*JUDGED*Azol'Amath Carnival 2018

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Judging done. Results here:

*RESULTS* A'AC Carnival 2018

Hi hiii! So we have another (3rd) annual thing - A'AC!

Get your papers and scisssors ready, becuase you are about to use them.

Opened for all kinds of mounts!

Prefearably from World-of-Colderra tho

Basic info:

- No age restrictions for mounts
- No age restrictions for riders
This is effort and creativity based competition (with addition of Colderra group gameplay bonuses like extra points), but be sure I'll check your gallery, to see if you really tried.

No rule about clothings for riders, tacks for mounts... etc.
You have a horse with Special powers? BRING IT! Shine, be epic!
Only ONE entry per user please!

There are going to be 2 PARTS!!! 3D and 2D So pay attention when reading!
Held: Echo Isles
- As traditonaly it's on Echo isles, but in reality, it's going to be in your room, garden, toilet, whatever scenery you will pick.

1st part deadline:

31st July 2018

2nd part deadline:

31st August 2018

Dance party deadline:

31st August 2018


31st september 2018

No pereregistration needed!
But for link under picture include please mount or rider name, link back to this journal and discipline you pick!


Why we have carneval?

Each year, since very old times, there's huge Carneval in Azol'Amath. Basicly it's celebration of pagan god Ser'peruu (Naga goddes of Waves) that as nagas believe make things beautiful, and she's mastress of colors. Nagas celebrate by dancing and wearing colorfull feathery costumes.
Which this year, will your riders do. We will have also competitions just for riders! (Or your hummanoid characters. They don't need to be riders of mount you use. But they should ne registered in World-of-Colderra , so you can actually get levels for them. Otherwise it might be a bit pointless xD)

Main discipline:

:cuttothechase:  Papercut halter :scissorschase: 

Yes. A papercut. And digital or traditional redrawn or repaint in style of your choice. Doesn't need to be realism. If you include also costumes for your mounts, it's going to be welcome, but it's not needed.
Example you can see here:
ONE WEEK LEFT!Papercut and overpaint. by Brissinge
So, how to do this? There are two parts.

Tini Bubbles 1st part - PhotoTini Clam Shell

Make a papercut. Or cloth cut, or whatever craft of mount of your choice (like clay glazed statue, sew a plushie, wire craft, wood craft...). The craft has to be done by you (I have no way how to prove it, but if you already participate, I guess you are in to try something new...)
Make scene. With use of whatever object you like. Think about, how surroundings for carneval migh look like. Seasides, ocean floor, beaches, river deltas...
Creation of scene is entriely upon you, if you use another objects made by you, or you take your mount out and make a perfect shot with landscape in behind. Go out. Search for perfect spot, explore the nature surrounding you... or just create scene in your room, with using maybe your younge sibling's plastic toys or OH MY DEAR! Do you have aquarium? Or terrarium? Tha would be like the most epic spot! It's up to you tho...no pressure... xD
Take a photo. I don't care, if with actural camera or phone, or frinikin calculator. But the photo will be uploaded also as an entry, so try to make it as good in terms of quality as you possibly can. You can then manipulate it, like addidng light effect, or horn of your horse like I did, but please, do not add things, you could create/immitate in reality (like I did with the frikin horn. If I wasn't dumb I wouldn't forget to make it xD)


Till 31st July! Or you will not be let to join 2nd part.

Sprite Rip: Sea Anemone 2nd part - Repaint Crab- Ocean Pack

Draw. Paint. Traditional. Digital. Simply pick the medium and style you like the most, and make 2D interpretation of your scene.
Repaint RULES!
The mount have to be in same position, the composition must be as similiar as possible. (For example in my pic, there's branch, skull, big seashell, blue surface, castle in a back...I tried to place it all in same spots.).
The goal is, to make your previously concpeted scene look "realistic" y know, like plastic palms won't look like plastic anymore, you will alter sizes of stuff so it looks less like photo of tiny object took in garden (or change blue shirt into a water surface, like I did...).


Till 31st August! And add it to one pic with photo, if you can. Like I did, so we can easily look on both.

Side 'discipline'

happy dance Dance party! Dog Dance (gif animation) 

Eating, dancing, drinking, chating, performing, doing the most silly stuff, bathing in sea, fishing with frendz.... but! RIDERS ONLY no mounts allowed. And with CARNEVAL COSTUMES!
  • This shall be done in 2D picture.
  • No photo background.
  • Made be you.
  • No commission entries.
  • If you can include other people's riders, do it.
  • Some kind of costume is a must.
These are examples of Rio de Janeiro costumes, but you can use even less crazy costumes. Your chara probably wouldn't go fishing in this.... but who knows, right? :D
The settings
Is in party area of Echo Isles. There can be seen a lighthouse in distance and some cliffs. It's also in are surounded by Hawaii like shacks :D
But keep in minds, that setting is medieval fantasy, so avoid "modern" features.


Special prize:
For the winner: Rof'exar by WoC-Brissinge
Nuzky1st by WoC-Brissinge Nuzky2nd by WoC-Brissinge Nuzky3rd by WoC-Brissinge Nuzkypart by WoC-Brissinge

I also consider on crafting some actual real object, that I would ship to winner (bracelet, pendant or some small decoration). But it might get complicated, with all the shipping and stuff. So let me know, what do you think in comments.


1st place
- trophy
- Special prize
- placed ribbon
- 350:points:
- Special mount
- free Colderrian mount adopt/custom import (rare, uncommon, common)
- crafted item (mount equip, jewelery etc.)
- portrait of winner mount with ribbon by Brissinge
- free perk and transmog (level 5 and lower)

2nd place
- trophy
- placed ribbon
- 300 Points
- free Colderrian mount adopt/custom import (uncommon, common)
- crafted item (mount equip, jewelery etc.)
- portrait of winner mount with ribbon by Brissinge
- free perk

3rd place
- placed ribbon
- 250 Points
- free Colderrian mount adopt/custom import (common)
- crafted item (mount equip, jewelery etc.)
- free perk

1st place:
placed ribbon
- 350 Points
- free Colderrian mount adopt/custom import (rare, uncommon, common)
- crafted item (raider equip, jewelery etc.)
- free perk and transmog (level 5 and lover)
- Pic of rider of your choice in costume by Brissinge

2nd place:
- placed ribbon
- 300 Points
- free Colderrian mount adopt/custom import (uncommon, common)
- crafted item (raider equip, jewelery etc.)
- Pic of rider of your choice in costume by Brissinge

3rd place
- placed ribbon
- 250Points
- free Colderrian mount adopt/custom import (common)
- crafted item (raider equip, jewelery etc.)

***Judging system***

Applies for both 'disciplines'
SPREADING A WORD: +1 (journal, poll, etc, include the link to entry describtion)
No extra pics this time. Also be sure to check, if your mount has any EP you could use (Mount and Character ranking) or any tack/accesory, that might increase your score. If they have EP, mention their ammount in entry describtion plase.

Photo point system:

Half/Partial body - Disqualification
Headshot - Disqualification

2D crafted object (like flat papercut) +3 points
3D crafted object (like clay statue) + 6 points

Creation effort points 1-20
Composition 1-20
Incorporation of used elements 1-20

Well visible rider +3 points (if 2D flat), + 6 (if 3D statue)

Judges Decision:
Immpresion = 0-15
Creativity = 0-15

Repaint point system:

Half/Partial body - Disqualification
Headshot - Disqualification

Accuracy of composition 1-20
Accuracy of colors 1-20

Photo background -Disqualification

Long Story (+1000 words) +3 points
Medium Story (+500 words) +2 points
Short story (+100 words) +1 point
No story - 0 points

Judges Decision
Immpresion = 0-15
Rendering =0-15


Point system for dance party:
Detailed Shading +3 points
Plain Shading + 2 points
No Shading +1 point

Correct detailed background +3 points
Correct simple background +2 points
Incorrect background -2 points
Photo background -Disqualification

Long Story (+1000 words) +3 points
Medium Story (+500 words) +2 points
Short story (+100 words) +1 point
No story - 0 points

Featuring well visible naga party pal +2 points
Featuring well visible other's rider + 5 points

Judges Decision:
Immpresion = 0-15
Creativity = 0-15
Rendering = 0-15

So, don't run with a scissors kids!

And be creative.
Ask if you have questions.
Yell at me if there's something missing in journal pls.
© 2018 - 2022 World-of-Colderra
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Samantha-dragon's avatar
uuu, omluvuji se, doufam ze nebude velky problem, kdyz party entry nahraju az zitra po praci ^^; hold vodovky no :D
Brissinge's avatar
kdy je po práci? :D moje po práci je tak v 6 večer :D (proč den poté :D však bylo ještě o měsíc dýl! :D) ale myslím že nebude problém.... je tam jen 1 entry zatím xD lepší 2 i když jedno pozdě, než jen 1 :D
Samantha-dragon's avatar
moje prace je nepravidelna a spis podle ukolu nez hodin... cele zari mam casove na prd, proto mi to trva, chodim ted domu prakticky jen spat. Zkusila jsem to opacne, mam napsany nejaky povidani a kreslim k tomu, ale neni to o nic rychlejsi nez opacne :/ vynasnazim se do sesti dodat - a dekuju :)
ArcacaT's avatar
Mount: Sansa (+ 2EP)
Rider: Arotka 

First part: San with the sun
Second part: San with the sun II.

Both parts together:
  San With The Sun by ArcacaT
TalonV's avatar
Mount: Corin | I.D. | Silura Sava'aggan
- Rider: Talon V. - Colderra ID
Show: Papercut | Photo + Digital

Azol'Amath Carnival 2018 | Papercut - Photo by TalonV

A'A Carnival 2018 | Papercut - Digital by TalonV

Photo to digital full

And it's done! :faint: And... I think... I might have even survived...
ArcticNomad's avatar
Repaint entry. Stash link to the comparison is in the description

Azol'Amath Carnival by ArcticNomad
Samantha-dragon's avatar
ouu, škoda, tušit, že bude nataženo, tak jsem mohla udělat alespoň něco pro v podstatě stejně probíhající event Lisqarů... no, pozdě :( Takhle snad aspoň zvládnu dodělat lepší dance party.
Brissinge's avatar
vědět, že to udělám o měsíc dělší, napíšu to tam už na začátek :D
Samantha-dragon's avatar
No jo, já vím, jen jsem si posteskla 
Brissinge's avatar
Jj to moje bylo taky vicemene vtip :D
Samantha-dragon's avatar
Fuu, hotovo :3
Contest/event: Beach (painting) by Samantha-dragon
Srovnávací je sólo zde, protože na přemalovaný jsem teď tak pyšná, že jsem ho nechtěla prznit tou fotkou... :blush: 
Contest/event: Beach (origami + painting) by Samantha-dragon
Vtipné je, že původní fotku jsem trochu tlumila v barvách (vlastně jediná úprava v PC) jen abych se v přemalování vrátila k jasným barvám :D

Tak teď ještě převést dance party z myšlenky v obrázek :dance:
AMillionLights's avatar
I submitted this earilier, but apparently the wrong one was linked and now it wont let me edit XD

so, here's my papercut entry

Papercut by AMillionLights

Samantha-dragon's avatar
Pořád jsem doufala v lepší fotku, ale prostě jsem se na to nedostala - zachránilo to prozíravé připravení "alespoň něco" a automatické zveřejnění těsně před deadline :D Tak jen se omluvuji, že sem házím až pár hodinek poté... ^^; nahráno a tagnuto ale bylo na čas :)
Contest/event: Beach by Samantha-dragon
ArcacaT's avatar
Na poslední chvíli jako vždy xD
San with the sun by ArcacaT
ArcticNomad's avatar
Phew I almost missed the deadline. Here's my papercut entry

Papecut Beach by ArcticNomad
TilaArt's avatar
Horse: Frederic
Rider: Rebekah

[A'AC] Papercut Halter by TilaArt  
(pokud vadí ta voda, tak napiš :D nechám to v originálu a potom to udělám takto v druhé části :))
TilaArt's avatar
[A'AC] Repaint Halter by TilaArt
Repaint =) dávám to sem, ať to nemusíš vyhledávat =)
SpiritWindcaper's avatar
My sad and ugly entry for the first part :D
20180727 144804 1  By Spiritwindcaper-dcif2d9 (2) by SpiritWindcaper
Azraelangelo's avatar
Tak tu je  môj fotopríspevok :)
Hádam som do popisu dal všetko čo treba :)
Bunch of tasty Colderrian palms by Azraelangelo
Azraelangelo02's avatar
máme niekde zoznam postáv, ktoré sa zúčastnia? aby som ich prípadne vedel zahrnúť do obrázku :)
Brissinge's avatar
to zatím netuším, vzhledem k tomu, že není preregistrace
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