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Old Wounds//A Svae short

~Old Wounds "Get them within the circle."   A dark shadow descended upon the village as impenetrable black clouds rolled overhead, chittering screams echoing down across miles of open farmland while wagons full of the season's harvest trundled over the narrow bridge that led into town.  A fiery-feathered woman stood at the far end, symbols arrayed before her feet, protective runes emblazoned with her power.  The masterful weaver who had scratched them into the ground, a full month of his labor inscribing his magic into a circle around the village, was out there now, at the farthest farmhouse trying to help tw


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The Misadventures of Lotz, pt. 3//A Svae short

~The Misadventures of Lotz, pt. 3 That evening, Lotz decided to take his own advice and sought Dart out.  He found the rogue up to his usual hijinks, attending a dice game in an alleyway behind one of the town's most disreputable bars.  While the little quaare had at first been drawn to the game, weighing the remaining money that Goban had given him in one hand, the sad image of the terata's face--not to mention Tima's--kept bothering him whenever Dart asked if he wanted to join, and much to his surprise he turned down the invitation twice.  He was eagerly awaiting a third invitation, however, when he realized that the sun was falling low i


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