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Hello everyone!

You have no idea how happy it makes me to see so many people still interested in this project! Especially since I've started it 4 years (!!!) ago!

So, I have decided on a traveling route for the books. I will keep you updated, so please keep an eye out and answer my messages as soon as possible so we can keep this running without any hiccups =)

So, the order for the WTB will be:

1. Aurora66 Germany done
2. DrinkTeaOrDie USA  has the book
3. TreatedAsThis USA
4. Talty Mexico
5. Khallandra Australia
6. MademoiselleWillow Italy

And for the WTB Steampunk Edition I decided on this order:

1. Talty Mexico   has the book?
2. TreatedAsThis USA
3. DrinkTeaOrDie USA
4. Khallandra Australia
5. MademoiselleWillow Italy

(It can still change, but I hope it will stay like this). Plus I am sure there will be more people participating than who are on the list now.

I will send off the books during the next week.
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I want to create a book that travels around the world, from one deviant to an other. Each deviant can add his part to the book, a drawing, poem, a little story, photos, etc.
I want to reach every corner of the world with this book, to see how wide our network reaches, to let other people see how wide we are connected, to let them be able to touch, to hold the proof in their hands.
And when it is full, I want to hold it in my hands again and make my own imaginary world travel with it.
Join this group and enter a world of endless wonder.
So, the book is in the making, who wants to participate in the journey?
Everybody from all over the world is welcome, the more the merrier. the book will be sent from one deviant to the other and will grow with each deviant who passes it to the next.

Want to join?
Just comment. It will be a lot of fun!
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Art Creation

367 Members
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States and places

We are 370 travelers from 62 countries. The books have reached 5 countries (Germany, England, Ireland, Canada and the USA) so far.

1st book: 22 entries, in Germany at the moment, 5 countries
2nd book: 17 entries, in England at the moment, please write a message to so she sends it back to me!! , 2 countries
3rd book: 8 entries, in Germany at the moment, 1 country LOST?!
Steampunk Edition: 2 entries, in Germany at the moment, 1 country

Total of entries: 49





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NinkeNaujoks Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2018  Student General Artist
is the book still travelling? 
I'm still interested in being in it if it is :P 
Farbenfrei Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2017  Student
Hi, I just remembered your book and had to look up how it is going! Still adore the idea and wonder if you ever got the books back? I was in the second book!


JBS-92 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2016   Interface Designer
Got asked to be featured in this like, 3 years ago now but still very much interested if the England one is still floating about. Hopefully something comes of it, really good idea still just a shame some people are a let down.
Traumfaengerin-Wish Featured By Owner May 6, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
JUst need your address (if you haven't sent it already) and you are noted down for this book. BUt the ENgland one is, as I said in both last journal entries, missing in action. You can send that girl a message about being let down, I did all I could.
TutorialHoarder Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2016
This is a great idea! :D

Is the group still active?
Traumfaengerin-Wish Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sadly not as much as I would like it to be. I have the Steampunk book at my home right now, but all the others have gone missing - or I know where they are but the persons don't answer anymore. But once I wrote my exam on Thursday I will try to get this whole thing going again.
TutorialHoarder Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2016
Oh, I see... well, do you need a new notebook? :D
Good luck with the exam I am a dummy! 
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