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I am going to remove all members that hasn't contributed yet or own mount. If you have contributed or own mount and yet been removed it was a mistake and I am sorry in advance.
If you were a newer member and wanted a mount and wanted to contribute, you will simply have to join again.
Also if you have changed username it might confuse me while searching whether you own any mounts.
12th January 2021
Informations and stuff fully overhauled and ready to be used on website up to date:
- breeding rules
- basic information and how to play
- leveling of mounts and characters
- world summary
- event joining guide
- character and mount creation guide
- transmogs and perks
- item collecting
- ability stats for mounts
- Nagians guide
- krofi horse guide
- helysarc guide
- feathertailed dragon guide
- ranocero guide
What has to be polished and done yet:
- Terratan horse (markhorses) guide
- Kelephan pony guide
- Shadowmoon bear guide
- Giant gecko guide
- mountain cat guide
- warg guide
- savaggan horse guide
- gryphon guide
- qual'aberan lizards guide
- Dörea (unitavrus) guide
- fame systeam feature
- fight club system
- communication system
- event log system
There's still a lot :D
7th January 2021
Update of update! :D
I would lie If I said I am not excited about this :D
Prewiev Woc Site
Most of options in menu on left are complete :3 I am working on comleting of right side.
6th January 2021
Ladyriders and gentleriders! Especially the english speaking folk.
Since journals on eclipse are shit I decided to completly move all written info and describtion to separated website. dA will serve only as hub to play, with all info somwhere else.
Colderra Interface
I am fairly satisfied, and it eventuelly could do transition to somewhere-in-future webgame easier. I'm giving myself deadline of 1st February to have this done in usable way, with all requred info implemented.
All journals and such from dA will probably be deleted (visuals such as references maps, events and stuff ofc will stay), so there's only one information source for all.
Poznámka: Bude existovat jednou i česká verze, ale asi to bude trvat. Soustředím se primárně na anglicky mluvící, jelikož je to větší procento lidí.
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With these groups we create crossbreeds of equine species, ocassionaly connected events. Also some founders of these know each other on more personal way. World-of-Colderra and FarrosianHorse-Stud (ChroniclesOfAntharia) are quite deeply bonded. We even share item stats.

Few words to begin with...


:bulletgreen::bulletblue:HELLO ADVENTURER:bulletgreen::bulletblue:
Welcome in the World of Colderra
Equines, canines, felines, dragons, reptiles, mythical beasts in one ARPG? You're on right place.

Group is based in paralel-future version of original universe where storybook Brissinge is working on takes place. All events in this group are off-lines that have no influence on active story of book itself. Safe to say, that this group works sorta as sandbox place for creator.

Helpful links
-here will be added link-

Mounts that might be added in future
:bulletwhite: Tanurian (bull/bufallo/ox like mounts)
:bulletwhite: Ram (Ram-like uncommon mount for dwarves)
:bulletwhite: Hyppogryph (horse/bird gryphonish animal)
:bulletwhite: Mamooths and Elepahts (for race of giants)
:bulletwhite: Freshwater and Saltwater ponies

Gallery Folders

Species references - BEASTS
Shadowmoon Bears - Reference sheet by WoC-Brissinge
Raynoceros - subspecies ref. sheet by WoC-Brissinge
King's Gryphons - Reference sheet by WoC-Brissinge
Mountain Cats - Reference sheet by WoC-Brissinge
Species references - MESFES
Dorea - Reference sheet by WoC-Brissinge
Nagian unicorns - Basic summary by WoC-Brissinge
Sava'agga Horses - Basic summary by WoC-Brissinge
Krofi horses - Basic summary by WoC-Brissinge
Species references - REPTILES
Gaint gecko - Reference sheet by WoC-Brissinge
Arcequines of Qual'Aber - Breed sheet by WoC-Brissinge
Gildenags of Qual'Aber - Breed sheet by WoC-Brissinge
Potheerog of Qual'aber - Breed Sheet by WoC-Brissinge
For sale - Fresh imports
Crafted: Jungle strider's curiass by WoC-Brissinge
For sale #395 by WoC-Brissinge
For sale #394 by WoC-Brissinge
Markhorse #169 - For sale 389 by WoC-Brissinge
*SOLD*For sale #187 by WoC-Brissinge
*SOLD*For sale #57 by WoC-Brissinge
*SOLD*For sale #243 by WoC-Brissinge
*SOLD*For sale #358 by WoC-Brissinge
Markhorse #172 - Custom 86 by WoC-Brissinge
Custom nagian 75 by WoC-Brissinge
Custom crossbreed 9 by WoC-Brissinge
Custom gecko 4 by WoC-Brissinge
The world
Bear's blood COVER by Brissinge
Dragon's nest: Cover by Brissinge
Dragon's nest on Tapastic now! by Brissinge
WoC Races - Insergs by Brissinge
Male mounts refs.
Rabrio Ut Moral by Irsibil
Woc: Reference: Qulzet'loc by Samantha-dragon
Rovnik by SpiritWindcaper
WoC: Reference: Nexus Nightquill by Samantha-dragon
Female mounts refs.
Meluzina by Irsibil
Pictures of mounts
Baby June Takes a Nap by TheChotta
Pictures of riders
Blue banners by Brissinge
Mounts and riders
InkTober #15: Outpost by Samantha-dragon
Floofy + Floofy = FLLOOOOOFFFYYY by TheChotta
Babiesss by TheChotta
Member ID
world of colderra rider profile by SheeJrainboH
Mount registration
WoC: Mount ID: E'lynn by Samantha-dragon
Offspring imports
Lisqar/Markhorse foal 1 by WoC-Brissinge
*DEAD*Tiger Thursday 7 by WoC-Brissinge
Item crafts
Crafted: Helper's shnappy necklace by WoC-Brissinge
Transmogs and perks
Reference sheet - Perks by WoC-Brissinge
Quests, Events
Masquerade by Irsibil
CgpX props - small track by WoC-Brissinge
Dragon Show
Show prize: Larinne by Brissinge
Azol'Amath Carnival
Underwater world is beautiful by ajikas-aji
Felken Fair
Prize doodlez: GET DOWN! by Brissinge
MYO contest 2017
MYO custom 20 by WoC-Brissinge
Challenge: Jobember part 1 by Brissinge


- world creator -

Allmighty helpers
:iconwoc-brissinge: :iconirsibil: :iconefirende:

If you have any questions, ask in comments, or send a note to group.
We will try to answer your question as fast as possible. But admins are just mortals too, so we might not answer as fast as you wish, as we have our own real life stuff going on.
The selected roles don't have any members!


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WoC: Reference: Rava by Samantha-dragon  
a případně koukám, že nemám ani elementála:
WoC: Reference: Pet - Whisp by Samantha-dragon
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I've gone through most of the journals where I thought this info would be several times, but I must have overlooked something - how do we register a mount? I saw a registration template linked here earlier but the link no longer works.
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