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Fob Watch

Fob/Pocket Watch as seen in Doctor Who (ya know, as in the Chameleon Arch seen in Series 3 for making the Doctor and the Master humans ;))

I couldn't think of a good background to use, so I decided to redesign the TARDIS interface screen into something. I know it's rather meh, but I didn't want to use plain white/gray/black. Ah well....

I enjoyed making this piece. It was a split piece, with 50% made in GIMP and 50% Paint.NET. I started in Gimp by using paths to create basic outlines from an original drawing scan ([link]) and filling in some parts. Also made the chain in GIMP. Then I moved the file into Paint.NET to make the main watch and the stuff on its face (since I was more comfortable making a bunch of concentric circles by using an ellipse tool rather than making a path to make circles each time). I was also more satisfied using the bevel plugin in Paint.NET to make the lines seem etched into the watch's face. The background was also a made in Paint.NET (which was a mesh from an original Paint.NET piece from before :))

Big file. I forgot to resize from its original scan size.
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Okay. So, I looked at this, and started yelling "AH! FOBWATCH! AH!" over and over in my head. Love it. :D
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haha thanks :) I hope to see one used soon. You know. With this whole "Little Time Lady" thing XD
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I love this and you have no idea how badly I want a Fob Watch.
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Oh, this is brilliant. May I ask what you used for the Gallifreyan symbol on the back? Was it a stamp, or free-drawn?
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Thanks :)

The Gallifreyan symbols were free drawn using Paint.NET's ellipse tool + a little emboss ;)
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Awesome job on it! It looks very real; very, very real...hmm. *steals* Ha-hah!
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Neat! I likes.

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You're welcome!:)

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fob watch love!!!!

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