymonkeyx-0
There Is Someone At The Door by renske111812
Seraphim by von-sel
Mountain sarcophagus by KPEKEP
Psychopomp by Rayjmaraca
:: Virgo Art Nouveau :: by SiZNArt
Archdemon Lilith by KenryChu
Horned Devil Queen by deathbycanon

Mature Content

Embrace the Light, Child of the Night by TabooGood
: 001 : by Bastard--Prince

Mature Content

Lamias and centaurs Video by Cyberalbi
Warcry by Ulfberht-Blade
Friends1 by Ulfberht-Blade
Hel the Two-Faced Terror by arepa999
Unicorns, Pegasus...
Alien deer by MarsMellon
Sweet Sparkle Unicorn by lady-cybercat
Unicorns, Beasts of Fortune and Decay by The-Greys
Unicorn, Duocorn and Tricorn by MelanippeArt
Miliko, Divine of Vanity by The-Greys

Mature Content

Mermaid Katy ~ Anticipation by sirenabonita

Mature Content

Salina and Marina 2018 by The-Greys
Brackish 2018 by The-Greys
Werewolf lord by Ulfberht-Blade
Werewolf Couple + Video Tutorial Link by Yarkspiri
Gift: Safira Silver Valiant by Lily-de-Wakabayashi
tonight by artist-Kat
Witches, Wizards
Fiona and Fawn by GoddessElizEclipse
[REQUEST] Who needs cutting?..... by i-am-rik
Mood picture by Vilenchik
Chibi Gladiator by Aetoras
Sirin by FoxSagebrush



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HorizonPointShawn Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2023  Hobbyist General Artist
Contest Announcement!

The studio's next project is an anthology of short stories set in Morgulia and so we thought we would do something extra special. From today through Sunday November 19th, I will be running a Morgulia short story contest. Up to 7 winners will be chosen and winners will have their stories published, with page length, setting, and tone editing done by myself, in the anthology with full credit and perpetual royalties so long as we continue to publish it.

All entries must be posted with the keyword #Morgulia , submitted to either myself or the Featured folder in the Morgulia fangroup here on DeviantArt, be grim fantasy horror stories, and have the main character or character's that the story focuses on be from one of the following factions (links for more in depth descriptions):

The Dobrinian Order; duty bound but uncaring and coldly stoic militant order upholding humanity's position of strength within Morgulia no matter the cost: Dobrinian Order Concept

The Tanizi Troupes; barely tolerated traveling entertainers and occasional thieves bearing a dark history and ancient curse: Tanizi Troupe Concept

The Manhunters; Ruthless men and women who specialize in tracking down and returning with anyone with a price on their heads, whether dead or alive: Manhunters Concept

The Mircalac; Vampires as corrupt and decadent as the are beguiling and dangerous who seek to make Morgulia their plaything once more: Mircalac Concept

The Zana Courts; bizarre and dangerous spirits from outside ordered reality that take on strange humanoid forms for their own unknowable purposes: Zana Courts Concept

The Cult of Gurath; peasant followers of a dark entity inhabiting the mountain woods of Morgulia and granted vitality at the cost of sacrifice: Cult of Gurath Concept

The Cobolani Clans; degenerate and cannibalistic fishers and ferrymen who have struck an unthinkable bargain with aquatic entities resulting in mutations: Cobolani Clans Concept

Finally, for those needing a refresher on Morgulia itself, more general information can be found here: What is Cursed Lands: Morgulia?

Good luck; I look forward to seeing what horrors you all unleash!

- Shawn, Horizon Point Studios
Kristian-Valentine Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2023  Student Digital Artist
Furry Deer Adopt ''Velor'' [CLOSED] by Kristian-Valentine   NIMONA fanart Ballister gives Ambrosius flowers. by Kristian-Valentine   N I M O N A fanart Ballister Boldheart cute doggie by Kristian-Valentine   N I M O N A  fanart Ambrosius Goldenloin cute by Kristian-Valentine  
Kristian-Valentine Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2023  Student Digital Artist
NIMONA ''Ruins'' fanart by Kristian-Valentine   N I M O N A  fanart Ambrosius Goldenloin by Kristian-Valentine  
DenFreezeWolf Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2023  Professional Digital Artist
Swordsman. by DenFreezeWolf   Armourer. by DenFreezeWolf  
RedMajutsushi Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2022  Professional
Some of my works

Oparuh et la Captive by RedMajutsushi   La Chute de la Maison Orsoya by RedMajutsushi  
wizard671 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2022   Digital Artist
FromAngmar Featured By Owner Edited Jul 16, 2022  Professional Digital Artist
Sad clown by FromAngmar   Vampire by FromAngmar  
Adoptable auction open!
Keh-Ling Featured By Owner Edited Jun 22, 2022  Hobbyist
Idefix - Dogmatix by Keh-Ling   
MarquisAmonArt Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2022  Professional Digital Artist
Seems like a dead group.  My submissions just time out, again, and again.  
Dwarf-Cartoonist Featured By Owner May 28, 2022  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I have a question here. Are Fantasy maps also allowed? ^^
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