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Gamera: Guardian of Universe reviewAlright, let's kick off the reviews with the first installment, "Guardian of the Universe"!,,,This serves as my introduction to the Gamera franchise as a whole, and what an introduction, completely blows the Showa-era Gamera films out of the water, bar-freaking-none! Seriously, the best of the Showa-era, which in my opinion is "Gamera vs Gyaos", doesn't even compete with the remake. Note to Hollywood/Disney: THIS IS HOW YOU DO A REBOOT!!! But let's save the rest of the gushing for the end, and let's get started!We open up this flick in the middle of the Pacific, where a ship carrying a shipment of plutonium runs into a floating atoll. One item of note is that the ship's captain is played by the late award-winning Daiei-veteran actor Kojiro Hongo, who's been in half of the Showa Gamera films from "Gamera vs Barugon" to "Gamera vs Viras". And then the credits roll and we are treated to Gamera's epic theme:,

I don't care who you are, what religion/beliefs you hold, or what planet you hail from, THIS is Gamera's theme to me. It's just as catchy and memorable as Akira Ifukube's theme of Godzilla, I don't care if that is blasphemy, freaking Kow Otani is standing up there with the freaking greats like Ifukube, James Horner and freaking John WilliamsWe shift scenes to an aquarium where high school student Asagi Kusanagi and her friend(whose name I can't remember so I'll just dub her as "future bukaki star") discuss about the atoll and you do. I mean when I was in high school, all I did was bitch about how much high school sucked. We cut again to Yoshinari Yonemori, played by Tsuyoshi Ihara, who was the XO on the plutonium ship, meeting with Naoya Kusanagi, played by Akira Onodera, who is part of a marine insurance agency tasked with investigating the strange occurrence. Yonemori appeals to Naoya to let him join, but of course, Naoya brings up how inappropriate it is for a government agent to be part of a private/civilian controlled project, but Yonemori is insistent on joining. And if you're wondering why Naoya is hesitant, let me remind you that Biden said this about the government, and let it send chills down your spine:,

Now that's the real monster there!We then cut to another main character, ornithologist Mayumi Nagamine, played by popstar Shinobu Nakayama! She receives a phone call from Himegami Island, possibly relating to her mentor/boss Dr. Harada, who went to said island to investigate the possibility of a new species of bird that has been sighted. The phone call is cut short, and we cut to said island in what is, my opinion, one of the greatest scenes worthy of a horror movie:,

It's just perfect: The night setting, the whipping rain, the doomed men running for their lives from an unseen evil that you can just mentally see ripping them apart! Wes Craven would be proud!We cut to the Nagamine household where Yonemori is doing his best to get on Naoya's good graces, by basically being his maid and cook. He even says he loves to do housework. I'm assuming out of pity, Naoya finally relents and lets Yonemori put his balls back in his sack and join the expedition to find the atoll. It's a sad sight, really, to see a man brought so low to take on the roles of a woman. What is the world coming to: ,

Next scene has us seeing Nagamine being visited by police Inspector Osako, played by Yukijiro Hotaru. They discuss Dr. Harada's going missing on the island for some time, and that they received a strange, short message about "a bird". They head to the island, and find the villlage there to be demolished, all the buildings were destroyed and torn apart. Then they come across what Nagamine believes to be a bird pellet, or as Jeff Goldblum would put it:, After going through said bird shit, Nagamine finds some of Harada's personal effects in it. We jump quickly to the expedition finding the atoll. And then we jump back to the Himegami Island group as they encounter the so-called "bird", which is really Heisei-era Gyaos. They give chase via helicopter and discover that there are three Gyaos in total! Focusing on the creature effects for a moment, while the flight mechanics don't look all that convincing (they hardly ever do, even with today's technology, proving this is one area that CGI is superior), I freaking LOVE Gyaos's design in this flick. They went with a more reptilian look than his Showa predecessor, making him look like a cross between Rodan and a wyvern in my opinion.The expedition goes ashore on the atoll, where they find dozens of small metal beads, called "magatama", along with a strange obelisk or plaque.Nagamine and Osako are summoned to an official meeting with the Cabinet, and a sleazy bureaucrat orders them to capture the Gyaos alive. Anyone who's seen this flick, or at least has more than two brain cells to rub together, knows how this is going to turn out. Name one time when capturing a monster has ever turned out for the better.We cut back to Kusanagi's group as they successfully excavated the obelisk and find that it has some strange runes etched into its surface. Hearing a pulse, like a heartbeat, Yonemori sees the obelisk crumble before him as the atoll shakes, pieces of it falling off. Yonemori falls off along with the debris and sees the eye and head of a giant creature. Back at the B plot, Nagamine and Osako come up with a plan to trap the Gyaos using the Fukuoka Baseball dome. During the preparation, Yonemori and Kusanagi try to warn Nagamine's group about the coming sea monster but are ignored. Luring the Gyaos with sides of beef, the trap works, almost, until one makes a break and escapes the closing dome, while the other two are captured. the fleeing Gyaos makes it to the harbor, where the monster from the atoll reveals itself to be Heisei-era Gamera and swats it out of the air like a fly! And you guys know how this song and dance goes: Gamera goes ashore and does what a Kaiju in a city does best, and he's as happy as a tornado in a trailer park, while of course hunting those pesky little Gyaos. but before he could end the threat, and the movie, the Gyaos escape, making Gamera give chase as only he can:,

Much like Heisei-era Gyaos, Gamera's redesign is absolutely BEAST! They kept the roar (which I wasn't initially a big fan of, but it's grown on me since I was a kid) and the general design but changed the shell to a more segmented plate-like carapace with a radial plastron, giving him a fiercer expression, and is completely bipedal as opposed to sometimes walking on all fours. Back at the Kusanagi house, the trio discuss the obelisk, beads, and Gamera. the runes have been translated into a kind of prophecy that reads as this""The Last Hope Gamera. We bestow it to the cradle of time. May it awaken with the Shadow of Evil Gyaos."From this, Naoya hypothesize that the turtle may have been made by men, specifically Atlantis, given the beads are made by an unknown metal and Naoya suggests they could be made from Orichalcum, found in Atlantis, and that the comma shape of the bead may be linked to symbology of ancient Japan and other countries. That's when Yonemori believes that that the plutonium shipment may have drawn Gamera out of hiding, believing it may be a fuel source for it, along with the Gyaos reawakening. Asagi is given a bead as a gift, and when she touches it, it glows a fiery orange, as though it were alive itself.Nagamine and Osako travel back to Himegami Island and find clutches of eggs destroyed and the remains of Gyaos, believing that when the original trio didn't return, they turned on one another and tried to eat each other. Returning back to Japan, another meeting with the Cabinet and the sleazy bureaucrat not only wants to STILL capture the man-eating flying monster, but that Gamera should be regarded as an enemy. Now here, I don't really mind this as much as most fans would. True, the misguided military is a cliche as old as Clark Kent glasses, but here it kind of makes sense since Gamera DID kinda, sorta, maybe, tore half of Fukuoka apart while looking for the Gyaos, more than likely killing hundreds of people and maiming hundreds more. That much makes sense, what doesn't is that the government still want to capture Gyaos, despite being proven to be a killer. Granted, it's possibly the last of its species, but that's not necessarily a bad thing! Gyaos is tracked to the Kiso Mountain range, and a village is under attack from the now-larger Gyaos as it raids a summer camp, eating everyone save for Nagamine and a single child. Nagamine gets trapped on the bridge with the kid from the attacking Gyaos, and Yonemori runs to her rescue, and the whole scene is giving me "Temple of Doom" flashbacks, which is a good thing since that's my favorite Indiana Jones flick, #fightme. But before they end up the same way Dr. Harada, in a big pile of bird poo, Gamera arrives and saves them by blowing it the fuck up:,

Let me take a moment and comment on the special/cg effects here. For being made in the mid-90's, they're pretty good, if not just OK. Which is how it's supposed to be; cg graphics should be used as sparingly as possible, used only when you absolutely need them for when you can't do the effect with practical means, ie, when Gamera fires his flaming balls of death at a soon-to-be obituary entry. The first Gyaos goes the way of Brie Larson's career after Captain Marvel, in flames and up in smoke. But the second one picks up where the previous left off and tries to end our protagonists by using its Sonic Scalpel beam. Fortunately, the pair have a kid to act as instant plot armor, for as we all know, Gamera has a soft spot for kids, not unlike Michael Jackson(edit, I don't believe that Michael Jackson was a pedophile, it was all tabloid bullshit, leave the poor man alone #mjnotpedo). And of course, we get our obligatory Gamera bleeding scene when he uses his hand to shield the trio, much like Eva-01 did to protect Shinji from falling rubble in the first episode of Evangelion, just with more blood. And this convinces the group that Gamera is on their opposed to when he was tearing about Fukuoka and killing hundreds but no one's perfect. And of course, during Gamera's pursuit of Gyaos, he gets a little waylaid by an SAM attack that manages to trip him up and sends him plummeting to the base of Mt Fuji. Asagi, having formed a bond with the titanic terrapin, convinces a cabbie to take her to Mt Fuji, which leads to this classic scene:,

Somewhere, Martin Scorsese is feeling a great tremor in the Force, as though some internet autist is making a comparison between his work and an overly produced B-movie.The GJSDF mounts an attack that manages to leave Gamera flat on his back, a perfect target for a sniping Gyaos. The winged abomination gets in a lucky shot at Gamera's arm, that also manages to wound Asagi. Gamera escapes to fight another day, and Asagi faints, possibly from blood loss, from all of the few teaspoons she lost. Hey, she could be anemic. Anyway, at the hospital, she slips into a coma as Nagamine and Yonemori have another meeting with the sleazy suit monkey and a representative of the JSDF, STILL harping on capturing Gyaos. OK, forget persistent, this is fucking insane! Like, the literal definition of insanity: Trying something multiple times and getting the same result, expecting a different outcome! He's like a modern Leftoid that I have to deal with and...note to self, must check if scythemantis and/or ryu238 are secretly Japanese. Anyway, they get a call and head towards a geneticist acquaintance of Nagamine's. From the tissue samples she sent him, his team found out that Gyaos only has one pair of chromosomes, which is impossible according to him because chromosomes develop through the evolutionary process of an organism, from its origin to its present, needing multiple pairs to store the genetic information accrued from evolution. With that, they concluded that Gyaos is in fact a GELF, or a Genetically Engineered Life Form, perfected from its origin by combining separate genetic data into a single entity. Not only this, but the Gyaos are able to switch between male and female sexes, much like how modern trannies wish they could do, meaning that one Gyaos can reproduce by itself.Now this is one of my favorite scenes in the movie, and I wanted to use this element in the making of my own novel(s), where genetically engineered creatures are discovered, complete with the single pair of chromosomes, and mayhem ensues as the civilization that made them is discovered. Anyway, I did a little research on the off chance that it wasn't all science fiction and... well it isn't. Yeah, turns out that there IS an organism that has a single pair of chromosomes. Ya wanna know what it is? It's the Jack Jumper ant from Australia:Jack jumper ant - Wikipedia Yeah, the ONE, single creature on Earth, known to mankind, that has a single pair of chromosomes, is an ant in Australia. Because OF COURSE it would be in Australia! It's where all the weirdest shit imaginable calls home: The platypus and the echidna; most of the world's venomous and deadliest snakes, insects, and arachnids; saltwater crocodiles; the blue ringed octopus; the stone fish; fucking koalas! If Gyaos and Gamera were real, along with ANY of the Kaiju lineup, I guarantee you most of them would call Australia home, or at least have summer homes there!Anyway, getting back on track, we cut to Gyaos growing into a Super Gyaos, which I'm assuming is important, other than just being regular Kaiju-sized, while Nagamine and Yonemori try to convince Naoya that Gamera and Asagi are linked through the bead. At a bar, Nagamine and Yonemori conclude that both Gyaos and Gamera were created by the same ancient civilization, possibly Atlantis, except Gyaos became too uncontrollable and turned on its creators. So in response, the Atlanteans created Gamera to destroy Gyaos. But he was made too late to save Atlantis, so the survivors, after the current Gyaos had apparently been routed after destroying Atlantis, put Gamera into a state of suspended animation/hibernation to be utilized should Gyaos return, which it did in part of mankind changing the environment to Gyaos's liking. Yeah, were' doing the whole "Man vs Nature" thing, which even by the 90's was starting to get old, cue Ken Watanabi's quote, "The arrogance of Man is thinking nature is in their control, and not the other way around." It's getting old at this point in blaming mankind for every single bad thing that's happening on Earth, from climate change to species dying off. Are we having an effect? Most definitely. Are we killing the planet? Bitch, the planet's gonna kill us before we even get the chance, sit the fuck down and chill out.Later that night, the Super Gyaos attacks Tokyo, ripping a train car apart and eating the people riding it. Finally, after seeing what a threat the Gyaos truly pose, the government gets its collective heads of its many asses and decides to destroy Gyaos. Now if only our own government could function half as well. By morning, the Gyaos is surrounded by cannons and missile launchers, but they had no effect, and even do more damage as guided missiles destroy Tokyo Tower, and Gyaos uses the tower as a new nest to start laying eggs. Asagi, apparently pulling a TFS Goku, read the script ahead of time and chose to wake up along with Gamera to finally put an end to the carnage and horror, for the following day, the final showdown commences, starting with Gamera erupting from under Tokyo and chasing Gyaos into the air and taking potshots at Gyaos and missing, causing even more damage, reminding me of TFS Vegeta:,

Finally, the fight takes to the ground and the Kaiju...shove each other around, and Gamera does...this:,

I...I don't get what that's supposed to do. Like is it a kind of headbutt, or something? I dunno, it just looks weird to me. Anyway, Gyaos takes to the sky again and tries raking Gamera with its taloned, witch-like claws that look like it got a pedicure from the same person who does Nancy Pelosi's nails. but Gamera has a literal trick up his sleeve as a he pulls a bone shank out of his elbow and cuts a bitch, sending Gyaos flying right into an office building and collapsing it on top of said monster. Seemingly satisfied at a job well done, Gamera takes off into the sky, but Gyaos, being a sore loser, follows after Gamera right up into the freaking stratosphere! Way up there where the air is clear, Gamera continues to fight like a dirty bastard and bites down on Gyaos's leg like a snapping turtle, heh! Both start falling at thousands of miles per hour, up until Gyaos slices its own foot off and you can see that Gamera's last thoughts were "Well, mother fucker," right before it hit a petrochemical plant and went up in a literal blaze of glory. Now here's something that's been bugging me: We've seen throughout the movie that Asagi and Gamera are linked, what one feels, the other does. When Gamera gets hurt, so does Asagi. So why doesn't Asagi burst into flame and dies a screaming, painful death when Gamera hit the ground like a nuke? Just tiny little details like that make me wonder.With Gamera's seeming demise, Gyaos shrieks its victory into the air as it starts contemplating on getting either a false leg or a peg leg. However, Asagi pulls a last-minute Deus ex Bullshit out of her ass, and Gamera comes back to life seemingly reconstituted from the flames:,

And while the effect looks awesome, it just raises EVEN MORE questions! It's like the writers found themselves in a corner with no way out and decided to pull this crap! To quote Alucard Abridged:,

And if Gamera is able to resurrect himself quicker than Christ, HOW THE FUCK DID HE LOSE TO GODZILLA IN DEATH BATTLE?! I swear, those chodes who run that series are fucked in more ways than one. Anyway, getting back on track, Gyaos and Gamera have a Kaiju-style Mexican stand-off, and both fire. Gyaos misses, Gamera doesn't:,

Gyaos finally goes up in flames, much like everyone's hope that Bob Iger is gonna fix Disney, and the day is saved. And in gratitude, Gamera turns(with the derpiest look imaginable, he looks like a giant Cookie Monster with tusks!), and heals Asagi's wounds before heading off into the sea. Kusanagi warns that there might be other monsters out there, and that they should be prepared for it. Asagi, though, reassures everyone that Gamera will return when they need him the most, for he is the hero we all need! And the credits roll to a banging j-rock single.Flawed, imperfect, but massively enjoyable! There's a reason why this movie was a huge success, kicking off the trilogy with a literal bang! I'll go over the pros and cons I found, starting with the cons because I like to save the good stuff for last, and give my final thoughts.Cons: Disjointed editing. This is an issue especially at the start of the movie. Some scenes last only two to five minutes at most(like looking for the atoll that was Gamera), and keep cutting back to scenes so quick, it's like the editor was autistic ferret with a coke habit. Even Michael Bay thinks things are moving too fast! The final fight. While it starts off well in a dog fight above Tokyo, the hand-to-hand part left me...wanting. Like most Godzilla and Ultraman fans, I'm used to my Kaiju grappling with one another in an embrace to the death, wrestling each other for dominance. Now I know that Gamera doesn't usually fight this way(which is a point against him in the Showa era in my book), and it kinda shows here. But the rest of it is OK, questionable resurrections notwithstanding. Good beginning, mediocre middle, satisfying ending.How does the bond work? Seriously, how does it work? We see Asagi get hurt when Gamera does, and claims that she can feel what Gamera thinks and feels, but when he suddenly burst into flames at the petrochemical plant, nothing happens? Did she get disconnected, is that what happened? Did Gamera hang up on her, or was it just poor reception way up there? Pros:The Story: The idea of Gamera and Gyaos being the creation of Atlantis is certainly a new twist on the characters, and a welcome one Hell, that actually how the 1998 Roland Emmerich Godzilla flick was supposed to be...until Roland got his dirty mitts all over it and gave us the slop he crapped out instead, but I digress. The story is definitely a darker turn than the almost happy-go-lucky feel of the Showa era Gamera flicks, and it doesn't go too dark to where it's hilariously over the top. It's more like Batman TAS, it knows how much dark to add while still being fun.The characters. How hard is it to write decent characters that they aren't cardboard cut-outs, stereotypes, or just plain unlikable?! The characters here fell well thought-out and believable. Even the greasy suit monkey working for the government felt three dimensional, and he's supposed to repesent the freaking government!, 3. The soundtrack. Like I said before, Kow Otani is a maestro in this film, his score ranging from the iconic dramatic theme, to the thoughtful and pondering like in Gyaos Chromosomes:,

Ancient Civilization:,

to the quick-paced drama like Gyaos Flies Over:,

Oh, and did I mention the banging ending theme, "Myth" by Bakufu Slump:, 4. The special effects/Kaiju: Hey, remember the effects being crappy in the Showa era films, even by 60's and 70's standards? Yeah, they got a massive upgrade in this flick! The pyrotechnics, miniatures, stills and models, even the Kaiju suits look awesome! Also, as a note, the Super Gyaos was played by a woman! Yeah, Yuhmi Kaneyama is the first ever female suit actor in the Tokusatsu industry, with this film being her debut! Suck on that equality, Libtards! 5. Both Japanese and English versions being good. Seriously, the cast really brings their A game to this, both the Japanese actors AND the English voice actors. The movie was dubbed by ADV, so you know it's quality work, and this is one of the few times where I wholeheartedly think that both the original Japanese version, and English dub versions are on the same level in terms of serviceability, which is more than I can say for most dubs. Final thoughts, this is a must see for fans of Kaiju movies, monster movies, B-movies, Tokusatsu, and Japan in general! You NEED to see this flick if you ever wanna call yourself a Kaiju fan/Tokusatsu fan at least once! It is worth it, and I decree it to be mandatory, because I will not acknowledge you as a true Kaiju fan unless you see this film and decry you forever more as a poser until you do! GET ON IT!!! XD
JWD styled acro by DierLikesDoingArt
Daiei Kaiju: Heisei Gamera by LockTrash
Biollante by LockTrash
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Fireman No23 - Alien Virenus by GearGades
Fireman No19 - Double God by GearGades
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Fireman No17 - MukuMuku vs Makunosaurus by GearGades
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Woolley from Gigabash - Titanotober 2022 by Enshohma
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Pack Attack (Gory) by Kingofallkongs
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Hoops Jammer - December 2022 by Enshohma
They Came from Outer Space
The Arena of Oorama by Sebbiecomics
Things That Go Bump in the Night
Late Night Chase Fight by ZyZaDraws
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YCH [closed] by Volframa
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Zelus Ref by FritzFliza
Okay, Eclipse isn't THAT bad and I plan to continue this group if the change over cannot be stopped BUT it's still a needlessly complicated and hard-to-work with interface compared to the original layout.

Thus I'm throwing my vote into this copy / paste / share campaign most other DeviantART members are doing especially since it appears to be a breach of DeviantART's original contractual obligations with the site's founder:

I found the source by RoxanneFluffles  Cancel Eclipse! Let's keep old DA! by SilversFanGurl

[JUST IN CASE someone accuses me of stealing an image that's purposely being copy and shared across this site from multiple people well before me: Please don't forget to also go inform like the 1000-and-growing other DA members I've seen who are also copying and posting this same image above. Oh look, the original source, also posted above, even says "share this please" - how about that, Captain(s) Oblivious!]
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So I just logged in to find a message from DA about a newly posted item that bears a resemblance to my own work. 'Resemblance' hardly does it justice. 'Identical' might be a better word. Or, even more specifically, a 'low-res, thumbnail version of a piece of art I posted over 10 years ago'.

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