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WORLD 8 Geekery, Retro Video Gaming Art & Crafts - Showcases an infinite range of Retro Video Game inspired Artworks, Crafts, Photography and more by Artists & Artisans from all over the Globe.

Art, Crafts and Works range from:
Drawings & Illustrations, Paintings & Murals. Stitch, Bead & Paper Crafts. Miniatures, Charms & Clay Sculptures. Jewelery & Accessories, Clothing and Wearables. Household Usables, Decorations & Rugs. Photography & Cosplay. Console Modifications, and More!

If you love Retro Video Gaming and Geekery, then you may enjoy to follow! If you're an Arist/Artisan yourself who makes Retro Video Gaming inspired creations, please feel free to join us and share your works!
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Zere Victory sprite sheet by doctorwhofan02
X Victory sprite sheet by doctorwhofan02
Zero Teleport In Sprite Sheet by doctorwhofan02
X Teleport In Sprite Sheet by doctorwhofan02
Traditional Drawings and Illustrations
Special World 8 by Blockdasher91
Rosalina by BThomas64
Rosie and Luma by parasiticflower
[wip | painting] legend of zelda - 80's link by nintentofu
Digital Art and Illustrations
Wario's Treasures by JOSHDILISI
Cosmic Samus by jennduong
Animal Crossing Tribute by jennduong
Avgn by daylover1313
Paintings and Murals
[nes] Dig Dug 2 - Pondering Mr. Hori.. by nintentofu
[nes] Legend of Zelda - Link and Likelike! by nintentofu
Magikarp by sektor8bit
Bubble Bobble 2 - Hearts by nintentofu
Pixel Art Digital
Old TV + VCR + NES by BLUEamnesiac
Old TV + VCR + SNES by BLUEamnesiac
Garden of Hope diorama by Neoriceisgood
Legend of Zelda - Link and Birthday Cake! by nintentofu
Mosaics and Collage
Bubble Bobble - Bob - Hud Icon by nintentofu
Bubble Bobble - Bub - Hud Icon by nintentofu
atari space invader paper mosaic by nintentofu
Super Mario World - Beer Bottle Cap Mosaic Art by nintentofu
Sewing Stitchery and Plush
Mystery Block by TheDarkLittleBunnY
Aniversary gift box by elbuhocosturero
Zelda gift box by elbuhocosturero
Amigurumi Knit and Crochet Toys
Squirtle by MissBajoCollection
Charms Miniatures and Sculptures
Chibi Pikachu Miniatures by Len-Corcino
Mario Charms by Len-Corcino
Mew Cell Phone Charm by Len-Corcino
Megaman Sculpture by BThomas64
Bead Crafts and Spriteworks
Gameboy 3-D Bead Sprite by DrOctoroc
Wii by DrOctoroc
Gamecube by DrOctoroc
3D Mini GameBoy Perler Beads 2 by Undertakoshi
Clothing and Wearables
The legend of zelda T-shirt by TheDarkLittleBunnY
Jewelery and Accessories
Pokemon Pokeball Beaded Keychains by nintentofu
Cosplay and Photography
Dan's Dali's Clock by ChozoBoy
Houseware and Decor
Super Mario 2 - File Cabinets by nintentofu
Food Eats and Candies
Mario Mushroom Cookie by AnimeGeer
Console and Hardware Mods
3D Models Voxel Art And Renders
3D Contra by NES--still-the-best




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World8Geekery | Retro Video Game Art & Crafts

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Evoretro | : We develop and internationally market toys and protective equipment for figurine collectors and video game enthusiasts, but above all, cool, innovative, and high quality video game products and accessories.
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See you soon !
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