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Vancano's Map Generator for Photoshop

"Vancano's Map Generator for Photoshop" is a bundle of Photoshop Actions that will help you to easily create a stunning map in Photoshop.

It includes:

The Random Terrain Generator
3 of my popular map styles
Bonus: The World Typography Action (to replicate the labels I use on my maps)

You can buy this tool by visiting the worldbuilding software section of the Fantasy Map Market
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No paypal buy option?
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Hey UnboundKing,

Great news! Gumroad have recently added a PayPal button to their services. So you can now buy the Map Generator using PayPal :)

You can use this link:
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Hi UnboundKing,

I'm selling the generator through GumRoad as they're more reliable for selling digital products than PayPal. As part of that they use their own payment gateway so no PayPal.


GumRoad is a great service though. Do try it :)
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Is there a free alternative? I'm broke ass.
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I've published a few map tutorials on The World Building School teaching you how to draw a map in Photoshop > Http://
page links broken from 3 to 4 >.>
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Ah, thank you friend! :)
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Too bad I don't have Photoshop. :noes:
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You know that Adobe just released their CS2 Creative Suite to the general public? Photoshop CS2, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, InDesign... All free.
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Actually, it's not released for the general public. Although it is possible to download it now without validating your license.  Although many people see this as a free public release, it's not intended to be.

I'd be curious to take a crack at something like this with GIMP.
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Oh wow, thank you :)
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Yea, that's my main downer with it at the moment that it can only help those people who have Photohop.

I am looking into developing the Generator for GIMP but it requires a programming language I don't understand so I'm going to either learn it or find a way to make it for GIMP.
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Oh cool. Thanks :) I should probably keep watching you. :D
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This seems wonderful, bit I am curious how the maps are created?
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Hi Ravyn,

Thank you :) As for how it produces the map I'll try and explain as clearly as I can (tho I'm typing on my phone so it's not as easy hehe)

Have you used or heard of a Photoshop action before? Basically they are littl scripts that you can record to help with performing tasks in photoshop. You can also export and import then, and so share them with other people.

The Map Generator Bundle consists of 6 of these scrips:
3 map styles
1 typography
And The Random Terrain Generator uses 2.

What each script does is it runs through a series of actions that I've pre-recorded into them. These are similar to the actions I would take if I was drawing the map for you myself. However now you can do it as many times as you like by just running the action.

If you'd like a clearer example I've produced a tutorial on The World Building School that shows you how to draw a map in the style of my most popular style. This is the exact same style that is included in the Map Generator bundle - The Fantasy Map style.

If you read through the tutorial then you can see all of the steps it takes to draw the map and so the steps that the action will take. The beauty of the action is that you can do it all in about 5 minutes with a few clicks but the tutorial will take you much longer to work through and learn.

I'm trying to think of and develop ways to help people draw their own maps easily. The tutorial was the first step and then this action bundle is the second step to making it even easier.

I hope my explanation makes sense and it helps you to see how the generator creates the maps. Feel free to ask more questions.

All the best,
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P.S here's a link to the Cartography category on WBS. [link] the map tutorial for Photoshop starts with the article "How to generate random terrain using Photoshop" and then the other articles can be found on page 1 of the Cartography category.

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