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Hard to believe that it has been 12 years since the founding our group. My how time flies.
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Submission Guidelines - January 1, 2021

Featured Gallery - This is also the most difficult gallery for a submission to gain approval, requiring 3 favorable votes as opposed to just one. It should be the BEST of the best. To go directly into this gallery, you should have something either very creative - pose / design / effect or be a visually stunning work. Normally you should only be sending one or two pictures into this gallery. (UPDATE 10/4/2017 - Due to repeated submission errors and some abuse, this category is now closed to submissions except by the administrative staff. Some pictures may be resorted into other galleries reflecting the reorganization of this gallery.)
(UPDATE: 1/1/2019 - Reminder, with Eclipse coming, it is CRITICAL to submit an image request for the galleries to the correct catagory. Due to the time/extra effort required, the admin staff cannot quickly approve or move submissions sent to incorrect folders. This may result in slower approval or rejection. If this happens. you may resubmission to the correct folder to correct the problem.)

Digital Catgirls Gallery - This gallery features works that have been created using digital media or have been digitally inked / colored. It is now closed, reported as "filled" by DA.

Digital Catgirls Gallery 2 - This gallery also features works that have been created using digital media or have been digitally inked / colored. It is now closed in favor of a combined gallery due to chances caused by the Eclipse user interface
Traditional Media Gallery - This gallery features works that have been created by traditional media and scanned / photographed for posting on the DA system. (Minor digital touch ups or color corrections are acceptable). Due to Eclipse, images are no longer automatically sorted by media used. As changing technology has made traditional material rarer, the gallery has been closed in favor of a combined gallery.

Catgirl Gallery #3 - the current general audience submission gallery for all colored work. Lineart Gallery - This gallery is the home for general audience works that are in black and white; monotone (presumed black); or pencil shading. Or simply put Line Art.

Mature Rated Catgirls - Open to all media, this gallery is intended to hold pictures that would be rated above PG-13 or that may be considered too risqué for the general viewing audience. When in doubt, this gallery is a safe option. NOTE: Pictures must comply with DeviantArts TOS.</i> (This is not within our ability to alter or reconsider. DA is the sole judge of what constitutes Mature works of art on their system).

Mature Catgirls Lineart - As above, but for pictures that are just inked, black/white or have limited shading.

Cosplay Catgirls - This gallery is the home/showcase for photographs of Cosplay catgirls. (Not DRAWINGS of characters as dressed catgirls) For general photography, if you have pictures of a genuine neko girl, please call the nearest genetics lab to confirm. Once confirmed, you will definitely a Featured gallery image, likely be interviewed by the scientific community and world press. For the cosplay characters, if the character is recognizable as being from the Anime; Comics; Broadway shows or TV Series or using make-up or body paint to portray a catgirl, ** and ** the photo is of reasonable quality, you may post it here. Note: this gallery can contain mature content - viewer digression is advised. Any photographs must be the work of either the photographer or model and comply with DeviantArts TOS. (This is not within our ability to alter or reconsider. DA is the sole judge of what constitutes Mature or copyright limitations on use for all works posted on their system).

Photomorphic Catgirls - This is the gallery for models who have been digitally altered into cute / playful catgirls. Note: this gallery can contain mature content - viewer digression is advised. Any photographs must be the work of either the photographer or model and comply with DeviantArts TOS. (This is not within our ability to alter or reconsider. DA is the sole judge of what constitutes Mature or copyright limitations on use for all works posted on their system).

The Library - Your home for fiction. You may post stories / graphic novels into this category. Stories being posted should either be complete. self-contained, or end at a logical story point (cliffhanger, chapter end, page end) at time of posting. English language is helpful but foreign language submissions may be submitted as well. (NOTE: non-English submissions may be substantially delayed due to the need for translation.) Stories MUST feature a catgirl / neko as one of the main characters. In all cases, stories should be free from most common grammatical and spelling errors.

Graphic story - sequence - This gallery is the home for user created comics, graphic stories, short sequential illustrations, and videos. While longer items may be referenced, anything posted should be self-contained or refer back to the artists own gallery. Ideally anything posted should be self-contained,

Neko Girl-13 (Fangirling Sparkles) [V1]

There are a few restrictions on what is acceptable for posting in the galleries.

For artistic creations, the base character should be recognizable as a Neko girl - her feline characteristics such as tail, ears, claws, fangs, or fur are not removable (Were-cats or those transformed into a feline form are allowable if shown while feline) Animated cats who are not drawn in a more humanoid appearance and intended to be recognized as humans (examples: Top Cat, Penelope, Sylvester, Mr Jinx) do not qualify for inclusion.

Pictures should feature the catgirl as one of the main characters in the image, playing a significant role in the image. Just having a neko as art of a crowd is not enough

The word on costumes remains: NO. So sadly, even my favorite feline themed heroines and villains do not make the cut. Cosplay of a neko character is welcome as part of the Cosplay Gallery if an actual costume, makeup, or body paint is used.

Photomorphs would be the correct category for pictures that utilize digital editing, manipulation or post photographic effects. For illustrations - if the character is transformed into a feline - not just wearing a costume - it can be submitted for inclusion in the appropriate gallery.

When it comes to alien, Pokémon, Digimon, and similar characters, a key factor can be summed up as, "is the base creature considered FELINE in origin?" For example, in the Star Trek Universe, as well as Larry Niven's Known Space universe, Caitians, and Kzinti (Kzin) are recognized as feline in origin. From Outlaw Star, the Ctarl-Ctarl are also considered a feline alien species. Cat Planet Cuties is full of Nekos. Unfortunately, WOG from their creator James Cameron, has clearly stated that while having feline characteristics, the Na'vi are NOT feline.

Regretfully, some art submissions will just not be up to the level that we want to showcase within our galleries. Rejections may be due to a variety of factors including poor scanning (too faint / poor contrast); inappropriate media choices - (HINT --> for art, lined paper is a big killer); Works in Progress (WIP) that are not at a stage where it could stand alone; or a picture that is just too rough/unfinished/poorly drawn. This rejection is not a commentary on the artist. We do allow as much as we can and want to be friendly to starting artists. But we also want to show off catgirls at their best.

Pictures submitted to the wrong gallery may be rejected without further comment or may be substantially delayed in being approved, especially true in the case of the Featured Gallery. Note: Due to the Eclipse user interface, the admin staff does not have the unlimited time to shift images to the correct gallery. The limitation on 10 image submissions per day also limits our ability to request an image be submitted to the proper folder. In these cases, you are welcome to resubmit pictures to the correct gallery for reconsideration.




Gallery Folders

~Lucky Cat~ by ken1171

Mature Content

Kitty Girl Vivi by Kobi-Tfs

Mature Content

Cleanliness by VonPlundercat
~Ginger Portrait~ by ken1171
Catgirls Gallery 3
All my kitties by Kvitter
Teasing kitty by DeVergilia
Belly Dancer by DizneylandMirage
Catgirl Lineart - Grayscale - Black+White
maggie caturday by Gold-kott
Kitty shower by Gold-kott

Mature Content

Grumpy Cat by LTRM35A2
Mirror Mirror by DizneylandMirage
Mature Rated Catgirls

Mature Content

Random Kitty Milf 2-A by Foxtide888

Mature Content

Nicole V Kei kick by KillerMoon

Mature Content

Nicole-v-Kei suplex by KillerMoon

Mature Content

The Cat House Volume 6 - Page 31 by AlannaHarpsong
Mature - Catgirl Lineart

Mature Content

Kat by infernadius

Mature Content

Feelin' Katty by Schwoo-the-Squid
Watching movies (but no) PAGE2 by Issa94

Mature Content

Curling Up Sketch (R-63 Blue) by InstantoGirl by bigonionbean
Cosplay Catgirls
Stay Strong - Nariya- Eriya, Vision of Escaflowne by Mondkaeppchen
[Makeup-test] Karin (Original Character) by Yafirah
Catra by MomoKarinyo
Chocola at the Pool by MomoKarinyo
Photomanipulation Catgirls
M4L aka Mal And Collie by TheFelineAlchemist
TheTFGhost by TheFelineAlchemist
TransformationMagic by TheFelineAlchemist

Mature Content

Werekatt by TheFelineAlchemist
Digital Catgirls - Closed
I am nyat a cat - yet by jkrolak
Felicia's Playground by IilekteS
TIGRA by JUN DE FELIPE  (01042016) by rodelsm21
Tatsuta ver 2.0 by makumaxu
Digital Catgirls 2 - Closed

Mature Content

Ferlizia by KillerMoon
Okami Riva (Commission) by dfdfdfq
Rana Christmas wrapped by thormemeson
Cheetah by Inspector97
Traditional Media Catgirls - CLOSED
Felicia by bbrrk9
Nightlight Rivera by TraceMem
Kyoko 314 - HappyNewYear2021 by NekoToTora
Wildcat~ by Mellorine91
TG TF: Callie Briggs,Since Justin got back from being Mirabel he went to see his friend Quinn and his wife Emily. They had 7 cats. Justin remembered me saying that I'd turned into cats before. I had been Cleo from Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats and Penelope Pussycat from Looney tunes. He wondered if he could be a cat himself. His first thought of turning into a cat was Calico Briggs from Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron.When Justin got to Quinn's house he and Emily asked Justin how he'd been since they last met. Justin explained as much as he could. Even his changes into fictional girls. He even told what he could remember about Al and me. When some cats got near Justin he stroked them. "Sam said his first change into a girl was when he used a device like the one Al gave me for my Birthday" said Justin. "Sam used it to get to the world of the Catillac Cats. He'd turned into Cleo and replaced her while she was on vacation. There was another time when he turned into a cat. He went to France and met a man named Paul. Together they used the website I used to turn into Cinderella. They considered Space Jam: A New Legacy. Paul turned into Lola Bunny and Sam turned into Penelope Pussycat. Sam said he was curious about being stroked like I'm stroking your cat." Quinn and Emily thought for a moment. "Do you wonder how cats feel when they're stroked?" asked Quinn. Justin started to think. He was getting as curious as I was when I turned into Cleo. "Well now I am wondering" he said. "Any ideas about becoming a cat?" asked Emily. "Maybe Callie Briggs from Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron" said Justin. One of the cats scrammed him. "Ow" said Justin. But the wound healed fast.His feet shrank and grew peach-tan fur and his socks disappeared and his shoes changed into violet high heels. His legs thinned out, got longer, lost muscle and grew fur. His hips widened and his pennies and tests shrank inside of him and a tight vagina replaced them and his backside grew bigger. He also grew a bushy tail that could reach his feet and his underwear turned lacey. As his belly grew fur he lost some fat and his stomach thinned into a sexy core so he had an hourglass figure. He grew 2 breasts and his nipples grew longer and harder. His shoulders cracked inwards and his arms thinned out as they grew fur. His hands shrank and became very feminine and his nails got sharper and more pointed like claws. Now his clothes changed into a magenta suit and dress with a white undershirt. His neck thinned out as it grew fur and his Adam's Apple disappeared. A violet tie was tied around his neck and went under the collar of his shirt. His nose shrank and turned pinkish as his ears pointed upwards in a triangular way, enhancing his hearing and their insides even turned pink. His eyes went from brown to sea foam as his vision got blurry and his lashes grew to and his brows lightened. The hair on his head went from dark brown to blonde and grew down to his shoulder blades. Finally he won some glasses that were like intersecting semi circles and they cleared his vision.Justin had been completely turned into Callie Briggs. Then the world around him changed. He was in the office of Mayor Manx. Justin realized that he was to take Callie's place. He thought carefully about what he'd do while he was Callie.
Graphic story - sequence

Mature Content

Outer Space Fantasy PART 1 by Rafaraptor85

Random from Featured

kotonozhka/Adopt/Auction29/OPEN by MrSneakers kotonozhka/Adopt/Auction29/OPEN :iconmrsneakers:MrSneakers 93 16 Bikini by pepejii
Mature content
Bikini :iconpepejii:pepejii 120 3
Cheetah by Emuller5 Cheetah :iconemuller5:Emuller5 18 0 Ych for farex29 by yay-rabby
Mature content
Ych for farex29 :iconyay-rabby:yay-rabby 360 4
Brook by Karosu-Maker Brook :iconkarosu-maker:Karosu-Maker 536 11 Maeve by kamiyamark Maeve :iconkamiyamark:kamiyamark 412 7 Kitten-chan free nude :32 by Metalkatts
Mature content
Kitten-chan free nude :32 :iconmetalkatts:Metalkatts 137 2
girl cat by weslwyfernandes girl cat :iconweslwyfernandes:weslwyfernandes 3 0 [FA] Callie Briggs: Naked Mailgirl by Evangellos
Mature content
[FA] Callie Briggs: Naked Mailgirl :iconevangellos:Evangellos 30 0
Squat Kat by CaseterMK
Mature content
Squat Kat :iconcasetermk:CaseterMK 204 2
Berenice - Bastet (Dislyte) by Eleditor Berenice - Bastet (Dislyte) :iconeleditor:Eleditor 55 2 Divine ass by G4RRON
Mature content
Divine ass :icong4rron:G4RRON 55 3
Morning Routine (Part Two) by ActuallyThatDude
Mature content
Morning Routine (Part Two) :iconactuallythatdude:ActuallyThatDude 161 0
Wild cat girl by buta0309 Wild cat girl :iconbuta0309:buta0309 382 17 Narin the Nour Rahman by JazzLizard
Mature content
Narin the Nour Rahman :iconjazzlizard:JazzLizard 111 14
Homo Felinus by creativeguy59
Mature content
Homo Felinus :iconcreativeguy59:creativeguy59 97 12


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