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Stuck Damsel Spider Bondage by StickyScribbles
Miss Walters Guilty Pleasure by StickyScribbles
Mummy by QuicoArts
Angel by QuicoArts
Angels, Ghosts, and Supernatural Spirits
Adopt Fixed price (OPEN) by 13WhiteFox13
Adopt Fixed 15$ (OPEN) by 13WhiteFox13
Adopt Fixed 15$ (CLOSED) by 13WhiteFox13
Adopt Fixed 15$ (CLOSED) by 13WhiteFox13
Bugs and Other Creepy Crawlies
Monster sketch by Marielutine
Grassfield crawlers by BananaScholar
Watercolor creature by Marielutine
Graphite sketch creature by Marielutine
Chupacabra named Maria by BananaScholar
D1 by Olorim
D2 by Olorim
D3 by Olorim
Demons, Devils, and Succubi
Charcoal Demon (Open) by glyretic
Repotting a plant by emodroide-douloureux

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The Pet by Arctic--Revolution
Cyber Oni Mask by RRRBLL
Dragons And Other Fictional Reptiles
guard dragon by Shadowofjustice123
Nighttime fun 03 by RaptyArt

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Nighttime fun 02 by RaptyArt
Dragoness On Duty by Fire-Wolf-The-Wolgan
FAN ART: Literature and Comic Books
Godzilla vs Hulk - December 2023 by Enshohma
Age of Monsters: Cosmic: Antarctic Horrors by EmilyStepp
Eviscerix vs MechanoHogson - KaiJune 2023 by Enshohma
Mouth of Sauron by Monster-Man-08
FAN ART: Movie Monsters
godzilla on mountain by Shadowofjustice123
WAR OF THE GODS by UltramanZenith
A Chubby Xenomorph by wanderer1988
Gorosaurus by PaleoBeastEnt
FAN ART: Television Terrors
Nova Updated - December 2023 by Enshohma
Gilanbo on Halloween Night - October 2023 by Enshohma
Z-Blob by Thatdudemaan
Ecliptor sketch by adivider
FAN ART: Video Games and RPGs
argonian werebeast by glyretic
Woolley from Gigabash - Titanotober 2022 by Enshohma
Resident Evil: Nemesis and Birkin stage 2 by HellraptorStudios
Koraidon by satsume-shi
Golems, Living Rocks and Statues
ADOPTS OPEN by sssoddda-adopts
Humorous And Cute Things
Mother 3 chimera fanart 2 by Fedecomics
Kaiju-style Giant Monsters
Reclaiming His Domain by manaista
Lovecraftean Comic Horror
Denken sattelte den reinsten Geist by AerachnaOdNagren
Monstrous Miscellaneous
Anu'relos, Flames Guidance by cumalee
Multiple Creatures: More Than One Species
adopt OPEN set price by SkylarMeaw
Mythology, Folklore, and Yokai
Just another fairy on a flower by JBergen1910
Ocean Dwellers
Return to boat by ShatteredReaIity
Plant-based Beings and Creatures
Fungus creatures by HeraldArt
Prehistoric Animals and Monsters
Commission: Geotherium by SaurArch
Robots, Androids, and Cyborgs
They Came from Outer Space
Radioactive nihilist by ShatteredReaIity
Things That Go Bump in the Night
Friday 13. I'm back by RUUMIX
Uncolored Sketches, Doodles, Inks, and Wips
Seahorse King Sketch - November 2023 by Enshohma
Werewolves, Unicorns, and Other Mammals
The Light Within - Page 5 by FritzFliza
Okay, Eclipse isn't THAT bad and I plan to continue this group if the change over cannot be stopped BUT it's still a needlessly complicated and hard-to-work with interface compared to the original layout.

Thus I'm throwing my vote into this copy / paste / share campaign most other DeviantART members are doing especially since it appears to be a breach of DeviantART's original contractual obligations with the site's founder:

I found the source by AetherChey  Cancel Eclipse! Let's keep old DA! by SilversFanGurl

[JUST IN CASE someone accuses me of stealing an image that's purposely being copy and shared across this site from multiple people well before me: Please don't forget to also go inform like the 1000-and-growing other DA members I've seen who are also copying and posting this same image above. Oh look, the original source, also posted above, even says "share this please" - how about that, Captain(s) Oblivious!]
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World of Monsters is a group dedicated to fantastical creatures, monsters and other non-human characters; mostly focusing on original works, but also accepting of fan art from across fiction. Unlike similar groups, I hope to encompass a wide variety of subject matter, and feature only completed or high end art work over rough sketches and altered screen captures.









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Phorkys: Father of Sea Monsters  by IDrewYouThisDinosaur   Not Much Longer, Now by IDrewYouThisDinosaur  
DrAlpha Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2024
Looking for a long lost CRYPTID COMIC illustrator

In quest of Long Forgotten Illustrator

Hi everyone, fellow cryptid fanatics, hope someone here could help with my quest

Long time ago, more than 20 years actually, I encountered webpage of an illustrator that create this One-page images of an agent (long brown coat with black gloves and red glasses, bad4ss smile) that fought along diverse sidekicks some of our beloved cryptids

I clearly remember the images of a chupacabras choking a goat, the fought the Jersey Devil while inside a taxi, encounter the Mothman on a bridge (had a wide mouth and a hammerhead shark shape head) like the drawing im sharing here, the Loch Ness monster on a boat with an old man fisherman that had a prosthetic Hook for hand, a Yeti down a snowy and rock slide mountain, electrifying a Blob like creature inside an elevator, trying to cut the central nerve from a Brain mutant monster while a nurse use a defibrillator to help him, Giant termites inside a construction tunnel, even some classic monsters like, the Frankenstein monster both striking out of a tower, fighting a bunch of vampires with help of a priest, a squad of Aztec mummies along side a LUCHA LIBRE wrestler, and so many others even a giant Godzilla like monster

I can remember the name unfortunately, I thing it started with a D, like Dynamite, Danger, something like that, but not quite sure

If anyone had a lead or something I would be much appreciated

Imagen 2024-02-14 221429302 by DrAlpha  

itsdorou Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2024  Professional Traditional Artist
Devilman Amon (OC) - Commission Work by itsdorou  
Macabre Serpent  by IDrewYouThisDinosaur   Skylla IS Kharybdis  by IDrewYouThisDinosaur   Lure  by IDrewYouThisDinosaur   Endoceras by IDrewYouThisDinosaur   chimera by IDrewYouThisDinosaur  
AeoN-OxidE Featured By Owner May 18, 2023  Hobbyist General Artist
Aziza and Bashira - Entwined by AeoN-OxidE  
AeoN-OxidE Featured By Owner May 2, 2023  Hobbyist General Artist
Ophanim by AeoN-OxidE  
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Open Auction Biblic Angel Jellocat Eggs by TaNa-Jo   Biblic Angel Jellocat Custom by TaNa-Jo  
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