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Torchwood Rift Manipulator

The Original: [link]

I decided to fix up the piece a long time ago and make it more "mature" looking (don't know how else to say it). The original seemed really flat, so I decided to change the perspective of some objects and add reflections, etc.

Compared to the original, I rather like this version. However, I don't like the shiny lights I put on the machine itself. I also think that I put way too many wires as well. But alas, the .pdn file was lost when my laptop was laid to rest, so this is probably the last fix of this piece. Besides, I think the only way for me to make this thing better is to start from scratch, but it would take forever to do so.

So, enjoy this piece. 100% Paint.NET. Full size 1200x1200
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Cool! I like the light effects and 100 pourcent PAINT!!!
Dammed you sure change it well! It make me think a bit about a darlek's machine.