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There has been a newly added folder to the gallery titled "Anything Parody". The only request that I have is that you state what your writing is a parody of. For example, view my South Park Opening Parody ( ). Thank you. Have a nice, drama-free day, everyone!
An ending date has been decided, as of five minutes ago. xD The ending date is the thirtieth (30th). Sorry for the late notice. >.< I've had some distracting things going on lately... so... yeah. Anyway, try to have anything you would want to be chosen written up and posted before the thirtieth! Good-luck, everyone!
From today up, you might want to start your writings. :D And do the best that you can do for the categories that you write in. All the writings that's posted up will be entered in this month's contest. The winners of each category will be selected to be next months "Representing Writings Award". An ending date has yet to be chosen. So, at the moment, you have until the end of this month to have your participating writings uploaded and ready for show! The judges will be the co-founders and myself. Have any questions about the contest? Then feel free to send me a note with all of your questions! Also, the writer with the most Suggested Writings for the month will also get the "Representing Writer Award". Which will be shown with the Favorite Artist widget. :D I wish all of you the best of luck!
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Sleeping Beauty Crossover Ch 5I do not own Naruto, Bleach, Mortal Kombat, and One pieceThe magical warriors heads Kurome's castle and cautiously approach it. They hide without getting caught by Kurome's guards. They used their magic staffs to shrink themselves while in their creature forms and they flew around the castle and stopped at the edge of the castle.The magical warriors finds a window to a room where Kurome's guards are celebrating while Kurome was sitting on her throne with Talon."What a pity Prince Naruto can't be here to enjoy the celebration. Come, we must go to the dungeon and cheer him up." Kurome replied as she got up from her throne and began to head to the dungeon where is Naruto imprisoned at while magical warriors follows her until they stopped and hides. Kurome unlocks the door and enters in Naruto's cell while Talon enters in too as well. She approaches to Naruto who is chained up to the wall."Oh come now, Naruto. Why so gloomed all of sudden? A wondrous future lies before you. You, the destined hero of a charming fairy tale come true." Kurome replied as the magical warriors sees Kurome talking to Naruto through the cell window while Kurome uses her magical staff to show something for Naruto."Behold, Hiashi's castle, and in yonder topmost tower, dreaming of her true love, the Hyuga princess Hinata. But see the gracious whim of fate. Why, 'tis the self same peasant maid, who won the heart of our noble prince but yesterday. She is indeed most wondrous fair. Blue of midnight in her hair, lips that shame the red, red rose. In ageless sleep she finds repose. The years roll by, but a hundred years to a steadfast heart are 'bout a day. And now, the gates of the dungeon opens, and the prince is free to go his way. He rides on off his noble Nine tailed fox." Kurome narrated as Naruto and Kurama who are now old is leaving Kurome's castle."A valiant figure, straight and tall, to wake his love with love's first kiss, and prove that true love conquers all." Kurome replied as Naruto was about to attack her but he was chained up while Kurome laughed evilly."Why, you little..." Jade shouted as she was about to attack the Xenomorph Queen but was held by Fukai and they hide. Talon turns towards the window and didn't see the magical warriors."Come, Talon. Let us leave our noble prince with these happy thoughts." Kurome replied as she and Talon exits out of Naruto's cell."A most gratifying day." Kurome replied as she locks Naruto's cell."For the first time in sixteen years I shall sleep well." Kurome replied as she leaves the dungeon and heads inside the tower while the magical warriors headed inside of Naruto's cell and transformed back to their normal forms."Shh, no time to explain." Fukai replied as the magical warriors uses their magical staffs to unlock the chains and cell door."Thanks guys. Now I have to goto Hinata." Naruto replied as he was about to leave the cell but the dragon stops him."Wait, Naruto. The road to true love may be barriered by still many more dangers, which you alone will have to face. So arm yourself with this enchanted shield of virtue and this mighty sword of truth." Fukai replied as she uses her magical staff to summon a sword and shield for Naruto."For these weapons of righteousness will triumph over evil. Now come we must hurry." Fukai explained as she, Naruto and the two magical warriors exits out of the cell into the dungeon but stopped by Talon who is screaming that they're escaping and flew away. They headed upstairs but stopped by Talon and Kurome's guards who are now heading downstairs. The magical warriors transformed into their creature forms and ran out to the window while Naruto was fighting Kurome's guards. He jumps out of the window and slides down on the rock slide where Kurama is at, while Talon follows them and alerted Kurome's guards outside of the castle. Kurama roars at them that Kurome's guards are dropping giant rocks at them."Naruto, watch out!" Fukai shouted as she turns the rocks into bubbles, while Naruto ran towards the nine tailed fox. Kurome's guards shots arrows at him but turns into flowers. Jade frees Kurama and Naruto gets on him. They ran towards the gates while Kurome's guards pours hot oil on them but Fukai turns the oil into a rainbow.Talon sees Naruto and magical warriors leaving the castle so he flew towards Kurome's castle and screaming, while Jade flew behind him and tries using her magic on him.They began chasing around the castle until Jade hides behind the tower while Talon headed to the tower and turns him into stone. The Dark phoenix catches up to Naruto and magical warriors, while Kurome exits out of the tower."Silence! You, tell those fools to." Kurome as she sees her pet Xenomorph bird turned into a statue."No!" Kurome shouted as she sees Naruto and the magical warriors leaving her castle."No!" Kurome shouted as the castle gates closes.Naruto and the magical warriors sees the bridge closing."Naruto Watch out!" Fukai shouted as Kurama ran and jumps from the gate bridge and landed onto the other side of the bridge, while Kurome climbs up to the top of the tower. The magical warriors and Naruto ran fast as they can to get away from her."Hurry, hurry, Naruto!" Fukai shouted as Kurome uses her magical staff to hit Naruto but missed two times. Naruto and the magical warriors are almost at Hiashi's castle but Kurome casts a spell on the castle."A forest of thorn shall be his tomb. Born through the skies on a fog of doom. Now go with the curse and serve me well, Round Hiashi's castle cast by spell!" Kurome shouted as she summons a black cloud, it went to Konoha village and Hiashi's castle and shoots lighting bolts. The thorns of bushes came out and was placed everywhere around Konoha village and the Hyuga castle. Naruto and magical warriors sees the thorns of bushes blocking their way so they stopped while Kurome laughs evilly.Naruto starts slicing the thorn bushes off with his sword and running through it but his cloak got caught so Jade came over and uses her magic to let go of Naruto's cloak. They continued to ran through the thorn bushes and cutting it off towards Konoha village until they finally reached Konoha village and ran towards it."No, it cannot be!" Kurome shouted as she appears at Konoha village and Naruto stops when he sees her."Now you shall deal with me Naruto, and all the powers of hell!" Kurome shouted as she transforms herself into a Xenomorph Queen dragon hybrid which frightened Naruto and the magical warriors.Naruto charges at Kurome but Jade was to help him but held by Fukai. Kurome shoots black fire out of her mouth causing Naruto used the shield and fall off of Kurama. He gets up but the Xenomorph Queen dragon keeps shooting fire on him and tries to eat him. Naruto hides Kurome's looks for but she ends up getting hit by Naruto's sword which she tries grabbing him but he keeps swinging his sword.Kurome shoots fire on the thorn bushes causing it to burn while Naruto exits out of the burning thorn bushes and sees Fukai."Jump! come this way" Fukai replied as Naruto climbs up the edge while Kurome follows him and tries attacking him. He turns when he on the cliff with Kurome, the Xenomorph Queen dragon shoots fire on Naruto causing him to lose the shield while Kurome laughs evilly. The magical warriors came over to Naruto to combine their powers to stop Kurome."Now sword of truth fly swift and sure, That evil die and good endure!" Fukai shouted as Naruto throws the sword at Kurome causing her to scream in agony, and acidic blood began spill on her. She made one last attempt to attack Naruto but fell off the cliff and black mist came out. Naruto sees Kurome's corpse turned into black stains and the sword is now tainted as well. Kurama and the magical warriors came over to him after defeating Kurome. They sees the thorn bushes disappears and the sky no longer dark.Naruto and the magical warriors enters in Konoha village where all the villagers are sleeping. They sees a tower in Hiashi's castle so they headed inside the castle climbing on the stairs to the tower. When they see Hinata sleeping, the magical warriors turned back into their normal forms, Naruto approaches to the girl on the bed and kisses her in the lips softly.Hinata wakes up, seeing Naruto and smiles at him while the magical warriors cheered that the curse of Kurome has been lifted. Everyone in Konoha village began wake up when the spell wore off including Minato and Hiashi."Oh, ah, forgive me, Minato, the wine ...Now, you were saying?" Hiashi asked."I was? oh yes, well, after all, Hiashi, this is the fourteenth century." Minato answered."Yes, you said that a moment ago." Hiashi replied."Well, to come right to the point, my son Naruto says he's going to marry." Minato replied as the fanfare started while the magical warriors heads to the balcony and both Naruto and Hinata walking down the stairs holding on each other's arms."It's Hinata, she's here!" Hiashi shouted as Minato sees his son with Hiashi's daughter."And Naruto!" Minato shouted as both Hinata and Naruto approaches to them and bows at them. Hinata ran towards Hina and hugs her while Hiashi smiles happily that his daughter is finally reunited with them. Minato came over his son."What does this mean, boy? I don't." Minato replied as Hinata kisses him on the cheek, while Naruto held onto her and walks her towards the floor."But, but,." Minato replied as Naruto and Hinata began to dance in the throne room while he shakes his head."I don't understand" Minato replied as both Hiashi and Hina smiles seeing the two dancing. He looks at the magical warriors then sees both Naruto and Hinata so he watches two.On the balcony Minako began to cry as Fukai sees her."Minako, what is the matter?" Fukai asked."Oh, I just love happy endings." Minako answered as Fukai sees the two dancing but the dragon sees Hinata's dress."Yes, I do, too. Oh, Blue? Purple." Fukai replied as she turns Hinata's dress into purple.I know you, I walked with you. Once upon a dream"Blue!" Jade shouted as she turns Hinata's dress blue.I know you, The gleam in your eyes. Is so familiar a gleam.The castle disappears around both Hinata and Naruto, as they keep on dancing in the clouds while the dress keeps changing its color from blue to purple.And I know it's true. That visions are seldom all they seem. But if I know you I know what you'll do.Hinata and Naruto kiss each other and story fades in.And they lived happily ever afterYou'll love me at once. The way you did. Once upon a dream.Owari
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Dark by Design Excerpt by AuthorMJBrooks
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The most boring part... the rules part. xD Hope you enjoy. The rules are as listed below.

1) Honest judging on any/all writings displayed in this group.

2) If your opinion of one's work is harsh then I request that you say it in a way that will not cause conflict.

3) Do not cause drama. Violation of this rule will result in immediate removal.

4) Respect other members as not a person but a writer. For we are not people during the group. We are writers.

5) At least four pieces of work published to the group a week. Please note that this rule may be changed or removed some time later.

6) Do not make false rule violation reports of other members. We will have a court like session in order to give the other person a fair chance to clear their name of any and all accusations.

7) Keep personal affairs just as they are called. Personal. Keep the group out of it in any and every way.

8) Send works to the proper folder.

9) When/If you report someone for rule violations be sure to have evidence supporting your claim.

10) And all the rules of deviantART (duh).







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Hi there, everyone! This is the World-of-Writers and we focus on all types of literature, here. Stories, short stories, poetry, songs and anything else that could be considered literature. All that I ask is that the work be your own.
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