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WIP3--TARDIS Interface

Continuing with my fascination of Doctor Who and its spinoffs, I've decided to make the interface screen of the important "super computers" of each show.

This time I've got the TARDIS interface screen. You know, it's the thingy on the monitor with all the circles rotating and stuff (don't know how else to explain it :lol:)

Not sure what I'll put in the main hexagon. For the "three interface" project, I'm planning on using things seen during the Doctor Who episodes "The Stolen Earth". I know I'm using the stolen planets on the Torchwood computer and the TARDIS basecode thing on Mr. Smith. Ah well, I'll think of something....

Completely done in PdN :D

Note: Not the full size ;)

EDIT: Finshed! Check Below.
TW Computer: Released! [link]
TARDIS Console Interface: RELEASED! [link]
Mr. Smith: RELEASED! [link]
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O_O I love these!
The Torchwood one is wicked :3
I hope you get time to finish them all soon :D
cant wait for more X3
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Thanks :)

Don't worry, they're all just about finished (expect a release by next week). I even added Mr. Smith from the Sarah-Jane adventures for safe measure (never watched the series much, but I still love super computers).
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Tis okies :D :3

Ah cool :3
Super Who Computers are totally the best :3