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World of Warchicks

Welcome to World of Warchicks on DeviantART

Devoted to all female players of the MMO RPG World of Warcraft, #World-of-Warchicks will promote art, cosplay, crafts and creations of DeviantART's creative WoW women.

Outside of the art world, #World-of-Warchicks primary goal is to make WoW female players feel appreciated! Female gamers are an ever-growing presence in what is stereotypically a "boy's world", and it's important that we encourage each other as girl-players, enjoying the things we, as women, like to do in-game.

How Do I Join?

We are accepting any female player of World of Warcraft to join our ranks! It doesn't matter how much experience you might have in the game or artistically. We would love to see your art and fan creations, so bring it on!

:bulletyellow: Apply to Join the Group.
:bulletyellow: Under "Reasons for Joining", please write a short bit about yourself (example, what character do you play?). Let us know what you would like to contribute to the group.
:bulletyellow: Wait for approval, then bam! Come on in and send your art and discussions. More on that below!

Gallery Folders

Nightborne Priestess Commission by x-Celebril-x
Ma'baba (Giveaway prize) by LittleLadyLina
Target Practice by Daisy-Pushing
The Worst In Me by Daisy-Pushing
Warchick Art - New
Night Elf Priest by SUOMAR
I was beautiful by SoftlyVoiced
WoW - Love Me in the Shadows by SpicePrincess
20200311 by oxanaresh
Warchick Art - Old
Wet games. by Shalinka
Just in case by FatVonD
Commission: Zildemaea and Brundim by SketchyBailey
Commission: Vestera by Zynthex
Warchick IDs
Naeyla [C] by SUOMAR
Octavia WoW Commission Final by EmilyCammisa
Ophiel the Val'kyr by SUOMAR
Paladin by Luna-the-Nightblade
Warchicks Art Challenges
Kultiran Pride by Kishera
Unholy by Kishera
10yearschallenge by ryumo
Perfecting the Plague by Daisy-Pushing
Warchicks Earlier Art Challenge
Its the best Hide and seek game. by NearaGodz
Life by Tiki-Sama
Magic by Tiki-Sama
Challenge Theme: HEROISM by KrisseyMage
Warchick Photomanipulations
Mama, Papa Farewell by caza909
Quel'Dorei by caza909
Anu belore dela'na by caza909
Sylvanas in Northrend by caza909
Warchick Cosplay and Creations
Steam Rolled Hair by IcestormTundra
Kul Tiran Druid (World of Warcraft) by panteriusworkshop
Gara (World of Warcraft) by panteriusworkshop
Wranduin 3 by Gwydionland
Warchick Roleplay Corner
Protector by silverfirelove
20200725 Liamar by Wyzzel
Mora Loa worship jpeg by LoveHerDead
Drust Magic by Niahawk
Warchick Comics and Fanfiction

Mature Content

WoW - Equilibria - Chapter 1: Page 13 by SpicePrincess
WoW - Equilibria - Chapter 1: Page 12 by SpicePrincess
WoW - Equilibria - Chapter 1: Page 8 by SpicePrincess
Warchick Guild Photo Album
My Cub by xXSkullNeko13Xx
Warchick Screenies and Collages
An old friend by caza909
Warchick Sketches and Lineart
Behind the Smile by NinaTsuki
Warchick CATACLYSM Photo Gallery
WoW Christmas Tree by CaressOfVenus
Warchick Fanservice and Mature Works

Mature Content

Anduin Wrynn Pure Fan Service by Gwydionland
WoW Memes
WoW - ''I'm cold too...'' by SpicePrincess
Maiev |wip| by Sad-Sehna
World of Warchick Tribute Art
Cute girlfriend by Chizu-PS
COMMISSION: Zerdan by briarhearts
CONTEST - Warchick Crest Design
World of Warchicks Crest Desig by kaliko-rosa
Warchicks Secret Exchange 2011
Popcorn strands - LCDRTsukimustang by Desheria
Warchicks Secret Exchange 2012
Secret Santa! by atomicalix
Warchicks Secret Exchange 2013
Norrei  for Barn-Swallow by TwoTigerMoon
Warchicks Secret Exchange 2014 - Easter
Warchcks Secret Exchange 2014 - Secret Santa
No one likes one light wonders by Mspugluver
Warchicks Seceret Exchange 2015 - Secret Santa
Warchicks Secret Santa by kagetora4ever
Warchicks Secret Exchange 2016 - Secret Santa
Rudder's Troll WoW Winter exchange by Alkaline-Lady
Secret Santa Exchange - 2017
Norhvit: Deesketches WinterVeil 17 by KrisseyMage
NEW deviations folder
Proxi (Gift) by disj0inted
Secret Santa Exchange - 2018
Warchicks Secret Santa '18 by kagetora4ever
NEW Deviations Folder 2.0
Hippogryph Handler by FrederikaDraws


I, :devPhantasmMarquesse:, previously known as LadyGhostDuchess - LGD, am looking for some help in running this club. Somehow I have been placed in charge and I honestly cannot keep up with it on my own and deal with the on goings of DA. I check in when I can, but it is clearly not enough! Please, can you help me out?
Send me a note!
Thank you!
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World-of-Warchicks could always use a few helping hands to make the group more active and more fun for its members! If you feel like joining the administration team, please send the group a note of how you would like to help.

We accept 4 different types of Contributors, which include Creative Contributor, Blog Contributor, Administrative Contributor and Guild Contributor. Feel free to send us a note to inquire about the requirements for each position.

Mother Hen

Warchick Commander

Warchick Moderator

Warchick Contributor


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