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Every world needs an ecosystem of creatures to give it life and every adventurer needs monsters to fight. However, what we sometimes forget is to include the cute creatures that can inhabit a world. As a celebration of the amazing creature artists in our group I've collected 21 of my favourite cute creatures into an article.

These cute creatures could also make for a great pet or sidekick for your main character – they may even warrant a whole story of their own.

You can view all of the 21 creatures here with links back to the full image on DA.
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Hello WBGuild,

I hope you're all well and getting excited for the Christmas season?

If you've visited the group page recently then you'll have seen that we now have over 1000 watchers! This is great news and a real testament to the Worldbuilding community on DA and the hard work of the group mods and all of the great artists who have submitted their work to the WBGuild.

I'd like to say a big thank you to Erich and Andrew who joined near the beginning of the year to help me serve you all as moderators for the group. We do consider it an honour to guide this group and curate great Worldbuilding inspiration on DA.

I'm really looking forward to the future of the group and for ways we can better server the DA Worldbuilding community in 2014. Also The WBSchool is undergoing updates due to launch in 2014 so I will keep you updated with them as they happen. Though the first thing will be a new site design so you'll be able to read the articles on mobile devices easier.

Finally I've added a link to the group submission guidelines on our homepage as we've realised they haven't been all that easy to find up until now. So if you're a new member or watcher and haven't seen them before then please click on the thumbnail below and take a quick read. Or if you're a long time member it's always good to refresh your memory.

Worldbuilder's Guild Submission GuideLast checked: 15 October 2022
Welcome to The Worldbuilder's Guild and thank you for your interest in submitting your artwork to the guild. It is our mission to collect the greatest gallery of worldbuilding inspiration and I personally thank you for helping us.
So you’ve finished your artwork and now comes the exciting, and slightly scary, part of submitting it to groups and showing the world. No doubt there are a number of groups you need to submit to, each with their own unique way of doing things, but please do take a moment to read through this submission guide as it will help your artwork to be accepted faster – and so the views and favourites come quicker.
This guide is for both yourself and the guild moderators to determine what art can and should be submitted where; or rather, “Which folder should I submit X to?”
If you still have a question then you can contact one of the moderat

I hope you're all having a great week? Feel free to leave a comment and say hello, introduce yourself or even let us know what you're doing over the Christmas holidays.

All the best,

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You may have seen this video wandering around the web but it's quite simply brilliant.

I won't say much on it as really you need to watch the video. What I will say tho is the video is done by John McWhorter and it has a really beautiful animation.

Click on this link to watch the video.
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So the interview with Kathryn Zalecka is now live on The Worldbuilding School here.

You can also view Kathryn's DeviantART profile here.

And the reference sheet to the race of creatures she has created can be seen below:

Please take a read and don't forget to leave a comment.

All the best,
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Hi WBGuild,

Just a quick heads up message that the WBSchool will be publishing an interview with creature creator Kathryn Zalecka tomorrow (Wednesday 2nd October).

Kathryn is a WBGuild member and it was a pleasure to chat to her for the interview. She's created a really great race which you can learn more about by reading the article.

I'll post on here again to let you know the interview is live.

In the mean time I hope you're having a great week.

All the best,
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