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Goth by TheAlmightyPig

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Ribette Tongue Contortion by HEARTZMD
Tentacles 5 by AugustinasRaginskis
KaijuGods GameraAD3 by fbwash
They Came from Outer Space
Buuu and The Pie Eating Contest - August 2018 by Enshohma
Team Zero by daveracer
Sankhkare of the Sun VS... A Snail?! ~Reagan Long! by Estonius
Girl Spy 99 The Dark Side by daveracer
Angels, Ghosts, and Other Spirits
Entertainment by BRHN27
Saskylaana, Mistress of the Taiga by WendigoMoon

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Shadow Walker by Lycan-metal
Reincarnated Borned by ArachnaFonFenris
Bugs and Other Creepy Crawlies

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In the Spider's Web by Space-between-spaces
Chibi Meganuron by Legrandzilla
Random concept-art/ 06 by PustyXoX
Mother Longlegs  (Sketch) by WoodZilla200
Classical Literature With Some Lovecraft
Shub-Niggurath II by willisrharrower
Dark Rider by nilwill
Dagon Human Form (Remake) by BlueWolfArtista
Evil Character Portrait by BlueWolfArtista
buhahaha by HornedKingVeles
West Virginia Cryptid Map by Kway100
creature by Le-caide
the Snarly Yow by Kway100
Demons and Devils
Demon by Irkhal
Shut up im telling a story johnny by HornedKingVeles
Omuruk [Comission] by Rosyforest
Sketch dump 1 by Rosyforest
Dragons And Other Fictional Reptiles
Asian Dragon vs European Dragon remake by Guy-Inkognito
Random concept-art/ 07 by PustyXoX
[OPEN] Yannorrok Dragon Auction by Alliion
The Void by Zalcoti
Fan Art - Books and Comics
Gramma wants to give you a hug! by Georgeact
Anthropophagus by Georgeact
Raptor, page 79 by ElenPanter
PITT + Kid Glyph Team-Up!~Shannon V Sapenter [SVS] by Estonius
Fan Art - Movies
Godzilla - Ebirah Horror of the Deep Minimalist by earthbaragon
RT Arc 5: Legends of Kaiju MAIN POSTER by MasterofNintendo
Godzilla 1954 Minimalist Style Poster by earthbaragon
Kingpin and Queen (By Giums) by MaidMachine
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Prince Leo and the Giant by ARTIST-SRF
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Listen And Not Fall Asleep by Sadovod-Ogorod
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Tarantulas by kentaurosman
Golems, Living Rocks and Statues
Marvel Team-Up: Magik + Gargoylem! By AbrahamDavid by Estonius
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there are going to be two ass whoopings today by HornedKingVeles
DangerCakes Love Bites Promo Poster by SpookyChan
Mythology and Folklore
Cockatrice II Color by Nimphradora
Ocean Dwellers
Deluxy Animation by Imiximago
Trees Will Creep by JoeEyeMonster
Prehistoric Life
Fawn by SirReddo
Robots, Androids, and Cyborgs
RedSpot Vs El Beetle by LRW0077
Things That Go Bump in the Night
Sinbad Packs a Mean Roundhouse by Loneanimator
Monstrous Miscellaneous
affectionate, craving, by baarometz
Sketches, Basic Lines, and Doodles
Shin Godzilla Sketch - July 2018 by Enshohma
UPDATE: Here's the international trailer with more footage, a more serious tone, and an actual plot set-up compared to the goofier American teaser presented previously... That's pretty sad now thinking about it.

And I thought RAMPAGE was going to be the big, dumb, goofy monster movie of 2018! In all seriousness, I'm willing to give this silliness a chance. Plus, is it safe to say Li Bingbing now ranks up there with Doug McClure in the giant monster movie celebrity apartment? She's almost as sexy as him. ;)

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World of Monsters is a group dedicated to fantastical creatures, monsters and other non-human characters; mostly focusing on original works, but also accepting of fan art from across fiction. Unlike similar groups, I hope to encompass a wide variety of subject matter, and feature only completed or high end art work over rough sketches and altered screen captures.









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