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I - First Age: The Divine

It is said in ages long past that the Reoseans were the first to walk these lands. Their magic cast a thick fog in the air so magnificent one could only stare in wonder. They co-existed with the spirits, with nature, and with the gods in perfect harmony. Society has always known of the Reoseans intelligence and elegance, going as far as describing them as Divine beings. The people of Reos revered them and their magic and often strayed far from them to ensure they were not cursed.

It was no surprise, then, that in the First Age when first contact was made with the Reoseans their approach was careful and calculated. They spoke not in the language of man but through mind and body. One of the Reoseans approached the group, standing nearly three feet taller than the Vayrons we know of today, her coat shimmering and her alabaster feathers gently ruffling in the breeze. It was revealed then that even those Divine Beings had a hierarchy of their own, with her at the top. She chose to speak to a noble knight of gentle heart, inviting him to hear her words spoken on behalf of all Reoseans, and thus it was he who first spoke to the Holy One. 

The knight known as Aster hailed from the kingdom of Warrenfall. It was a kingdom possessing the richest land and society knew so. The Holy One listened to his pleas and conviction, allowing him to convince her that the alliance would not only benefit him and his people but all Reoseans as well. He wished to unite all nations and species and for all to live equally. She could see no fault in that. A unity would only be most favourable.

The Holy One accepted the noble’s terms and with the alliance of man and Reosean known, all cheered. The nation grew even richer and true to Aster’s word, Reoseans were accepted as equals. The Reoseans extended their bonding abilities to the Warrenfall’s society and their armies grew stronger. Vayrons were, and are, stronger and faster than any horse in the land- and with the soaring capabilities of the Tyrians there was no area Warrenfall could not reach. With these bonds, the soldiers of Warrenfall dominated the land and prospered. Reoseans were no longer just Vayrons or Tyrians. They were now the Mounts of Kings.

Several years later, Aster had bonded with the Holy One, a testament to their commitment to the alliance. She became his most trusted partner for decades thereafter.

-- Summary of Chapter 1 in the History of Reos scholarly book, written by Vinicius Floren

II - Second Age: The Blinding

Some say that the change was shocking. The once noble and kind-hearted knight now seemed obsessed with power- with conquering and possessing. Being bonded to the Holy One had led Aster to great goals and achievements, purely because of who and what she was. None could disobey them- none ever dared. Holy did not approve, but it was not her fight to settle. She had come to see Aster as a dearly beloved friend, but she would not interfere in the matters of man. 

It was when Aster self-proclaimed himself as King, eager to conquer and unite all of the lands using Holy’s power, that everything spiralled down. The Holy One refused his command- disagreeing with his view and objecting against a forceful union. It enraged Aster, demanding that she show him the respect and command he deserved. When she once again refused, it was then that he grew weary and fearful of the Reosean’s true strength. If even his bonded was powerful enough to ignore his command and face no repercussions, then how valid was his claim as King? Many whispered thoughts like these and as these reached the court they clouded his judgement, corrupted his mind, and Aster- once a proud, gentle-hearted man became a king driven by greed and fear. Holy had felt his terror and tried to reassure him. She spoke soft words to soothe him, hoping that their bond was enough for him to realise that she would never betray him. There was no reason for her to turn on him if he kept to the accords of the alliance that they had made. Their bond was their commitment, and it would hurt both if either of them were to break it. This, however, did not do much to calm Aster’s fear. If anything, it amplified it.

With the future uncertain and her faith in Aster wavering, the Holy One made arrangements to contact the Elder- an unknown party to Aster- to provide a safe haven for those in the event things escalated and to find the origin of the rumours and the whispers. Her communication was intercepted before it ever left the lands of Warrenfall and Aster grew ever more distrustful of her. She begged him to see sense, to know that this was not who he was. But his clouded judgment and fear got the best of the good man Holy once knew and with a final act of terror, he brought his sword down upon her. 

Fearing retaliation from other Reoseans and the other kingdoms, King Aster called upon a gathering of Reoseans only to lock them up and slay those who dared escape. Every magic-wielding Reosean was enslaved and forcefully bonded to soldiers to follow the King’s orders. Those who had already been bonded were faced with the impossibility of breaking it.

The lands all over Reos became less luster, less lively, with the lack of it. For the Reoseans that lived magic was essential- but the longer magic had been ripped from them the weaker they became. Eventually, their bodies adapted and grew physical mutations- a subconscious evolution in their genes- to replace their defences.

As they mutated, they grew restless. They lost their minds with the sudden and shocking loss of their precious Holy One, and were permanently weakened.

-- Summary of Chapter 2 in the History of Reos scholarly book, written by Vinicius Floren


III - Third Age: The Silence

In the years to come, Reoseans became what were essentially slaves in the kingdom of Warrenfall. The initial pure, golden-hearted creatures were now nothing but a replacement for horses, for being much more complacent and easier to manage in this age. The lively bonds they had were silenced. Where words and images and trust once blossomed, there was now nothing but a black, empty void, staring back at the bonded party. King Aster had secluded himself in his quarters, only leaving muttered orders through the thick, oaken doors, for he too felt the loss of his bonded.

As time went on the word of the silenced bonds spread across the verdant lands. Some people were outraged, organising protests in towns to raise awareness, to get this madness to stop. Others were glad- anything to be on the top of the food chain and not to have the looming presence of a superior species watching your every step. Judging. 

Despite the decree being vast and wide, it had been contained and centered within Warrenfall. Contact with the other continents had been limited, scoured, and controlled by presumably the King’s forces. It had been a big event, but it wasn’t until this time that the Kingdom of Roenden found the source of their lands weakening, of their winds changing. Their own king, King Semias, sent a letter to King Aster, demanding an explanation from both him and the Holy One on why the magic in the lands has dried up. Why creatures of magical origin were no longer showing. Why the world had changed.

He was, predictably so, met with silence. King Semias took it up with Thedale’s council, led by Lord Yuxah. Their kingdoms weren’t as big as Warrenfall, but they were vast, and sound of mind- which King Aster seemed to lack. Lord Yuxah, as well as the other two Lords, Ozis and Noksic, were taken aback by the information that King Semias shared. Their lands, too, had suffered from the disappearance of creatures. From the oasi in the deserts shifting, and changing, as if they were perishing under the heat itself. The bond with the Reoseans was meant to nurture the magical nature of Reos. What had happened?

Addressing another formal letter, the three Lords and King requested an audience with King Aster- which was granted. The moment they had stepped foot in the lands of Warrenfall, they could feel the dense, thicker air. The lack of magic. Even more so when they were, then, escorted to the palace by knights atop Reoseans- who’s lights in their eyes seemed to have dimmed.

In their audience, they addressed the state of Warrenfall, of Roenden, of Thedale and their disapproval of the union that had been meant to unify and bolster their world- demanding whatever King Aster had done be reversed. They demanded the Holy One to answer for this. Enraged at her name, King Aster refused to see any more reason, and as the lords pushed further he had had enough. With a single sentence, he declared war on the other continents.

-- Summary of Chapter 3 in the History of Reos scholarly book, written by Vinicius Floren


IV - Fourth Age: Battle of Broken Wills

The lords of Thedale chose to follow the Roenden King into battle. Their belief was that their armies combined would be sufficient to take on the forces of Warrenfall’s immense infantry led by King Aster, who was no less of a magnificent soldier himself. Alongside that, they had the broken but still ever so powerful Reoseans by their side. King Semias, however, placed his coin on the Reoseans. On their will to end their own enslavement once they figured that this war was to free them of Aster’s clutches.

​He, however, wasn’t prepared for the sight of the broken creatures on the battlefield. Even before the first clash of the swords- the final announcements on both sides to end this unnecessary and senseless onslaught, King Semias saw no recognition of the grand species he once knew in the mounts of the army. They blindly followed their bonded’s commands, broken down and ready to kill if so ordered. Historians later identified this battle thus as: The Battle of Broken Wills.

The battle spanned several days with both Warrenfall and the union of Roenden-Thedale taking heavy losses. Regents from both sides were amidst the battle, and on the third day, they faced each other head-on. Even now, older and afflicted with fear and greed, King Aster proved to be a strong foe. So much so, that dear Lord Yuxah of Thedale fell to her demise before King Semias brought down the wicked king once and for all.

Upon Aster’s death on the battlefield, his soldiers held no response. Some attempted to continue the fight- others knew that the war had been lost, or perhaps even won. As you see, not all of King Aster’s soldiers were as believing. They had recognized their enemies’ cause; the doubt that had eaten away at their minds for so long now made them turn against each other.

It was upon King Semias to reunite them. Punishment would wait for those still stuck to the decree. For now- Warrenfall had lost, and with no successor to the throne there was no one to follow. They were left desolate on the battlefield.

Thedale retreated, leaving King Semias and his council to deal with the aftermath. They took the loss of Yuxah with immense sadness and despair, and the whole country went into mourning at the loss of a great Lord.

-- Summary of Chapter 4 in the History of Reos scholarly book, written by Vinicius Floren


V - Fifth Age: The Awakening

With Warrenfall left leaderless, Thedale in mourning, and people and Reoseans alike in distress, King Semias answered the call and took temporary measures of control. His council oversaw any and all matters while the news spread across the land and he abolished the tyrannic rule against the Reoseans. While doing so, he urged the nobles and council of Warrenfall herself to appoint a new leader, but they could never agree.

While King Semias abolished the decree, many soldiers were anguished by their actions and what had led to the abuse of the Reosean species. Some sought peace in Roenden or Thedale with their companions, distancing themselves as far as possible from King Aster’s remains. Others were not so fortunate. The people shunned the knights in Warrenfall after the truth was revealed, and only the returned spark of life in their Reoseans quelled those complaints and anger. 

The Reoseans that were taken captive had been released. Many of Warrenfall’s people opened their homes and care for them, but King Semias urged them to not push it upon them. The Reoseans should decide for themselves whether or not they would take up the offer- and he would not blame them if they did not. And while some did, the majority returned to the wilds- deep within Warrenfall’s forests and swamps- away from any sign of civilization. 

With the Reoseans freed, so was the magic. Slowly, but surely, over the years the magic returned to the air. Crops prospered once more, wildlife returned to a sizable population, and the world of Reos was better off for it. But it was not like it was before, and it would not be like that for decades to come. The Reoseans never returned. Not yet. The pain in their souls was too fresh, and when a new Queen was finally appointed- Queen Elshen, who made sure to solidify King Semias’ law, put in place protections for the other species. Reoseans as the people knew them were free to live among society as equals, to choose their bonded of their own free will, and to punish any criminal activity performed against them.

Queen Elshen did her absolute best to restore balance, to fix the mistakes made by her predecessor, though left the history of the decree untouched. People would read, and learn, about the consequences of his actions.

-- Summary of Chapter 5 in the History of Reos scholarly book, written by Vinicius Floren


VI - Sixth Age - The Connection

As the years went on and the fragile political state of Warrenfall was repaired, Queen Elshen remained in power. What Reoseans were left, and the people, both felt it was imperative that someone who had both of their best interests in mind took charge while the world healed from its wounds. It was a blessing sent from the very Primordials that Queen Elshen became a lovable queen, adored by many. With a firm hand and a gentle heart, she ruled for many years amidst the land’s emotional turmoil.

The Reosean population amidst society increased day by day. Older ones were struck by the trauma of war but as with any civilization, the younglings led the future and they were not frozen in their fear. They led their marches and joined society in Warrenfall, welcomed by its people and by its queen. Many were curious about the state of affairs, joining and opening their hearts and minds to the prospects of bonding once more.

King Semias had stepped down, allowing his son, young King Dellin to take the continent’s reign. King Dellin had been close with Queen Elshen and despite their differences in age, they formed a powerful alliance. An arrangement was made not long after for King Dellin to marry one of Queen Elshen’s younger brother- a bond of love and of strength, to tie the forces of the continents together.

Thedale did not fare well after the war. The loss of their Lord took its toll and the people grew fearful of not Reoseans, but of magic. One could say you cannot separate one from the other, but Thedale did not want to follow in King Aster’s footsteps. Instead, roughly fifteen years after the war, a bill passed banning the usage and tutelage of magic without licence. Magical items were still allowed- but no longer could men, Reoseans, or others, rely on the use of magic in their day-to-day lives. Thedale saw a decline in population after, many moving to Roenden or even Warrenfall, but the Lord’s decision did not falter. Magic took lives, and they were not going to allow it within their continent. In turn, however, Thedale became a refuge for Reoseans afflicted with mutations that denied them their magic.

With the passing of the sixth age, hope once again shone in people’s eyes.

-- Summary of Chapter 6 in the History of Reos scholarly book, written by Vinicius Floren


VII - Seventh Age - The Spark of Hope

It was when Queen Elshen’s son took to the throne that things took a further turn from the past. Prince Vashel grew up with the knowledge of the war, and how his mother had turned the tide and taken control over the region’s tremendous fragile state. She was praised for it and she was the number one role model in his life. So, when he knew for certain that he would be the successor to the throne after his uncle had married King Dellin, the young man snuck out more often than not.

He travelled, learning about the kinds of people, and Reoseans, that lived within Warrenfall. Finding several packs who were willing to allow him in, he learned their history from their perspective. Saw the world through their eyes, and saw what scars King Aster had left behind. Knowing now their side brought forth a determination in the prince. To learn, to earn the Reosean’s trust and willingness. 

Once he came of age and soon was to be ascended to kinghood, he instead pleaded with his mother to allow him one final journey. After much deliberation, she gave in, and Prince Vashel left to seek a Reosean willing to follow him.

He met several Reoseans on his travels and learned how they lived in the wild, their pack mentality, their societies, and their magic. He kept himself contained to Warrenfall, though the odd journey to his brother in Roenden was not unwarranted. On his return, however, away from escorts and guards, he found himself drawn to the corners of the harbor, and tucked away behind a storage box was a small, crimson-coated Runner pup. It was malnourished, small- some could have called it a runt- but what stood out the most was its glowing undercoat and enlarged teeth. 

Prince Vashel took the creature with him and tended to it, fed it what food he could purchase and what little it would eat. He knew, from his studies, that it was a pup afflicted with the corrupted mutations that the war had brought forth. Whether it had come into the harbor of its own volition or abandoned, he did not care.

The two could not communicate, with Vashel being a human and the small Runner being too young to bond. Thus, the prince named him Merah. With no one else, Merah followed Prince Vashel everywhere and even without a bond, the two became inseparable.

-- Summary of Chapter 7 in the History of Reos scholarly book, written by Vinicius Floren


VIII: Eighth Age - The Rise

Several years after Prince Vashel’s journey he returned and was crowned King with Merah by his side. Queen Elshen watched with pride before she retired to a quiet life in the countryside, though King Vashel often visited her, sources say.

To see a Reosean with a direct consequence of King Aster’s war live alongside the current King, even older Reoseans that still lived were starting to become more and more intrigued. The bonds between Reoseans and society surged.

Eventually, the cities belonged to any society just as much as they belonged to Reoseans. There were more bonds than ever before- and not just in Warrenfall. Both they and Roenden welcomed the surge with open arms, overjoyed. Thedale’s Lords, however, now all having been replaced by younger successors, still kept their conservative minds. 

With the lack of magic now rampant in Thedale causing them to fall further behind in development in comparison to Roenden and Thedale, their focus shifted towards industrial improvement. Machines now doing the work that the absence of magic could not. Naturally, some machinery still applied the use of magic under restrictions and supervision.

-- Summary of Chapter 8 in the History of Reos scholarly book, written by Vinicius Floren


IX: Ninth Age - The Time of Peace

Twelve years after the crowning of King Vashel the kingdoms were finally at peace. Mera, having now understood the struggles of the war, only had more respect for his predecessors. Human and otherwise. He sought to be a beacon of hope again for Reoseans across Warrenfall and made the decision to bond with King Vashel, who happily accepted the offer. The union faded that smallest bit of doubt the Reoseans still had. 

Reoseans have gained their reputations back and now work among society with several occupations such as companions, guardians, or knight’s steeds. The situation allowed for even the low-ranked families to grow and prosper should they have a willing Reosean companion by their side.

They were appointed numerous important positions across all regions. Notable was Antilles, a Vayron who became the Master of Coin due to his very high intelligence. The United Patrol was founded to establish a sense of security and stability among society as well, putting emphasis on the reconnected trust between man and Reosean.

-- Summary of Chapter 9 in the History of Reos scholarly book, written by Vinicius Floren


X: Tenth Age - The Return of the Skydwellers

While often describing the world as inhabited by Reoseans and others, the truth is that after Aster’s reign even the Reoseans were divided. Long were we aware of a kind that graced the sky, their wings carrying them across air currents gracefully. However, with the Holy One’s murder, they too had disappeared. They had been able to escape the torment of King Aster, flying high, or away, where society could never reach. 

Many, many years after the declaration of war, the first ones to spot the reappearance of the Tyrians were the Thedalian people. The silhouette of a dragon-like creature among the clouds, fearing the return of Elder Dragons, but they far suppressed the speed and agility of those creatures. It wasn’t until other continents and towns also spotted the mysterious creatures that their claim was taken seriously, and King Vashel along with Merah devised a plan- a strategy.     

There was no indication of their intention, so along with the United Mounted Patrol, the King and Merah sought out brave individuals who would seek out these Tyrians. It was soon revealed that they had been tasked to spread out in waves, to explore all three of the continents. They were no immediate threat, but they remained silent on their intentions or merely departed when questioned.

Thedale’s Lords grew anxious as the Tyrians seemed to do nothing but take territory and bunker down, leaving them with only more questions. Scouting and then, with the appearance of a messenger, seemingly reporting back to something. To someone.

The United Mounted Patrol joined the travellers on the search for the seventh elusive Tyrian, having nested in the mossy swamps of Warrenfall. He performed tests on them to test their worthiness before engaging in combat which, luckily, the travellers had won.
Upon winning the duel, the Tyrian named Catalyst brought forth information about a hidden island- the refuge of the Tyrians that disappeared upon Holy’s murder. The Tyrian accompanied the United Mounted Patrol, along with King Vashel and Merah, to this so-called refuge- and upon arriving at a tall pillar in the ocean to the east of Warrenfall, they were greeted by an illuminated magical bridge- and its guardian.

Once the travellers and the rest of the expedition made their way past Bocianne, the guardian of the region now known as Vitalus, they met with a Tyrian unlike any other. He introduced himself as the Elder, and further investigation showed that the Holy One was a direct descendant of this Tyrian. Her death pained and feared him so that he had instructed Bocianne to hide Vitalus behind a magical barrier- awaiting news of society coming to its senses. He sent out the scouts, and the messengers, and the soldier to judge the bond between society and Reoseans- and was gladdened to see that old wounds had healed, albeit scarred. 

Proposed with a declaration of unity, the Elder signed it as the leader- opening Vitalus to the rest of Reos and allowing Tyrians once more to reintegrate with the rest of the world.

-- Summary of Chapter 10 in the History of Reos scholarly book, written by Vinicius Floren

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