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.Welcome to the Worldbuilder's Guild. __

.What is the Worldbuilders Guild?.

We are a group dedicated to collecting great artwork that will inspire worldbuilding. Our members are both artists who like to draw fantasy worlds and want to share their artwork, as well as writers who enjoy creating and writing about such worlds and benefit from viewing the great artwork.

.What Is Worldbuilding?.

Worldbuilding is the process of creating a fictional world, from drawing the world map right down to creating the civilizations and races that live in the world. It is most often undertaken by fantasy and sci-fi writers however, films and video games also feature worldbuilding especially if they are in the fantasy or sci-fi genre.

The degree of building that is done depends entirely upon the individual writer and their needs. Arguably the most famous world builder is J.R.R Tolkien.

.Can I become a Guild Member?.

Certainly, we’d love to have you join The Worldbuilders Guild. Though if you would like to submit your artwork then please only submit your best work as we like to keep a high standard to provide the greatest inspiration and quality possible.

Please don’t be offended if your art is rejected, we will try and tell you why your piece was rejected. However, most of the time it is due to the art being submitted to the wrong folder rather than the relevant one. We also don't accept works in progress (WIP).

If you're not a member or watcher yet then please join us :)


The Worldbuilders Guild

Worldbuilding School Fantasy Map Market Worldbuilding Guides

.Submission Guideline.

Please view the following article for our submission guidelines:

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hi, I'd like help on my literacy for my Spyro OC
plz hlp?
Is this group still alive? Recently the submissions has gone expired like 5 or 7 times.
Hi Unialien, this group has been limping along for the last number of years.

I stopped using DeviantArt for a while, not just because of work and family life, but also the website became awful to use and their ad network kept triggering my spam blocker. The recent redevelopment of the site seems to have fixed a lot, plus lockdown has given me a little more time. So I'm usually coming online and approving content every couple of weeks (I aim for once a week but not always possible).

When the group first started I would write to everyone who was rejected and explain why (most of the time it's due to people submitting in the wrong group or submitting WIP work.) however depending on the number of submissions/my time I don't always get to do that.

I've noticed that some of your artwork has been accepted into the environments folder. So hopefully I'm picking up the work you're now submitting.

All the best and thanks for the message (apologies it's taken so long for me to reply to it)


Yay! Your back! Yeah, it is currently DA it's working so well so far without any issues indeed! I don't have anything for now to submit, but very soon I'll bring up newly original creation indeed! :meow:

Aye, lockdown has been great for getting back into art and rebuilding things.

I look forward to the new submissions. If I don't reply for a while on DA then I can usually be pinged on Insta or Twitter - or direct on the WBSchool website.
Thank you for letting me join! I will have world pics up soon, just need to draw them. 
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