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Hi WBGuild,

So we know you’ve been waiting to hear the announcement of who’s won the “World Building With Words” competition. Well here it is.

After discussions between the moderators there was a unanimous decision that the winner should be “The Blackheart Lacustrine Palace” by Joeabuy1000

The Blackheart Lacustrine PalaceThe Lacustrine Palace
One of the old residences of Meridian’s royal family prior to their ascension to the throne, the Lacustrine Palace of House Blackheart was one of the most magnificent residences in the Imperial Capital City of Gestalt. Although not as huge or as old as that of the other palatial compounds of the noble houses of Anspach, it is definitely one of the most opulent—a wondrous blending of cultures that would help set the trend for all patrician residences and the architecture of the Meridian Empire for years to come.
Its history, from its construction as an urbane oasis within reach of the family’s namesake lake to its status as an official royal residence, is tied to that of the modern history of the Meridian Empire. The home was initially built as a townhome and retreat for the exclusive use of the Marquis, Patriarch of the House of Blackheart, and his family. It currently serves as one of many official royal residences, ty

We’d like to thank all of the writers who submitted an article to the competition. Each submission was great and had its own merits however The Lacustrine Palace managed to set itself above the rest.

The main reason is the high quality of writing shown by Joey. He brings the location to life through an interested journalistic style that provides facts about the location without becoming dry or boring. Added to that each section was nicely presented with a bold headline which made it easy to read.

We hope the guild will join us in congratulating Joey on winning this competition. If you haven't read this article yet then we recommend you head over to Joeabuy1000's profile and read it now.

Also, just because the competition has finished doesn’t mean you can’t still write articles about your locations. We’d love to see them submitted to the WBGuild’s gallery.

All the best.
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Congratulations indeed to Joeabuy1000 for the victorious text! :clap: