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It's after the deadline for feedback on Episode 1!

Though we have 4 LEGITIMATE FEEDBACKS, we can receive1 MORE for the 10 pts!

So...I'll put up KOTP-Episode 2 TODAY, one more person can get feedback 10 pts. for Ep. 1 after the deadline!

If there's anymore feedback after this... I just may do a little something.

Thank you :iconwordpainter81:wordpainter81, :icontelepopmusic:telepopmusic, :iconmayastoso:mayastoso, and :iconyavyxie:YavYxie for giving wonderful feedback. Please, whenever you can, give these winners a congratulations and check out their feedback in the comments here. They are great, aren't they!

Scroll down this blog to read about contest. Can't wait to see what you have to say!

:new:We have new members as of Oct. 28, 2011. I sent out an invite and they so wonderfully jumped in our Command Carrier to join in on the fun!

You all are welcome to draw, even from the Keepers of the Peace fanfic, write, or do crafts and arts for the universe of Farscape.

:iconcocoheartplz: Thank you to those of who have already joined and will participate in this feedback contest!

:star:Remember this episode is about 7 pages long... not 1. So at the bottom of the page is a Next Page link... okay? There's lots more to this first episode. Let me know what struck you at the end of this ep. That'll help with the 10 points:star:


I've mentioned this Feedback Contest at my account. Want to see it? Take a peek!…

:iconquestionmarkplz: Hey, is anyone interested in this project? Got a couple of comments. Thank you!


:wave: Hi! I'm Catluckey, a contributor here at :iconworld-of-farscape:. We want to start something new here and see if it'll catch on fire. It's a feedback contest. I've been okay'd to present a couple of Farscape fanfic in a blog with links to the stories. We'll first experiment with this award-winning spin-off fanfic. It's written by me and other fantastic writers. Hopefully, you'll be transported through this wormhole and find adventures you'll never forget.

We have 51 members and 61 watchers, counting. So you wonderful peacekeepers, Sebacians or Scarrans, whip out your pulse rifles & weapons blast your opinions & comments right here in this blog. Let us know whether this is a good idea. And if you read the story, let us know if you liked it or not (characters & situation), which is part of the contest. It would make me, personally, sooo happy!

The first five honest review feedback given here in this blog on the first episode will get 10 points! There is a deadline. If we don't get five or more feedback, by November 1st, only the first feedback will receive 10 points. Be quick & be honest, you don't have to like all the characters or the situation. Please, no flaming, obscenities, or just mean comments. Be constructive and give details specific to the story in your words.

Here's the summary:

Keepers of the Peace

Strange accidents are happening at the border between Scarran and Peacekeeper space.
Both sides blame the other. War seem inevitable.
All that stands in its way is a paper pushing Scarran, a Kalish aide and an over worked Marauder crew!

First Episode 1x01: “The enemy, of my enemy, is my friend”:…
(Written by ScorpSik)

KOTP Awards:…
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cylonka's avatar
Good idea that you keep Farscape still alive :) (please don't treat it as a contest feetback)
Catluckey's avatar
Thank you! I understand your concern as not treating this fanfic as a feedback contest. If you can, visualize it like this. Points give :devart: members lots of opportunities to buy from the store, get premium memberships. Points can even upgrade a group to a super group and even more. So it's not only getting the attention of others to read these treasures, but also helping out the community.

And in the past when this story first came out, it was terribly difficult to get even one person to read due to whatever reason that existed. The rare few that did read found this story addictive.

I'm hoping you understand this method of sharing. And thank you very much for your compliment! :boogie::tighthug::heart:
cylonka's avatar
Big smile for you :)
Catluckey's avatar
YavYxie's avatar
The first thing I noticed when starting to read the fic were all the FarScape terms, which I quite enjoyed while watching the series. It gives a feeling of authenticity to the story.

I chuckled a bit at the part where Shora wished he had learned Scarran, I can feel his pain since I often find myself annoyed at not being to understand other languages.

Something I didn't understand at first was how was Cisnik killed so easily, because from what I remember Scarrans had quite the tough skin but further into the story it is explained so it was good to see how he had managed to do it.

This part here: "As he spoke of his gentle, peaceful past, he could see her eyes looking past him, through him, as if she was imagining that it was her life she was describing." Shouldn't it be "HE was describing" instead of SHE? It's just something that caught my attention and doesn't exactly make sense to me. Then again, english isn't my first language so sometimes I fail to grasp the meaning of some sentences as well as a native could.

"Yes, at first he thought her an aide - someone to be included slightly, in proceedings - until she had been curious at the wrong time. He had hit her. She stood, tiny, before her, typically Kalish… weak." <- shouldn't it be 'she stood, tiny, before HIM"? I'm sorry for mentioning stuff like that but if if I will ever write a fan fic I wish people would point to me all the things that sounds wrong to them.

I couldn't help but notice the part where Garash mentioned the lives that were lost when the civiliant ship was fired upon but did not take into consideration the lives of the Kalishians. When tragedies strike, most people only care about those who are like them, and not of others. It's sad, but true.
Somehow I had a feeling from the beginning that it was all Asketa's fault. I was happy to know I had been right in my assumption.

The scene with Valden and Ranu in in prison was heartbreaking. When Duua ordered the guys who fought to watch the execution... well, if until then I wanted to know more about the man since I found him interesting, after that I couldn't stand him. I was hoping Shora would be saved somehow... I was quite surprised he died in the end. It made me sad, the way his feelings were described as he was dying... it almost brought tears to my eyes.
I absolutely despised the way the Scarrans insisted Shora be executed even though he was innocent. It made me angry, it was unfair and the poor man didn't deserve such an ending. Humans, and in this case Scarrans, can be quite disgusting in their desire to acquire power, as they would sacrifice almost anything and anyone.

Thank you for for writing such a good fan fiction, I will surely read the next episodes as well.
Catluckey's avatar
:iconblueflowerplz:This is beautiful feedback and I thank you sooo much for your eye for detail! You know what, I had to literally look up & use those Farscape terms as a prerequisite. Being in the core group of writers, I was gently spanked on my hands to make sure this was Farscape authentic. So thank you very, very much for noticing that.

You're right: “ was her life that he was describing.” I'm not able to change it, but that's a great catch! (I find mistakes like that too, in books... like missing punctuations, misconstrued words, etc.)

Don't be sorry. So many little slips either have gone unnoticed or were too late to change. But you're correct also on this one: <- shouldn't it be 'she stood, tiny, before HIM"?

When tragedies strike, most people only care about those who are like them, and not of others. It's sad, but true. You are soooo insightful and that's what made this fic, to me, hit dead center in my heart. It was real and true to our emotions as people, whether caring or not.

Humans, and in this case Scarrans, can be quite disgusting in their desire to acquire power, as they would sacrifice almost anything and anyone. And you see that in politics all the time. The innocents are harmed, but the powerful reek havoc and more power.

Oh, one more thing... I cried like a baby when Shora was executed. I felt soooo sad...and every time I saw the picture with Hez's head down at the bar, it tore my heart apart. I fell in love with this hero because of he was a warrior with a huge heart and he was believable.

I loved your feedback and I'm so happy to know you'll be hear for more Episodes. You won't be disappointed! :iconhug1plz:
YavYxie's avatar
You're welcome. I know very well how reviews and critiques are the only way we can improve our skills. It's annoying when you can't go back and change things, I have experience that last night with this fewture that won't allow me to properly edit my Journal.. sigh.

Back to the story now, I'm not sure if others have heard this before or if there is an equivalent in the English language for it but Romanians have a saying that translated goes something along these lines "some people are willing to walk on corpses for power or for their own benefit", and that's what I kept thinking while reading the story.

Shora's death was tragic, as I had to do my best to not cry as I usually do when I read something like that.

Also, thank you for the points. I only noticed just now that I got them... I'm strange like that, I don't check my messages daily. >.>

I noticed there is a comment about this story turning into a feedback contest so let me put it this way: people who don't like reading won't bother even for 100 points or more. I for one read all the time, everything I find, books, fan fiction, science articles. To me reading is like a fix I need daily, otherwise I will get annoyed. I know it sounds crazy. >.>
Catluckey's avatar
"some people are willing to walk on corpses for power or for their own benefit" This hit home. It's sooooo true. Thanks for the powerful proverb.

I'm sorry to hear that new feature doesn't allow for edits. I'm so wary about using new things. But I hope you can fix your submissions.

About the feedback contest, you know, I'm taking what you've said to heart because it looks like you can't force a horse to drink from the trough. I'm hoping 2-3 people read this next episode. Weird, but there aren't any takers yet. I'm impatient and used to getting tons of comments (even up to a hundred) in my account. What a crazy world we live in. Well, I'm still hoping.

I'm so glad you're an avid reader. I tend to shy away from reading so I can't blame anyone who doesn't want to start into this story. I'm hoping someone sticks around because I wrote half of the 3rd & 4th episodes, and all of the 7th & 8th episodes.

What's so great is that we writers had a say so in all the episodes plots & characters to keep it streamlined and exciting. Well thank you lending your ears. You're great! :iconhug1plz:
YavYxie's avatar
It seems they fixed it now and you can edit things like you could in the past.

Anyway, I hope more people will read it. Count me in though, I'll read all of it. ^^
Catluckey's avatar
Good! Glad they fixed it.

Me too. And seriously, those points are to help anyone who wants to upgrade their account or group. I find them very useful to thank friends with, too. Thank you sooo much for sticking with me. You probably already know the 2nd episode is up. And you can always read ahead by clicking on NEXT PAGE or EPISODE __ in the KOTP Fan Fiction site. As an idea, you can write down, or type notes somewhere so you can use them for the comment when the Episode blog comes out. Hope this is helpful.
mayastoso's avatar
Wow. This was such powerful writing. I didn't understand a lot of it at first because there were a lot of unfamiliar terms, but your language was so vivid I felt as if I were actually walking in the story. Your use of verbs as opposed to adjectives was amazing (ex. the heat baked down, etc.).

My favorite line from the whole story was "Complacency was a gilded demon." To me that just said a lot, and really got me thinking. It was interesting to see the crew as they changed from the beginning to the end of the story.

Really well done and please keep writing!! :)
Catluckey's avatar
:iconhug1plz: :wow: Thank you sooo much, ~thepigang314 for you wonderful feedback! The story becomes addictive and I'm amazed to have been part of this great venture.

The gal that wrote this episode is called "ScorpSik" aka real name Emily Fripp. Here's her website with all her Farscape & more art: [link] She's on Facebook too!

She is extremely talented and insightful... A talented warrior in her rights (teaches Martial Arts).
mayastoso's avatar
you're welcome! glad to be of assistance :)
telepopmusic's avatar
Wow, this was really good , to be honest the first paragraph is what got me to continue reading, its a real attention grabber! I found myself wanting to read more, i was so dissapointed when it ended, I wanted more!
Catluckey's avatar
What the heck! They're easy points, you've got them and thank you so much for your feedback. It's very insightful and wonderful!
Catluckey's avatar
:wow: That's fantastic! :iconthankyousignplz: I want you to get those 10 points too. Can you tell me what in detail did you like about the 1st ep (story, characters)? Just let me know something for evidence. Don't cut & paste sentences, though.

Okay, we'll be loading an episode per blog. I'm continuing this so anyone can earn an easy 10 points for a while for each ep!
telepopmusic's avatar
I think I really liked the 8th paragraph,so many emotions! I never thought Asketa would stab Cisnik !
Very well written, and great transitioning, I wish I could write like this. But what really got me was the details,I could imagine everything I was reading! Overall it was phenomenal!!!!!!! I look forward to more! :heart::D
Catluckey's avatar
Thank you soooo much! That's how I felt about these writers. It's amazing what they came up with. I was so honored to be a part of this. You'll get more. And no matter what, YOU GET THE 10 POINTS! It'll be Nov. 1st when you get the points. And then I'll post Episode 2.
telepopmusic's avatar
Thank you very much , I feel obliged to do thank you in a better way... how about a free art commision? :D
Catluckey's avatar
How about this? Keep on reading those episodes as they are presented in the blog. That's the best thank you that you could ever give me. Ever! I've been wanting other people to read this for such a long, long time. And your feedback would be like a hundred dollars to me. Seriously!
telepopmusic's avatar
ok then I solemnly swear to read every episode and give my honest feedback! :dance:
Catluckey's avatar
Hehehehe! Yes! I like that! :woohoo:
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wordpainter81's avatar
I found one line that doesn't make sense;
Idly aware of the constant bleeps and flashes of the scanners, and nav panels.

I've never seen the show, so I suppose I'm at a disadvantage. I liked the descriptions of the crew's boredom. That was well-written. I would suggest a more concrete separation between the points of view. When you switch from one ship to the other, it's a little jarring. I didn't expect it. Perhaps preceed that scene with a little more from the Scarran captain?

Overall, it is interesting, and somewhat intriguing. Outer-space fiction isn't really my thing, so I am sorry I can't give you a raving review. The addition of the "daily checks" details were great. They added authenticity to it. So, even though I don't know anything about Farscape, I could tell that you do, and you've done your research.

I hope this helps!
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