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Balgaras-Redesign by Erroseart
King Kong vs Godzilla by hawanja
Book Worms by PonderousPlants
Sleeping satyr by jesserubin
Angels, Ghosts, and Supernatural Spirits
$7 chibi adopts 3/4 open by hadTT
Self-organization by Vishchun
[COMM] Into the abyss by Alita-Berserker
$7 chibi adopts 1/4 open by hadTT
Bugs and Other Creepy Crawlies
Monster portrait - HeavyPaint by ForeverZeroDragon
Cellist Crab Creature Design Sheet by SaurischianDesigner
adopt CLOSED auction by SkylarMeaw
Pit Spyder  by SaurischianDesigner
Real Dragons - Giant Amphibians? by OGYungLilBig
Kaiaimunu - Still Living Dinosaur? by OGYungLilBig
chibi adopts open 2\8 by sssoddda-adopts
Fur Bearing Trout by Arborpunk
Demons, Devils, and Succubi
Mud Demon by Arctic--Revolution

Mature Content

Hex Corp [SCP Drone 5060-2] by Arctic--Revolution
adopt OPEN auction by SkylarMeaw
Carrier Demon Concept - June 2021 by nik-ivanov
Dragons And Other Fictional Reptiles
Twilight dragon by Lakrenix
Tickly: Giggle Dragon by wildguardianangel31
Magnolia: Flower Dragon by wildguardianangel31
Mambu Mutu male - African Mermaid by OGYungLilBig
FAN ART: Literature and Comic Books
Spectember: Arctic rabbuck by Osmatar
Primordial Soup Cover Art (No Title Treatment) by LDN-RDNT
97 Kaiju by hawanja
Gargantus by hawanja
FAN ART: Movie Monsters
Kaijune 2021, Toxic Godzilla  by DevinQuigleyArt
Rudy from Ice Age 3 by HellraptorStudios
Godzilla Daikaiju - Great Wachuka by earthbaragon
Gigan and King Ghidorah Rampage by TheGreatBurg
FAN ART: Television Terrors
DADA by DinoDilopho
UFO Robot Grendizer No49 by GearGades
UFO Robot Grendizer No53 by GearGades
Defendings its Territory by grim1978
FAN ART: Video Games and RPGs
Blizzard by JamesAsmodeus
Piercing the Umbra by Immp
Skylord by Immp
Golems, Living Rocks and Statues
Commerzbank Tower by xTheSpirex
Humorous And Cute Things
One of the pikmin by Bluegirl123456
Kaiju-style Giant Monsters
Kaijune 2021: Metough by serialzero
Lovecraftean Comic Horror
Lovecraft Landscape by ArtofTy
Monstrous Miscellaneous
Mike the Beholder by BananaScholar
Multiple Creatures: More Than One Species
titan grimm fight by slowusaurus
Mythology, Folklore, and Yokai
Futakuchi-onna (Japanese Yokai/ Urban Legend 7) by JamesJLaingDevArt
Ocean Dwellers
Something from the Deep by JBergen1910
Plant-based Beings and Creatures
[Fantasy] Pissed-Off Tree by GilgaPhoenixIgnis
Prehistoric Animals and Monsters
Kyro Redesign by Monterra65
Robots, Androids, and Cyborgs
Cosmic Tales: Happy Time Co. Death Robots by KingUglySquirrel
They Came from Outer Space
Godzilla Daikaiju - Gravity Goliath (Moonlode) by earthbaragon
Things That Go Bump in the Night
Moodboard Monster: NeonSkull [CLOSED Adopt] by Hawkscape
Uncolored Sketches, Doodles, Inks, and Wips
Beast  03 by hawanja
Werewolves, Unicorns, and Other Mammals
Panthera Titanus Creature Design Sheet by SaurischianDesigner
Okay, Eclipse isn't THAT bad and I plan to continue this group if the change over cannot be stopped BUT it's still a needlessly complicated and hard-to-work with interface compared to the original layout.

Thus I'm throwing my vote into this copy / paste / share campaign most other DeviantART members are doing especially since it appears to be a breach of DeviantART's original contractual obligations with the site's founder:

I found the source by MetallicaFanGirl  Cancel Eclipse! Let's keep old DA! by SilversFanGurl

[JUST IN CASE someone accuses me of stealing an image that's purposely being copy and shared across this site from multiple people well before me: Please don't forget to also go inform like the 1000-and-growing other DA members I've seen who are also copying and posting this same image above. Oh look, the original source, also posted above, even says "share this please" - how about that, Captain(s) Oblivious!]
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World of Monsters is a group dedicated to fantastical creatures, monsters and other non-human characters; mostly focusing on original works, but also accepting of fan art from across fiction. Unlike similar groups, I hope to encompass a wide variety of subject matter, and feature only completed or high end art work over rough sketches and altered screen captures.









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Jungle Boots by LiquidFrogStudios

Cute fox mon!
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