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Torchwood Rift Manipulator RC1

EDIT: New One Here: [link]

Yay for Super Alien Technology :D

The Rift Manipulator, featured in Torchwood (mostly Season 1) and Doctor Who (namely in the episode The Stolen Earth).

I know the metallic highlights seem odd in some places, but it's one of the first times I've ever used metallic highlighting with Curves+ :( Not bad for a first try, though :)

I just wished that the Rift Manipulator was seen in more detail in some episodes. I mean, the first time it was shown in full detail (TW season 1) was a crappy zoomed in shot that disappeared beneath smoke within five seconds. The only snapshot I got for good reference was during the Doctor Who episode (before it zoomed in on it AGAIN) which didn't have a good perspective.

The only thing that bugged me was that the funky red lights being on just one side of the manipulator. I also can't figure out whether they're coming from the wires or the wall or the glass... whatever, I just smacked them anywhere on the left xD

Created Solely using Paint.NET

Fill size download 1200x1200

EDIT: I didn't realize how narrowly two dimensional it was until I started fixing some things around. Just realized the bottom perspective is wrong too. I'm currently in the process of giving it another overhaul, so just consider this piece an RC. Stay tuned, a V2 will come out soon :)
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You were saying: metallic highlights seem odd?
If only you used my 3d chrome/metal tut ;)
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... I completely forgot about that tut :ohmygod: I should go back and use that on some of the cylindrical shapes. Thanks Ash :)

However, the highlights in question were the ones on the conic shapes. Naturally, the highlights would bend with the cone along its slope and not straight vertically down. Two out of three conic shapes were the only ones giving me trouble. The first one nearest to the top came out ok. The second one (below the orange thing) I forgot to curve, which is why it looks awkward. The third one (below the metallic stem) I just couldn't get to work properly...

I can't think of a way to utilize straight metallic highlights into diagonal ones to match conic slopes unless.... hmm. Maybe distorts? Or maybe copy, paste and rotate manually? I'm going to have to experiment with that...
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Conic shapes? you say?
My 3d chrome/metal tut +
Oct/Quad reshape/matte plugin :)
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Oooh.... I never thought of that one.

That's because I don't have the plugin. I'm going to go get it now. Thanks Ash! :D
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Looks really cool as a small image, great work.
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Thanks :)

Yeah, I sorta figured that everything below the metallic stem became rubbish. For some reason, the bottom of any object I make seems to turn into rubbish.

Meh. I'll go back to fix it sometime ;)
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:), Cool i hope to see some newer versions soon
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