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Water Temple of Generic Namedness!

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Another mockup of an older project. Not a lot of detail in the ground tiles here - I was a bit burnt out after animating the water. Not my best work. Critique appreciated but not necessary, as I'm already aware of many flaws.

EDIT: A tutorial on the water rippling can be found here:…
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SpookywonkProfessional Artist
Hmm. Wonder if a slight curve in the ripples would allow sixteen sets of waves to look good as linear AND radial ripples.
I might have to play with that.
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Nice water shader. 
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stuarts-pixel-gamesProfessional Interface Designer
apparently he did it manually, not with a shader...
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BlueLinkHobbyist Traditional Artist
Flaws? You mean FLAWLESS. This is super impressive and the colors and atmosphere are wonderful!
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TropicalWeedProfessional Digital Artist
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This looks amazing. The water is so good, makes me want to drink it all.

Very well done.
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i cant stop looking at all that moving water, great job +fav 
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Looks very impressive! I like how you did the light bouncing off the water onto the walls.
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Very nice use of caustics on the wall. ^_^
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GoatMutationHobbyist Digital Artist
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Thanatos-ZeroHobbyist Digital Artist
Seeing these beautiful water graphics just have let me playing this melody in my head. :D…
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AspiredWriterHobbyist General Artist
i love the water and the water reflections! they are perfect! i think the perspective is off (maybe on purpose i don't know) kinda looking from the top but things are flattened so we're seeing from the side as well... wierd.

i think this ought to get a DD
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Wow! this is so amazing, and thank you for the tutorial!
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RHLPixelsProfessional Artist
That. Water. Is. Gorgeous. My god <3
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NoHeart-WallsHobbyist Writer
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PixelateSRDHobbyist General Artist
Wow, everything here looks perfect :D
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JoryRFerrellProfessional Artist
oooohhhhh....that is too baddddd....


How much for a tile-able version (when you aren't tied up)?
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JoryRFerrellProfessional Artist
Did this ever actually get used in a game or other project?
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World-of-NoeLProfessional General Artist
As far as I know the game was never finished.
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iDJPandaStudent General Artist
Wouldn't the water ripple in a way that it surrounds the waterfall?
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SmilecytheHobbyist Digital Artist
How would you apply something like that in a tile set? You would have to go through immense amounts of effort to make it match various geometries that has in a similar way a waterfall around it. This current style is efficient for reuse and with all of it's simplicity and the tile based graphics, it doesn't even look all that much off place.
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iDJPandaStudent General Artist
Quality work has effort put into it. As of right now, I feel like it looks like an ocean. 
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SmilecytheHobbyist Digital Artist
Do you have a specific technique within the realm of pixel arts in mind? ..because I sure could use some advice myself (seriously).
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