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Hi WBGuild,

I’d like to welcome you to the first competition held by The World Builders Guild. The aim of this competition is to encourage the world builders out there to collaborate with the groups artists and create a description for a new environment/location.


The winner will be announced in the WBGuild journal along with a link to their website and a bio about both themselves and any story or world they are creating. Added to that I’m also offering to draw a map of the winner’s world worth £80.

What You Need To Do

We have selected 10 images out of the environments folder. What you need to do is choose one of the images and write a description for that environment. Feel free to set it in your own world or create a new one.

When writing the description you should consider questions such as:

What is this place? Who lives here? What is its purpose? Does it have a history or a special significance for someone or something?

Note: This is not a novel or short story competition. Please see our Writers Corner for examples of acceptable description submissions or the tip's and examples article mentioned below. If you are in doubt then please send me an email or comment below and I will be happy to explain further.

Competition Tips and Examples

To help you with your submission to World Building With Words there is a second article that further explains what we're looking for and provides links to some examples. You can click on the thumbnail below to view this article:

World Building With Words Competition TipsHi WBGuild,
I’d firstly like to thank you for the great support we’ve had for the launch of this competition. Many of our affiliate groups have sent messages out to their members as have a number of the top writing groups on DA. So we’re looking forward to a rather exciting competition.
Now I know this is not your typical writing competition - where you write a story or poem about a number of characters experiencing a set of events - so I’ve written this article to provide examples, tips and help with your submission.  
If you don't know anything about World Building With Words then please see the below article for more information on the rules and how to enter.

It’s not a story competition?
You’re first question may have been “No stories? What do you mean no stories?” well this group

The Images To Choose From

These are the images you need to choose from when selecting the inspiration for your environment. All of the artists have kindly granted us permission to use their images for this competition; however you will need to provide credit to the artist.

A stranger in a strange land by JJcanvas popes cafe shelbyville by soraxtm The Staircase by Epar3D lighthouse concept by TylerEdlinArt Organic by MiroJohannes

Platripod City by Corwin-Cross Sea Castle by Skaya3000 Centaur Rendezvous Point by albino-Z Gallery by TheSphinx Engineering Corridor by TheSphinx

Providing Credit To The Artist

When you upload your submission to our DA profile please include a link in the description back to the image you’ve used for inspiration. This will help us to judge the entries and also give the artists the credit they deserve.

Who Can Enter The Competition?

The competition is free to enter though you need to be a member of The World Builders Guild. This is easy to do - either log into your DeviantART profile or create an account and then visit the WBGuild page and click “Join”. You will then be free to submit artwork to our group.

Where to submit your location.

Once you have finished the location description upload it to your DA profile and then submit the piece to the “Competition 2013” folder in the WBGuild. Submissions should be submitted as a “text” entry.


The winner will be chosen by the WBGuild moderators. In the event of a tied decision we may create a poll for the members to help choose however the moderators decision is final.

Descriptions will be judged on the following criteria:
  • Writing quality
  • Interpretation of the image
  • Quality of the idea
  • Believability of the environment (i.e. how well do you make us believe this place is real, even if it would never exist in our world)


You have until the 30th April 2013. Judging will then take place in the month of May with the winner announced shortly after depending on how many submissions we get.

Submission: Don't forget that in order to qualify for entry your location needs to be submitted to the “Competition 2013” folder in the WBGuild gallery and submissions should be submitted as a “text” entry.

Only articles in the Competition 2013 folder will be judged.

Other Questions

How much should I write?

Feel free to write as much as you'd like about your location though a good benchmark would be around 500 - 2000 words.

Can I submit more than 1 entry?

Entries are limited to a maximum of 3 per person however each entry must use a different image for inspiration taken from the selection of images provided in this article.

Questions Below

If you have any questions or comments about this competition then please leave them in the comments below.
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morbiusgreen's avatar
Can we use more than one picture on one entry?
WorldBuilding's avatar
Hi Morbiusgreen,

The aim of the competition is to use just 1 of the images as inspiration for developing your environment/location. How you've interpreted the image chosen will be taken into account when judging.

Hope that helps,
morbiusgreen's avatar
It does. Thanks!
SapphireCityMedia's avatar
I already submitted a piece though I'm gonna edit it.( line spacing and spelling) If anyone on here reads it can they tell me what they thought of it.
joeabuy1000's avatar
Are we limited to actual text files or can we use the "false-document" approach and upload an image containing the text, formatted to look like a document?
WorldBuilding's avatar
I've asked for text files for the competition mainly to help with reading - sometimes you have to zoom in loads to read an image. Also as it's a writing competition I'd like the focus to be on the writers ability and not include lots of pretty images to help "sell the scene".

However, we do accept text as images into the Writers Corner so if you still want to upload an image as well then you could upload a second deviation to the Writers Corner.

I hope that helps
joeabuy1000's avatar
Thanks for clarifying this. It'll be a fun competition.
WorldBuilding's avatar
Aye, I know all of the mods are looking forward to reading everyone's submission.
arico-samaa's avatar
How many works is one allowed to submit?
WorldBuilding's avatar
I'd limit it to 2-3 submissions and definitely go for quality over quantity. So that may mean spending more time developing 1 submission as opposed to entering 3 pieces.

Also, no more than 1 submission per image. So if you do want to enter 2-3 pieces then they will each need to be inspired by a different image.
arico-samaa's avatar
Thank you kindly))
WorldBuilding's avatar
WolfScribe's avatar
Great contest concept! Do you have a target word/page length in mind?
Timberfleet's avatar
Nope! :D
Have a go at it and submit as much as you want.
niketheconqueror's avatar
How many pictures do we need to pick?
WorldBuilding's avatar
Hi Nike the Conqueror,

Picking just one image is fine and developing your idea/environment around that one image.

I look forward to reading your entry :)
niketheconqueror's avatar
Thank you.... This is a little silly but, can you explain the competition a little more for me? I read it said that this isn't a short story or novel competition, but i'm alright with it.
WorldBuilding's avatar
Sure thing Victoria,

This is a competition about creating an environment, location or setting. So your submission should be focused on that location and what makes it special or unique. I appreciate that probably doesn't help much so...

I'm currently in the process of writing a "help & tips" article for the competition which I hope to publish on the guild very shortly. It will have some examples of the kind of thing we're looking for as I realise that it's quite different from a traditional writing competition.

I'll post a link on here when the new article is up but if you watch the WBGuild's journal then you'll get a notification when it publishes :D
niketheconqueror's avatar
Ok, and also I am watching world builders guild
WorldBuilding's avatar
Brill. We'll I've just posted the article. So hopefully that will help make the competition clearer :) the link to the article is here: [link]
Chrono-Dreamer's avatar
I might give it a try
WorldBuilding's avatar
Brill, I'd love to see what environment you can create :)
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