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It's after the deadline for feedback on Episode 1!

Though we have 4 LEGITIMATE FEEDBACKS, we can receive1 MORE for the 10 pts!

So...I'll put up KOTP-Episode 2 TODAY, one more person can get feedback 10 pts. for Ep. 1 after the deadline!

If there's anymore feedback after this... I just may do a little something.

Thank you :iconwordpainter81:wordpainter81, :icontelepopmusic:telepopmusic, :iconmayastoso:mayastoso, and :iconyavyxie:YavYxie for giving wonderful feedback. Please, whenever you can, give these winners a congratulations and check out their feedback in the comments here. They are great, aren't they!

Scroll down this blog to read about contest. Can't wait to see what you have to say!

:new:We have new members as of Oct. 28, 2011. I sent out an invite and they so wonderfully jumped in our Command Carrier to join in on the fun!

You all are welcome to draw, even from the Keepers of the Peace fanfic, write, or do crafts and arts for the universe of Farscape.

:iconcocoheartplz: Thank you to those of who have already joined and will participate in this feedback contest!

:star:Remember this episode is about 7 pages long... not 1. So at the bottom of the page is a Next Page link... okay? There's lots more to this first episode. Let me know what struck you at the end of this ep. That'll help with the 10 points:star:


I've mentioned this Feedback Contest at my account. Want to see it? Take a peek!…

:iconquestionmarkplz: Hey, is anyone interested in this project? Got a couple of comments. Thank you!


:wave: Hi! I'm Catluckey, a contributor here at :iconworld-of-farscape:. We want to start something new here and see if it'll catch on fire. It's a feedback contest. I've been okay'd to present a couple of Farscape fanfic in a blog with links to the stories. We'll first experiment with this award-winning spin-off fanfic. It's written by me and other fantastic writers. Hopefully, you'll be transported through this wormhole and find adventures you'll never forget.

We have 51 members and 61 watchers, counting. So you wonderful peacekeepers, Sebacians or Scarrans, whip out your pulse rifles & weapons blast your opinions & comments right here in this blog. Let us know whether this is a good idea. And if you read the story, let us know if you liked it or not (characters & situation), which is part of the contest. It would make me, personally, sooo happy!

The first five honest review feedback given here in this blog on the first episode will get 10 points! There is a deadline. If we don't get five or more feedback, by November 1st, only the first feedback will receive 10 points. Be quick & be honest, you don't have to like all the characters or the situation. Please, no flaming, obscenities, or just mean comments. Be constructive and give details specific to the story in your words.

Here's the summary:

Keepers of the Peace

Strange accidents are happening at the border between Scarran and Peacekeeper space.
Both sides blame the other. War seem inevitable.
All that stands in its way is a paper pushing Scarran, a Kalish aide and an over worked Marauder crew!

First Episode 1x01: “The enemy, of my enemy, is my friend”:…
(Written by ScorpSik)

KOTP Awards:…
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Good idea that you keep Farscape still alive :) (please don't treat it as a contest feetback)