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Equines, canines, felines, dragons, reptiles, mythical beasts in one ARPG? You're on right place.
Welcome to the World of Colderra

Group is based in paralel-future version of original universe where storybook Brissinge is working on takes place. All events in this group are off-lines that have no influence on active story of book itself. Safe to say, that this group works sorta as sandbox place for creator.

You will find ALL gameplay info on our web.
[WoC] Gecko Ride by BUGHS-22
[WoC] Gecko Ride by BUGHS-22
[WoC] Gecko Ride by BUGHS-22

Mini-event: New HopeDEADLINE: 15th March 2021Assigment:Take one of your oldest pictures (let's say one of first five) you ever did and submited with your Colderrian rider/mount or both and remake itIf you are too new to the group, take any of your oldest pictures on dA and recreate it with your WoC characters.There are NO rules (besides submiting). It's for you and you only.Submiting:No preregistration needed. Just submit finished pic to folder 'quests, events' in World-of-Colderra. Make sure that there's provided link to the old pic in describtion of your entry or include old pic right on entry itself. It would be nice of you shared alteast year when your old artwork was created.Reward for everyone:3 nano boosts for mounts (splitable)+3rit coinsrespectible point rewards according to Rider leveling and Mount leveling,Respectible Fame reward as for 4th place (+3 fame) and +1 for participation = +4Additional reward for largest improvement by public opinion+6rit coins or +6 fameNo EPs, items, stats or other common points are considered in this.EXAMPLENew pic | old pic-------------------------------------------------------World-of-Colderra UPDATE LOG 20211st March 2021(see webpage for info with links)QUEST LOG is now launched and quest completion can start.New feature implemented: Zindar registry, which is try to keep organized ingame currency of players and fame status of characters.From level rewards were removed most rewards done directly by admins (pictures). Kept were portraits by @Brissinge, but they were moved up to the 'King's chosen' rank. In mounts was kept only fullbody pic by one of admins....

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Azol'Amath carnival 2021 ribbons and trophies by WoC-Brissinge
Mini-event: New hope by Brissinge
Official references - BEASTS
Shadowmoon Bears - Reference sheet by WoC-Brissinge
Raynoceros - subspecies ref. sheet by WoC-Brissinge
King's Gryphons - Reference sheet by WoC-Brissinge
Mountain Cats - Reference sheet by WoC-Brissinge
Official references - EQUINES
Nagian unicorns - Basic summary by WoC-Brissinge
Sava'agga Horses - Basic summary by WoC-Brissinge
Krofi horses - Basic summary by WoC-Brissinge
Kelephan Ponies - Basic summary by WoC-Brissinge
Official references - REPTILES
Feathertailed dragons - Water breed ref. sheet by WoC-Brissinge
Feathertailed dragons - Toxic breed ref. sheet by WoC-Brissinge
Feathertailed dragons - Fire breed ref. sheet by WoC-Brissinge
Giant gecko - Reference sheet by WoC-Brissinge
For sale - Fresh imports
For sale #414 by WoC-Brissinge
For sale #413 by WoC-Brissinge
For sale #412 by WoC-Brissinge
For sale #411 by WoC-Brissinge
For sale - Resales, YCHs
SP Horse SalesI have decided to sell some of my horses since I don't use them and don't really plan on doing that in the future. Some of them are of inactive breeds as well. I would prefer it if they went to good homes where they are kept more active. Please don't just buy one of them for the sake of having them and letting them collect dust. Rules:- Be active with your new horse!- Notify me if want to sell it again, I might want to buy it back myself- If you sell it, don't sell it for more points than you paid unless you have drawn more pictures if it yourself.- Keep the reserved slots for others that might be on the horse- Not first come first serve!Deadline:- 48 h for points payments before I put the horse back on sale!- 2 weeks for art payments- Please make a new reference within a reasonable time. Horses:SP's Fading Light: SOLD,Mare. Pure @The-Aklanor-Horse. Has one art piece besides the reference(breed can possibly be changed)SOLD TO: @devn14 SP's Cowboys Dream:,Stallion. Pure @The-Aklanor-Horse Has one art pieces besides the reference(breed can possibly be changed)Price: 200 or 1 fullbodySP's Prince Charming:,Sadly I don't see myself doing anything with him in the future :/Stallion. Pure Markhorse (Markhor). Has two art pieces and official registration besides the referencePrice: 350 or two fullbodysSP's Freedom of Liberty:,Mare. Pure @Chamier-Warmblood. No artPrice: 150 or 1 fullbodySP's Light in The Darkness:,Mare. Pure @Chamier-Warmblood. No artPrice: 150 or 1 fullbodyI might add more in the future...If you have any questions please ask!
YHH - Raffle by KoKino-Art
Flight Practice by TheChotta
*SOLD*For sale #283 by WoC-Brissinge
*SOLD*For sale #400 by WoC-Brissinge
*SOLD*MYO custom 2 by WoC-Brissinge
*SOLD*Kelephan/Wooly foal 1 by WoC-Brissinge
Custom krofi 47 by WoC-Brissinge
Custom krofi 46 by WoC-Brissinge
Custom bear 37 by WoC-Brissinge
Custom nagian 77 by WoC-Brissinge
Male mounts refs.
Galerian KKS by prte1
Ref - Guardian of The Starry Skies by Thictle
Orso by Toxink-ARPG
Axenus Reference Sheet by Keledry1
Female mounts refs.
GM Ashinee by Dark-Bakura1
WoC: Reference: Trix by Samantha-dragon
MuddyBuddy by ArcticNomad
[WoC, FHS] Naitee by KoKino-Art
Pictures of mounts
translucent by SpiritWindcaper
Pictures of riders
Sketch: Korodrapkova by Irsibil
Mounts and riders
Piece of Mind by ArcticNomad
Floofy + Floofy = FLLOOOOOFFFYYY by TheChotta
Babiesss by TheChotta
Offspring imports
Markhorse/Farrosian foal 1 by WoC-Brissinge
*DEAD*Custom bear 30 by WoC-Brissinge
Item crafts
Crafted: Rinitos saddle by WoC-Brissinge
Transmogs and perks
Reference sheet - Perks by WoC-Brissinge
Quests, Mini-Events
Quest: Concept of Orion dress by Samantha-dragon
Fight club
Pitfight by Azraelangelo
Muddy play must be played by prte1
Dragon Show
*WoC Competition* - Fire and Blood by Efirende
Azol'Amath Carnival
*COMPETITION* - Malachite waters AAC by Efirende
Felken Fair
[WoC] Felken Fair 2021 Double Horse Riding by BUGHS-22
MYO contest 2017
*SOLD*MYO custom 2 by WoC-Brissinge
Challenge: Jobember part 1 by Brissinge
The world
Bear's blood COVER by Brissinge
Crafted item  #19 by Jasper-19


With these groups we create crossbreeds of equine species, ocassionaly connected events. Also some founders of these know each other on more personal way. World-of-Colderra and FarrosianHorse-Stud (ChroniclesOfAntharia) are quite deeply bonded. We even share item stats.

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skipping the rules by Anniee-Art skipping the rules :iconanniee-art:Anniee-Art 138 20 [WoC] Colderrian GrandPrix 2019 ~ Like on a Hunt by BUGHS-22 [WoC] Colderrian GrandPrix 2019 ~ Like on a Hunt :iconbughs-22:BUGHS-22 200 11 Come to get me by Brissinge Come to get me :iconbrissinge:Brissinge 179 4 [WoC] Colderrian grandPrix by Tila-art [WoC] Colderrian grandPrix :icontila-art:Tila-art 38 11 [WoC] Another bite of a mud (4th place) by Nerissien [WoC] Another bite of a mud (4th place) :iconnerissien:Nerissien 16 10 Masquerade by Irsibil Masquerade :iconirsibil:Irsibil 51 12 [WoC] The Bridge by Memuii [WoC] The Bridge :iconmemuii:Memuii 258 14 The Burning Ashes Blacken The Day by LundyEmerald The Burning Ashes Blacken The Day :iconlundyemerald:LundyEmerald 19 6 -= Bishop =- by Naia-Art -= Bishop =- :iconnaia-art:Naia-Art 650 14 Break Time in Paradise by TheChotta Break Time in Paradise :iconthechotta:TheChotta 192 34 Feeling Good by Ayazuea Feeling Good :iconayazuea:Ayazuea 58 2 [WoC] In Your Reflection by Memuii [WoC] In Your Reflection :iconmemuii:Memuii 365 17
With autumn and end of summer vacation comes another annual event. This time focused on horses and bears and which one of them is strongest. Plus the grand prix race of course.

I Invite you to visit Zoltar and participate in the race and contest.

and yes. I would love to see some high-energy action with rope wrestling of horse vs bear.
All info can be found in external World of Colderra website
all comments and PRE-REGISTRATION do here on dA :)

Deadline: 30th NOVEMBER 2021!

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Allmighty helpers
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If you have any questions, ask in comments, on discord, or send a note to group.
We will try to answer your question as fast as possible. But admins are just mortals too, so we might not answer as fast as you wish, as we have our own real life stuff going on.
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