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Medusa Cascade v2

EDIT: Lightened up the image a bit
Special Edition for doctorwhoclub

Pretty much a split image of [link]

Just added a TARDIS and some Dalek warships there. Also, you can see the Crucible back there behind the planets ;)
Original Blurb
Yay for space/Doctor Who stuff!

I wasn't too happy with how the Medusa Cascade was portrayed--especially the planets (they were all textureless and looked like they were rendered with Shape3D :P)

Anyways, I decided to go ahead and make my own version of the Medusa Cascade. However, except of the view of the other planets from Earth, I decided to take a shot of the Medusa Cascade from another planet (You can see Earth over to the left there)

Pretty much, this is sorta like a grand composite of planets. If you look closely, I'm sure you would recognize planets from my other pieces ;) Also created a few special planets from scratch.

And yes, I realize that there aren't 27 planets. You really expect me to fill a picture with all 27 planets? Not even the episode showed all 27 in its entirety :P

FULL SIZE DOWNLOAD: 1013x846 (Weird I know. Don't ask. I dunno why either XD)
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That's neat mate
Scattergunsniper's avatar
I see....: Earth,Clom, Pyrovillia, Adipose 3.....i don't know the rest
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The blend of colours is uniquely surreal. Cartoony in a sense, but still dramatic. I like it.
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Fantastic work! Great concept.
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this is very well done :) what did you use to create this?
Worldnewser's avatar
Paint.NET :)

Freeware (

Took a month or less ;)
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oh dear i don't have that much patience. but it's good that some people do cuz i love looking at their art :)
will you be painting anything from the last specials with Tennant?
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I like it. It's very well done. :)
Maybe you should add some athmospheres or something. :)
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It would be unrealistic to see ALL the planets from any one of them anyhow.
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Nice work! But I had to angle my laptop screen so it's almost touching my nose just so I could make out anything in the background, as it's so dark - have you considered tweaking the gamma correction?
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Wow what a difference! :)
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Huh, it seemed okay on my home computer, but it really does look dark when viewed on a school computer :( I'll edit this deviation in a little while..
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You might want to decrease the brightness/contrast on your home monitor too.
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oh the texture is beautiful. the rings look really gorgeous the way they vaporise into the sea. the only thing I maybe don't like is that it is so dark and you can't see the details very well. but it is space so.
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Edited. Any better?
fluisteren2bomen's avatar
oh my lord yes! loads better! its amazing! .... i didn't see all the swirls before... they is quite pretty.
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I on't knoif thbackgroundshuld be brighter..bcauseit does loklike there are a lot of beautifuldetails hidden under that dark veil... still, it's a very wll done piece, nice work. :)
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Surv wtf :O I don't think I've ever seen you make so many typos :lol:
Survulus's avatar
Oh crap, I did, didn't I?
They're shit.
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