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Reos Locations

The world where everyone unites in one large society is called Reos. There are three large continents surrounded by smaller islands, each named after its main city - Warrenfall, Roenden and Thedale.

Reoseans live almost everywhere, but how they’re involved in society depends on where they reside.

Reos: Map by Reos-Empire



Warrenfall is the largest continent, and the most powerful. Most of the noble families live there, since the lands are green and are very prosperous

Warrenfall is led by king Derigan. The society works rather well and both magic and non-magic users are treated equally, but some people still have their doubts. Warrenfall is very wealthy, with the larger cities being strongly built and well decorated. 

The continent itself prospers on green lands, large lakes and numerous rivers and forests. The farmers usually have an easy time doing their work and the harbors always bring enough fish back from the sea.   

The weather in Warrenfall is mostly sunny, not too hot but not too cold. The seasons change regularly, keeping the flora healthy.

  • Main City: Warrenfall
  • Regency:
    • Human: King Derigan
    • Reosean: Sveindur
  • Other big cities: Fullcaster, Girvais, Bullmar, Azrester


The second largest continent. Roenden is known as the Land of the Strong, mostly because the entire continent is either mountains or snow covered plains and tundras. 

Roenden is led by king Jamir, a wise man, descendant of Aliam. Roenden is very welcoming to magic users and the bonds between vayrons and humans are said to be the strongest in all the continents. The cities are mostly connected by mountain paths and function as the safest pathways in between the cities and villages.

Most of the continent is surrounded by large, tall mountains where the coldest winds blow. The main city is placed in a calmer location, not too far from the sea, but still surrounded by hills so the wind and cold aren’t as harsh.

  • Main City: Roenden
  • Regency
    • Human: King Jamir
    • Reosean: -
  • Other big cities: Udreim, Zento


Thedale is led by the three lords, Ricius, Marani and Luthrain. These three form a three man council over the entire continent. In the past, Ricius and Marani banned any and all magic users, be it humans or Reoseans, even against Luthrain’s wishes. Nowadays, Magic users are still frowned upon but not completely unwelcome. Thedale’s economy is an endless circle of ups and downs; the main and the smaller cities are beautifully decorated and rich, but the lesser towns and villages are extremely poor and the perfect place for crime to blossom.

The continent is mostly deserts and rocks, making it hard to build a house- let alone an entire city. The cities are mostly separated by large distances, which is why most Thedale Reoseans are bonded to humans and help on these travels. 

The weather in Thedale is sunny and dry most of the year. There’s a vast number of small lakes, but the larger lakes are what the larger cities are built around.   

  • Main City: Thedale
  • Regency
    • Human: The Three Lords Ricius, Marani and Luthrain
    • Reosean: -
  • Other big cities: Cadena, Kirstead


Vitalus by Reos-Empire


The hidden continent, Vitalus has been cut off from the rest of Reos civilization for hundreds of years in an effort to preserve the land's native species, the Tyrians, from the Mad King during his reign. As a result, up until its discovery the only residents were these great dragons. The sprawling reaches of the continent are encased in a large iridescent dome which serves as a shield, a half sphere that coats the main island like glass and dips into the sea around it. At the dome’s gate, upon a rune covered platform that juts out from the restless sea, resides Vitalus’ Gatekeeper Bocianne.

Vitalus is led by a Tyrian they call The Elder, a being close in kin to Holy and older than time itself - or so they say. He has no human companion and instead rules with Bocianne as his close second and defender of the realm. Magic is welcome and encouraged in Vitalus and life is prosperous. Views on the remaining continents vary; some still look towards them with mistrust, whilst others trust in the Elder’s decision to integrate their societies.

Surrounded by the sea, Vitalus’ lands are vast and diverse. The continent overall is light, airy, and temperate, the sea blanketing the lands with mist for much of the year. 

Mountains shod with flower coated valleys and forests are abundant while the skies, laden with low hanging clouds, are mottled with floating islands- the largest of which boasts the city of Orus. Inaccessible to the flightless, Orus is made up of islands, interconnected via crystal bridges, that form a halo around The Silver Province’s crown. At home in the silence, many of Orus’ inhabitants do not speak- the telepathy that comes along with bonding is strong and crucial to many in this region of Vitalus.

At the heart of Vitalus resides their main city, fondly dubbed The Silver Province. Jutting from the sides of two mountainous cliffs which face one another and connected overhead by a crystal bridge, the silver city gleams with light. Made primarily of white marble and crystal spires, The Elder resides at the top. Many of the palace walls are open to the air, large arches cut from them to allow entry at any point for those with wings. For those that do not, a long staircase leads from Vitalus’ main entry to the Silver Province’s gates. Closely guarded by flying scouts, nobility resides here.

Beneath The Silver Province lurks the city of Nepte, a vast system of caves whose entrance hides behind monumental waterfalls that sit at the dual bases of the Province’s cliffs. Home to Marvelous, the tyrians here deal in gemstones and precious metals. This city houses the continents blacksmiths, tyrians who over the years have learned to utilize their magic to turn the product they pull and grow from the walls into all manner of enviable items.

To the west lies Ebrus, the village of trees. A boundless forest of colossal trees cloaks the land here, the outer rim dense whilst on the inside their wide trunks spaced far enough apart from one another to ensure that even the largest wingspans may fly between them. Holes are bored into many of their tops and large, crystal encased alder brackets line their sides, serving as roosts for the Tyrians, who in return utilize magic to heal and ensure the health of the trees. The canopy is dense in some places and sparse in others, leaving the forest floor far below mottled with light.

To the south sits Hoius, the Salt City. The far reaching salt lake clearly mirrors the clouds above as well as the proud city that crowns its center, where salt pits dot the landscape among white buildings. The tyrians here trade in the crystallized mineral they glean from the water surrounding them.

Vitalus’ seasons are moderate, consisting of balmy summers and mild winters. The soil here is much different from that of the other three realms however, yielding crops not obtainable anywhere else but also ensuring that to procure outside crops, travel is necessary.

Main City: The Silver Province
Human: -
Reosean: The Elder
Other big cities: Orus, Ebrus, Nepte, Hoius

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Hello, I have a quick question. Could a Reos for backstory purposes have lived on another continent, but their active character citizenship is somewhere else from where their story is being set for points and such?