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AVGN vs. NC Origins 1

Critic: "Who keeps piles of boxes around? Honestly!"
Nerd: "Oh, don't you talk about my boxes! I like boxes!"

As soon as I heard those quotes in the final AVGN vs. NC Showdown, I instantly thought of Solid Snake :)

So I thought, "Hell, why not hide the Nerd under a box?" Since he wouldn't be able to fit in a box at this age, I decided to make a comic that would place in the past. Originally I was gonna include the exclamation point expression Snake has when he gets found.....but I'm saving that for later ;) (after all, we wouldn't want him murdering the Nerd too early, would we?)

And what do we get? A comic of the non-canonical past of the AVGN and the Critic. :D Actually, looking back at this comic, it tied up a lot of things: The Nerd's love for random boxes, his founding of Rolling Rock to "soothe the pain" (which it sorta did in this comic if you view this the right way. I probably shoulda put it on the box, it would've made more sense... but you wouldn't be able to see him notice it :() and the "brothers" motif the Critic tried to use (yeah, that's a long shot..)

Part 1 of possibly two. This one is focused more on the Nerd, with a cameo from a young Critic (it coulda been any random person, but its more fun this way). Next comic in this series will focus on the Critic and his quest to find his stolen water gun (which the Nerd doesn't have. Honest! Typical that the Critic is falsely laying the blame, isn't it :lol:)

Oh and if anyone's wondering. this takes place before they're eighteen. Hence the lack of facial hair on the Critic and the wondering expression of the Nerd when he sees the Rolling Rock logo. He can't drink yet. And James isn't called "Nerd"yet. Hence the use of his actual first name ;)

Note: I am neutrally sided on this ongoing feud. If I offended anyone by making the Nerd look wimpy, shoot me :lol:
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In panel 2, is he farting or is he running? >_>

Serious question :D
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Naw, if he was farting, it'd be a different color ;)