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Demon Warrior by hawanja
Beetle by Quentinvcastel
Tulamar of the Moons by ObsidianTrance
Servitor of the Outer Gods by FrancisLugfran
They Came from Outer Space
NIGHT OF THE MONSTERS !! ( colored) by Glamvampyre
AnotherWorldlyThings by KernaaliTanuli
Inktober 2018 Day 18 by tansau
Asi by SmilingFeline
Angels, Ghosts, and Other Spirits
Possession by Monstoons
Inktober day 17 Ghost by TheReptilianGeneral
Puppet show by BRHN27

Mature Content

Goretober Day 3: Candy Heart by Hawkscape
Bugs and Other Creepy Crawlies
Inktober 2018 Day 23 by tansau
Random concept-art/ 10 by PustyXoX
Mouk by Ulfberht-Blade
Nuts by Ulfberht-Blade
Classical Literature With Some Lovecraft
Paralized, Mesmerized ( H.P Lovecraft ) by AnatoFinnstark
Bride to Be by nilwill
Weigh Anchor by willisrharrower
The Colour out of Space by Kaek

Mature Content

Sasquashed! by willisrharrower
Inktober 12: Whale by Size-And-Stupidity
The last shark by JosefVonDoom
Out of the Blue by willisrharrower
Demons and Devils
Diana la acrobata y Venger by EscribaRegio
~ King Boo ~ by Arctic-RevoIution
Inktober 2018 Bad Night Bogeys by JBergen1910
Urm by Ulfberht-Blade
Dragons And Other Fictional Reptiles
Inktober 2018 Feathered Drake by JBergen1910
Evren used SCARY FACE. by Grace-Dupre
Raptor, page 81 by ElenPanter
[C] Radzard by satsume-shi
Fan Art - Books and Comics
Venom Portrait by Retlaw095
I Am Not Always Synonymous With Clear Skies by X-MerlinMilvus-X
Eyes of Ice by X-MerlinMilvus-X
Jack Vs Cormoron by ARTIST-SRF
Fan Art - Movies
Heisei-era Godzilla - October 2018 by Enshohma
I Will Tear Your Soul Apart by JZDeviantFreak
Allosaurus gwangi by Adiraiju
The Shape of Halloween by Adiraiju
Fan Art - Television
Mazinger Z serie - Gusios BetaIII by GearGades
Fan Art - Video Games and RPGs
Baby Bowser by goemonsama
GIANT Monsters
Super Ziz by MonstarArtwork
Golems, Living Rocks and Statues
Inktober 2018 Day 2 by tansau
Humorous And Cute
Amingo + Shuma-gorath by theloftyballoon
[GIF] Your circuit's dead. by Grace-Dupre
Mythology and Folklore
Death Cosplay by NocturnallyLunar
Ocean Dwellers
P.T. Tarantula by mmillenaar
Killer Mutated Pear Of Salmonella by JZDeviantFreak
Prehistoric Life
Rugops by Retlaw095
Robots, Androids, and Cyborgs
Inktober 2018 Day 20 by tansau
Things That Go Bump in the Night
PlayDeadLich by KernaaliTanuli
Monstrous Miscellaneous
Birthday Bois by BlackSa1lt
Sketches, Basic Lines, and Doodles
Gaping Mal by CreativeFiddler
Me and my friends Andres and Brayton, cool cats one and all (not), share our humorous criticisms on THE HOUSE OF YU, also known as JURASSIC PARK: THE FALLEN KINGDOM.

Go ahead and share your own thoughts on the last JP film in the comments below... Someone's gotta class up this joint!
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World of Monsters is a group dedicated to fantastical creatures, monsters and other non-human characters; mostly focusing on original works, but also accepting of fan art from across fiction. Unlike similar groups, I hope to encompass a wide variety of subject matter, and feature only completed or high end art work over rough sketches and altered screen captures.









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