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Welcome to the World of Reos!

Reos is a heavily story oriented ARPG, a place where stories come to life. Reos is a world that creatures called Vayrons and Tyrians call home.

These species co-exist with the people as mounts, companions and friends. Using their magical abilities they fight, survive and create incredible bonds.

Join in and be among those who write the history, create unforgettable memories, join or create guilds and play alongside other users.

Whether you're in it for the breeding, story building, roleplay or purely for fun, Reos is the place for you.

Under construction, bear with us ♥

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Reosean of the Month
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Monthly Quest

Night of Kindred Blooms | By: @Eternityspool

The last whispers of winter cling to the air, but an ever strengthening spark of warmth ignites on the horizon. In Reos, the veil between worlds thins as the Night of Kindred Blooms descends. This luminous evening, coinciding with the full moon closest to the spring equinox, is a time of wonder and vibrant energy.

Legends whisper of ancient flora imbued with mystical properties, their blooms erupting in a dazzling display only on this night. These Kindred Blooms shimmer with otherworldly light, attracting familiars of all kinds and imbuing the air with a potent magic. Some Reoseans seek these blooms for their potent alchemical properties or to capture the familiars attracted to them, while others celebrate the thinning veil with vibrant festivals, their laughter echoing through the starlit night.

Loot: x3 Glowing Flowers, x2 Frozen Cluster, x1 Greed's Token, 1x Elder's Reflection

See past monthly prompts here! Have a prompt suggestion? Head to the monthly-prompt-suggestions channel on Discord!

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Hi, I'm just wondering, where is the link to the discord? I feel like it's staring me in the face but I can't find it.

Nevermind, I have found it,

I've seen Vayrons and Tyrians evrey ware an was wondering how do I become a member? bty I cant use discord

Hi! Those two sites should tell you everything you need to know to start your fun with this ARPG group! ^^

Link to newbie guide

Link to Frequently Asked Questions

hello, idk where to ask- but i realized when i submitted my geno to the site, it didnt copy paste the form to the site for some reason, so i know itll be cancelled etc, but can i get it back to make that change or do i just wait until an admin gets to it and cancelles it?

Unfortunately there is no way for us to throw it back to you - but I am more than happy to cancel it early for you! If you can provide a link or the ID number I can go ahead and get that done <3

Hi I'm posting here because I am not sure where else to go - I have a Vayron sold - I am no longer planning on being active on deviantart anymore. I've tried messaging the group but no response. Any way we can have the transfer go through? Then whatever you need to do with my old vayrons you can.