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We love the games, the toys, the characters most of all. Yes, this club concentrates on ONLY the characters from Capcom. Everything from Vulgus and beyond will be included.
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Aug 12, 2010


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3,344 Members
3,219 Watchers
162,170 Pageviews

Gallery Folders

-HAPPY HALOWEEN 2010- by pianofairie411
Albert Wesker - Resident Evil by KayIglerART
MONSTER HUNTER the elders by Chaos-Draco
Haggar vs. Hugo by arsenalgearxx
Ace Attorney
AA: Naruhodo Ryunosuke by rainbow000pegasus
Rookie Revolution by MariiBoops
Commission: Albert Wesker 4 by DemonLeon3D
Ace Atorney - A Rainy Morning by ArainMorn
Aliens Vs Predator
Alien vs Predator CAPCOM arcade by myroboto
Linn Kurosawa by Omar Dogan by EdmondDantes23
Alien v Predator Linn Kurosawa by SirK-9
Linn Kurosawa - Someone say xenomorphs? by polarityplus
Armored Warriors
Capcom Fighting Tribute - Armored Warriors by UnidColor
Asura's Wrath
Chun-Li (street fighter) by Shexyo
Asura's Calmness by ValentrisRRock
Asura's Wrath by Leonidas666
Bionic Commando
Bionic Commando Rearmed by pacman23
Rad Spencer by edbot5000
Research And Development #1 by PixelFreelancer
sc MVSC3 Nathan Spencer by fedde
Breath Of Fire
Nina BoF by rongs1234
Nina Bof2 by rongs1234
Capcom girlpower 2004 mix series - Bleu by AJBatosay
Capcom girlpower 2004 mix series - Nina by AJBatosay
CAPCOM merchandise
Viewtiful Joe Action Figures - Family Portrait by buzzthebatgirl
Cammy White 1/6 PVC Figure by shangerz
Ken VS. Fei Long by slasherman
RYU VS.  AkumaRound 2 !!! by slasherman
NamcovsCapcom OCs:Hub and Xiaomu in adolesence pt1 by ElizaVDraws
Kokoro OCFanart Gift - Commission by dante-dx
Kokoro and Akane battle the ghosts by Mockbeggar
1123. GNG OCs Kokoro VS Thera by Draw-it-Ralph by Dinobolt6
Capcom Versus
Venom by YungKhan
Dhalsim by YungKhan
Cable by YungKhan
Blanka by YungKhan
Captain Commando
Captain Commando Mini Fanart by S-m-o-G
saotome jin by reijr
Morrigan Colored by Znttus
Dead Rising
Scary Comics S2/RQ: Dead Rising vs Silent Hill by Dante-564
Devil May Cry
Lady Devil May Cry by CalvinSimsArt
Dino Crisis
DINO CRISIS by zecarlos
Dragon's Dogma
2012 - Dragon's Dogma by Jiggeh
Final Fight
Poison Stylish Clothes by takoyaky-kun
Ghosts N Goblins Ghouls 'N Ghosts

Mature Content

GHOSTBUSTERS N' GOBLINS - dA edition by Theotherred
Ghost Trick
RM Jingle Jangle Countdown: Ghost Trick by Derede
Haunting Ground
Daniella - Femina pulchra by SketchMeNot-Art
Killer 7
Bullet by Beane-Cat
Lost Planet
Lost Planet Akrid by trebor469
Megaman and Megaman X
Megaman by Mbembe
Monster Hunter
Spa day by Ra1-x3
Super Smash Bros.Ultimate: Ken flirting with Zelda by wez1010
Mature Content

Mature Content

Chun-Li's Monster Hips and Thighs by Jabroniville
Bad Hair Day by KatCygnus
cherry blossom storm by Aurora-Silver
Other Capcom Games
Moriah the Thief - Dungeons and Dragons: Chronicle by RimJims
Power Stone
[POWER STONE] Rogue by RalDu
Red Earth Warzord
Kenji Red Earth by KingShyyGuy
Resident Evil
Jill Valentine | Resident Evil 3 Remake Cosplay by Yukilefay
Rival Schools
Rival Schools by ZehB
Sengoku Basara
Yukimura and Sasuke by YaninaJohnson
Star Gladiator Plasma Sword
Commission - ChunJune by kasai
Street Fighter
Chun-Li Pose by EddieHolly
Street Fighter No.2
Cammy White JoJo Style by PierreMateus
Strider Hiryu
Guile SFA by Providenceanglle
Viewtiful Joe
everyone loves a hero by ProfessorZolo


Hub and Xiaomu playing on the beach by ElizaVDraws Hub and Xiaomu playing on the beach :iconelizavdraws:ElizaVDraws 220 25 MegaMan.EXE Buster Action by MidniteW MegaMan.EXE Buster Action :iconmidnitew:MidniteW 154 3 [C] 'Danny Phantom' Style: Morrigan Aensland by Mast3r-Rainb0w [C] 'Danny Phantom' Style: Morrigan Aensland :iconmast3r-rainb0w:Mast3r-Rainb0w 661 26 Commission Street Fighter RyuVSKen first Conflict by KumsStudio Commission Street Fighter RyuVSKen first Conflict :iconkumsstudio:KumsStudio 291 6 Jill Valentine by logancure Jill Valentine :iconlogancure:logancure 5,919 79 Dino Crisis - 20 Year Anniversary by LitoPerezito Dino Crisis - 20 Year Anniversary :iconlitoperezito:LitoPerezito 210 13 Resident Evil Cammy Colored by MarioUComics Resident Evil Cammy Colored :iconmarioucomics:MarioUComics 19 3 We are one by SaitoKun-EXE We are one :iconsaitokun-exe:SaitoKun-EXE 338 46 Nana - 30th Collab by IanDimas Nana - 30th Collab :iconiandimas:IanDimas 233 13 Megaman manga comics: Rock saving Roll by meteorstom Megaman manga comics: Rock saving Roll :iconmeteorstom:meteorstom 89 11 AT: X and Nana by DBSKSUJU101 AT: X and Nana :icondbsksuju101:DBSKSUJU101 57 14 [HI HIIII YEAH][DMC5] by SYUUKII [HI HIIII YEAH][DMC5] :iconsyuukii:SYUUKII 37 10 Splash Woman by Akira-Hikari Splash Woman :iconakira-hikari:Akira-Hikari 315 47 Chunli by Liang-Xing Chunli :iconliang-xing:Liang-Xing 4,711 57 CM 5 - Meteorstom by KamiraExp-Commission CM 5 - Meteorstom :iconkamiraexp-commission:KamiraExp-Commission 236 46 RnR - Luna with glasses Comic by IanDimas RnR - Luna with glasses Comic :iconiandimas:IanDimas 94 18
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Card at the ready...
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Working together with us, and showing our appreciation.
Hello everyone,
I just became the new founder of World-of-Capcom-Club and I'm very excited to work on this group starting from today! :icononicheer:

Soon I'd like to start some contests and see how many challengers are ready to fight! :icontuzkiyesplz: Maybe there will be prizes, we'll see. :iconrichplz:

I'll check every folder in the next days to give a fast clean up on what I think should be removed. Don't worry, I'm talking about submissions that are mere edited/manipulated screenshots or blurred images.
Anyway I'm going to add some rules about such deviations and the number of submissions admitted every week, but of course I want as many as possible to happily submit artworks that express your love for the many beautiful games that CAPCOM has produced over the years.

If you have problems with your submissions in the next days, feel free to contact me.

ROUND 1, FIGHT! :iconryuplz:

More Journal Entries

Games of Capcom

:star: :star: Welcome to the World of Capcom! :star: :star:

These are the games which are currently running in our group:

---- 3 submissions x week limit -----

:bulletyellow: To submit pictures of your collections, check the CAPCOM merchandise folder
:bulletblue: Ace Attorney
:bulletyellow: Aliens Vs Predator
:bulletblue: Armored Warriors
:bulletyellow: Asura's Wrath
:bulletblue: Bionic Commando
:bulletyellow:Breath Of Fire
:bulletblue: Capcom Versus
:bulletyellow: Captain Commando
:bulletblue: Cyberbots
:bulletyellow: Darkstalkers
:bulletblue: Dead Rising
:bulletyellow: Devil May Cry
:bulletblue: Dino Crisis
:bulletyellow: Dragon's Dogma
:bulletblue: Final Fight
:bulletyellow: Ghosts 'n Goblins/ Ghouls 'N Ghosts
:bulletblue: Ghost Trick
:bulletyellow: Haunting Evil
:bulletblue: Killer 7
:bulletyellow: Lost Planet
:bulletblue: Mega Man
:bulletyellow: Monster Hunter
:bulletblue: Multi-Game
:bulletyellow: Omnimusha
:bulletblue: Okami
:bulletyellow: Other Capcom Games
:bulletblue: Star Gladiator/ Plasma Sword
:bulletyellow: Power Stone
:bulletblue: Red Earth
:bulletyellow: Resident Evil
:bulletblue: Rival Schools
:bulletyellow: Sengoku Basara
:bulletblue: Sprite-Based
:bulletyellow: Street Fighter
:bulletblue: Strider Hiryu
:bulletyellow: Viewtiful Joe
:bulletblue: Vulgus
:bulletred: Mature Content

And now ---the RULES FOR THE CLUB---


2) PLEASE REMEMBER TO SUBMIT YOUR WORKS TO THE CORRECT FOLDER. It will be denied no matter what if it isn't.

3) OC characters allowed but only with recognizable CAPCOM games elements and/or official characters, simply using the CAPCOM logo on Mickey Mouse doesn't count - please submit into the CAPCOM-OCs folder

4) CAPCOM VERSUS folder is meant for only CAPCOM VS games characters, otherwise submit to Multi-Game folder

5) All and any devious SUBJECT MATTER, like hardcore hentai, weird fetish, etc, should be directed to the NSFW FOLDER or it WILL BE REJECTED without question.


7) NO mere edited game screenshots or copy and paste from original artworks

8) NO blurred images or out of focus pictures; NO microscopic artworks size with unreadable text if included and invasive watermarks

Questions or suggestions? Contact the group's admins for assistance. :pointr:

Keep rockin' baby ~









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DemonDragon66 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2022
Hey, make sure you set your group admin permissions to "Subject to Vote" or "Are Not Allowed". There has been two notorious group hijackers for over a month now who apply as a co-founders, delete all the artwork in the gallery and favorites, and replace it with gore, scat and porn.
As an example:…
(the NSFW stuff has since been removed but the gallery has been wiped out)
Sabi-Cat-13 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Are any of the admins here still active?? Submissions keep expiring... 
BlueStarbie-Arts Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
With all those staff members, I'm sure someone can approve submissions.
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