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Landscape behind the gate


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Landscape behind the gate


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Go! to Fyra - Door (detail)

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Go! to Fyra - Demo - Album art

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This is Fyra - Lyrics

This is Fyra Welcome to a place Where you’ve never been before We take you on a trip We’ll just go through an imagined door Can you see the plane? Can you feel your heart? Did you lose your pain? Then we gonna start This is the world of our fantasy This is just what we wanna see This is the sense of my life This is what I’m really like Open your eyes and follow me It’s not just insanity Breathe with me the freshest air You can do it everywhere Ref.: Hey ho, this is Fyra And you can be where we are Hey ho, Fyra’s here And we would love to have you near Solo Can this world be reality? Can this be what we rea

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Landscape behind the gate

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Go! to Fyra - Zip


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