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There's more to life than politics, sometimes you have hot to find time for the little things.…

Infantcide bill passed in new york...

Where are the torches?  Pitchforks?  When will people say no to this shit?…
I didnt expect this..
They hated each other
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Dave Ramsey: Symptomatic of What's Wrong,Of the YouTubers that I watch, very few of them are on the Left, mostly because the lefties that I did used to watch, ie The Amazing Atheist, Armored Skeptic and Shoe0nHead, and The Bible Reloaded/Hugo and Jake(now Hannah and Jake) have spiraled down the rabbit hole into almost pure insanity: They either think everyone on the right, no matter their personal views, opinions, or even principles should be scourged from the face of the Earth;,Or go even further left than they should have in a vain attempt to pwn the right, and signal others of their kind that they're on their side, to the point that they no longer hold the same principles that they did before(ie Hannah and Jake). Which brings me to CuteFuzzyWeasel. This guy is about as left-leaning as they come, yet what separates him from the rest, in my opinion, is that he's been at the very least consistent with his views: He hasn't really changed or deviated from his moral base and hasn't become radicalized by his beliefs(unlike others I've mentioned), which is why he's one of the few YouTubers I try to watch on a regular basis, despite how diametrically different his political and even philosophical views are from mine. With that said, I think he covered the Dave Ramsey clip pretty well, especially from a liberal view point. But speaking as a lower-class conservative, here's my take. Dave Ramsey is an encapsulation of what's wrong with the conservative and right-leaning elite: out of touch with his base and those suffering from this artificial pandemic. The way he says "$600 shouldn't change your life, and if it does your life is trash" is not only morally reprehensible, it's also extremely elitist. As CFW pointed out, the stimulus checks are not meant to change peoples' lives, but to help ease their burdens in this pandemic, a pandemic made by those LIKE Dave Ramsey! Like his lefty opposites, Dave has a seeming air of disdain for the lower to middle class, the "unwashed masses" that infest their world. This further shows that most of the problems being caused are not necessarily a rift between the Left and Right dichotomies, but an elite class trying to pin those lower than themselves against one another. Not just the super rich, but those with political power as well. Remember, the Republican party also actively worked against the will of their own base, as supposed right-leaning leaders such as Mitt Romney and the late McCain worked to further their own goals than to do the job they were elected to do in the first place. And hearing the crap being spewed by Dave makes me despise the conservative elite even more, like we don't have enough problems dealing with the democratic elite!
Marina... don't make me give up TNG!From Bounding into comicsStar Trek And Young Justice Actress Marina Sirtis Says Texans Get What They Deserve - Bounding Into ComicsJohn F. TrentFebruary 19, 2021Star Trek: The Next Generation and Young Justice actress Marina Sirtis recently took to Twitter to declare Texans get what they deserve as they state reels from a horrific snow reports that “at least 20 deaths are believed to be connected to the weather this week in Texas, in addition to at least 18 others in 11 different states.”They also report that over 7 million Texans are currently under a boil water advisory. As of late Thursday afternoon over 350,000 homes and businesses were still without electricity. There were reported over 4 million outages on Tuesday and 2.5 million on Wednesday night.Sirtis, who plays Deanna Troi on Star Trek, wrote on Twitter, “Don’t get me wrong, my heart bleeds for what Texans are going through right now but the mean girl in me says you get the government you deserve and they have voted Republican, across the board, for the last 20 years. #BetoForGovernor.”She would then write in a follow-up, “People are suffering because of a total lack of preparedness by the Republicans in Texas. My words are not making these people suffer. The politicians are.”One Twitter user SienneSage would respond to Sirtis saying, “No, but your words are generalizing a whole state and making us all seem like we all deserve to die because we ‘all’ voted republican. It would be like me saying that everyone who were affected in the CA wildfires should’ve ‘just no lived in CA and they wouldn’t be affected’.”Sirtis responded to this tweet writing, “I love how you’re putting words into my mouth. Where did I say people deserve to die. I was making a point that the Republicans in the state legislature have screwed you royally for over 20 years. Thank you.”More recently she wrote, “I reread my tweet to make sure I didn’t say the Texans deserve to die.”---------------------You know I try to divorce a person’s or persons’ politics from their work as I would enjoy their performance such as the movie Sneakers which most of the actors were on left of the political spectrum especially Robert Redford but I did not let that spoil my enjoyment of the movie or that Alan Alda used M*A*S*H as vehicle for some of his political views.But there are times when I cannot reconcile those feelings such as I used to enjoy the Man Show as a satirical show but when Jimmy Kimmel was really coming off as a really hypocritical son of bitch I actually sold my Man Show DVD sets as I couldn’t watch them anymore which is quite a pity or I stopped buying Law and Order at the 1oth season (mainly for space reasons) because the show was rather nuanced in its political themes early on but nearing the end of its run it lost that nuance while SVU had no political nuance in its later seasons.But I’m a fan of Star Trek, been one for a very long time, as it was one of those franchises that did not seek out to insult my intelligence. Also it was a franchise that no matter what your political ideology happens to be Star Trek brought people to together. But the statement Marina made really were in poor taste and possibly lessen my enjoyment of TNG, which I grew up on and was my gateway to the Original Series, because of nonsense like this. But I do wonder, and I think it more than possibly, that they spout out this crap because to keep working… which is a logical conclusion as a most PR people in the industry would tell you either parrot the leftist talking points or stay apolitical, translation: keep your fuckin’ mouth shut or face reverse McCarthyism! But the more logical is being stuck in an echo chamber where you have a singular point of view to the point any other point of view is abhorrent.I don’t care about a person’s politics that’s their business, I just want it out my entertainment because I’m looking for escapism. But what happens when your escapism is saturated with what you’re trying to escape from?
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BURN DR SEUSS'S BOOKS!!!,,,,,And as we're going even further into modern day book burnings, as I stated in a previous journal,,Modern Day book Burnings!February 8, 2021 What else would you call this, aside from ait would seem that even the late great Cat in the Hat himself is not above all of this gobbledygook hooplah, as some brain dead lefties, who most likely couldn't read a sentence at the age of three, are now going after Theodore "Dr Suess" Giesel's legacy and work, already banning six of his books and working on getting them out of print, and I'm sure if they could without getting called out by enough people, they'd hold a freaking hippie commune-style bonfire as they throw all of said books into the burning pile and got high off of the freaking ashes! These idiots are going to be the reason why in a few generations, people are going to become completely illiterate and unable to think for themselves! And what I find odd is, I seem to remember having an argument about this with some low-IQ troglodyte *cough*scythemantis*cough* and he mentioned something that I shall now quote:"You all do understand that modern books are mass-produced products, right? Burning books was a horrific thing back when most books were *unique.* The nazis attempted to burn entire stocks of printed books along with unique originals in an effort to actually stifle information and erase Jewish history from their nation.Nothing similar is even possible in the modern age."I wonder what your take would be on Dr Seuss getting banned, book by book, as you look back on that comment. Then again, I wonder if you're even read any of his works.But anyway, I'm gonna end this the same way I ended the previous entry: Just remember, it's our very own National Socialist Party that's pushing for this crap, with Joe "Lahey" Biden as the fuhrer himself!,

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The Difference Between Hunter and Chris Ray Gun,The difference is that, unlike Hunter Avallone, Chris doesn't act like a complete smug jackass! I haven't been really following Chris Ray Gun, mostly due to a lack of interest in the content he's been making, then I saw he made this video and I thought "Oh boy, here we go!", and it wasn't quite what I thought it was going to be. True, he does declare that Biden won the presidency even though he still hasn't yet, and Trump is demanding a recount and investigations into possible voter and election fraud and finding insurmountable evidence for both, he doesn't go so far as to say things along the lines of "Thank God Trump is out!", outright dismisses any sort of possibility of election or voter fraud(I like to think he's too smart to completely discount it), or that he even voted for Joe Biden. He mainly focuses on how Trump supporters are acting more and more like the deranged far left. Now, while it's true we haven't gone as far as to start burning and looting and there IS evidence of voter fraud, some of the things shown are rather...unsettling: I wish I could write this off as just the fringe right acting like...the fringe right, but here's some anecdotal evidence to help discount that: My mother is an adamant Trump supporter. She praises God on a near daily basis when Trump was in office, and believes that Biden is a brainwashed muppet and that the people backing him are the literal anti-Christ. Good luck having a civil political debate with her, by the way. Now, I'm a Trump supporter myself, I've made it no big secret. The difference is that I don't hold Trump up on a pedestal and declare him to be an annointed spiritual leader from Jehova himself. To my fellow right wingers and Trump supporters: The battle is not over, but we cannot, we WILL NOT, win it if we become the very thing we swore to fight back against. We haven't gone completely down the road, thank God, but the things I'm seeing are not good. We need to be better than this. And then there are the tweets from Styxhexenhammer and Tim Pool. Oof: C'mon, Styx! Really? You're seriously going to post this shit like a deranged Leftist? What would Razor Fist say? He'd probably agree with you to some extent, but then again, come on! Now coming to the king of all fence sitters himself: Wow, really called that Trump landslide didn't ya Tim! Even without the Tomfuckery that the Demonrat party pulled, even I don't believe it would have been a complete victory for Trump, our nation is too divided for that to happen. Trump's first term was practically a combo of lightning in a bottle and the will of the silent majority. More people voted for Trump, I'm certain, but I hardly doubt it was a crushing victory. And now Pool is pulling a 180 so hard I'm surprised his skull hasn't been disconnected from his body from the freaking whiplash, saying that Biden is looking more likely to win, to prepare for a Biden presidency and that there is little chance of Trump winning. I hardly watched his content, but damn!Chris Ray Gun is one of the few lefties I actively, or at least semi-actively, watch because I actually believe that he's genuine in his beliefs. Yeah, he comes off as a smarmy, sarcastic, sardonic douche sometimes, but so do I half the time and I find it to be part of his charm, unlike some people I could mention. He remained neutral in the election, declaring BOTH sides to be, more or less, equally bullshit, and actually praised Trump, even if it was sort of backhanded. Getting to the point, I liked this video, and it was a bit of a wake-up call to the activities of the fringe right that needs to be called out.
The State of the Democratic PartyHey you, the retarded sheep that decided to check this journal out! Do you still think the Democratic Party does in any way have your best interest at heart, or is better than Trump the Dictator for Life?! Well allow me to blast that narrative to atoms!First off, there's the candidates Biden and Girl Hit---I mean Kamala Harris lying out of their collective assholes and thinking the public masses are too stupid to vote for their own best interest:,,,Not to mention the party itself is DESPERATE to remove Trump from office by any means:,,,And then there's the MSM so deep in the democratic party's pocket they've started a multi-billion dollar lint mining operation in said pocket and selling whatever they mine as news:,,,,,And then there are the people who are either a part of the party, or support it. People like Richard Spencer:,And, as I recently found out, Nathan Larson. "Who is Nathan Larson" I hear you asking? Well, he's a democratic congressman from Charlottesville who has some rather...radical ideas on things like rape...and incest...and pedophilia. MrRepzion did a great video detailing who this...thing is. I won't call him a person, or even a human being because the humans I'm familiar with are not this fucked up. Disclaimer, though, the contents in this video are of a graphic nature, and even though Repzion himself doesn't read all of the tweets/messages this dirt bag posts, he does have them up on his screen and some of it is beastial in nature, so gird yourselves for that.,So yeah, that is the state of the Democratic party: Its leaders are fucked, its followers are worse, the media's so deep in their pockets that they started a multi-billion dollar lint-mining operation, and are spreading the lint like news...and it makes me wonder: What will happen if Trump wins?

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