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Phoenotopia II - Earth Dome mockup

Quells, the developer of the amazing action/adventure/RPG Phoenotopia asked me and a few other artists to have a crack at developing some prototype areas for the sequel, so this is my attempt!

In his own words:
Earth Dome - The Collectors built a small replica of Earth in which to house the captured NPCs from the first game. The Earth biome is a dense forest with thick trees, swamps, and even bigger frogs. The collectors attempted to recreate the forests of Earth, but have created something closer to the forests of Earth's prehistoric era. Creatures grow to a more dangerous and unnatural size - giant bugs fill the air. The forest is also wired with cameras and radars - equipment the collectors use to monitor their captured species. The biome is a mixture of nature and technology - it's not unusual to find the occasional metallic tree or radar and camera equipment.
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This is so amazing!Day63 - Tigger 
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Fantastic work. exceptional use of colours.

I do pixelart too (im a newb even if Im more than 6 years into pixelart but I still have to improve).

I think GG is better than gimp for pixelart, but gimp alone is not so bad... the only thing is to configure brushes and tiles a bit. I sometimes use transparency for fast colors, then flatten and fix (remove transparency). Another good thing is the palettes in gimp which are very easy to use.
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Thank you. Yeah, there's definitely advantages to using Gimp or Photoshop over GG but when you don't need the extra functionality 99.9% of the time I just find it easier and cleaner to use a simpler program. But that's just personal preference.
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do you know when the sequel will be released?
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"When it's ready" I suppose! Still in production.
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cool, c: I'm already theorizing on what the story for the sequel will be :3
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This is really cool!
Is this a legitimate mock up? Oh, buddy...if they're making a second game, I'm going to nerdgasm right here and now!
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I love this game and I love your vision of it. BTW, what software did you use to make this? It's great!
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Thanks, though unfortunately the sequel won't look like this (he went with another artist). I used GraphicsGale for the pixel art and Gimp for the slapped-together background, shadows and lighting.
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Excellent work NoeL!
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Amazing mockup, the style is just amazing ;)
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Thank you for introducing me to the first game! I didn't know about it and just played it for over an hour. It's awesome! Thanks again! :D :heart:
World-of-NoeL's avatar
No problem. It definitely needs more exposure.
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Sick! I know pixel purists have a problem with this sort of thing, but I'm in favor of using modern technology tastefully to improve your work.
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I love it! I've beaten Phoenotopia two weeks ago and this is exactly what the sequel should look like :3
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Thanks. I think I might go and play it again too!
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You're welcome!
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