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A distant planet far from the one you know- and even farther than your technology could ever reach. And yet, you- traveler- have found us. Simply amazing!

The World of Alondria is an Art Role-Playing game, which essentially means that you interact and play by using an artistic medium- be it drawings or writing. All ability levels are welcome as we want those who play to be able to challenge themselves artistically and grow without feeling judged or pressured!

Currently, the site is going through construction and has a few things that are underdeveloped, but we hope to be adding them all soon! Feel free to join the community on Discord, where you can meet Fellow Alondrians and be in the loop on big news and changes that are going on in the game!

Official Website:

Terms of Service:

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❥ Welcome, travelers, to the World of Alondria. This is an art role-playing game that is currently in development. We would like to let everyone know that this is in its very early stages, and there is a lot of work to do yet.
❥ The World of Alondria is a fictional planet based galaxies away from our own Milky Way. There are many different species and places to explore and have fun with and we have many plans as we move forward. For now, we are setting up the basic design and functionality of our official website- which by the end of it all we hope will have many useful user features; ones that we cannot wait to start sharing with you all!
❥ We will be keeping the DeviantArt group up to date on all news since this game is specifically geared towards art (this includes digital and traditional arts, as well as writing- no matter the skill level). We may also be using the DA Group to alpha test some ideas for the game to see how it works out with our players before the website is released.
❥ The main goal of this group is to build a community and keep interested players updated on new developments as the game is created. We also have a discord for the game to really build on the community, and have the ability to receive feedback on alterations. Anyone on the Discord will have the ability to gain Early Access once we publish the website and will receive updates before the DA Group will.
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Some of the awesome art role-playing groups here on DeviantArt!

I am open to Affiliate Requests!


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Alondria by EloriaStudios
The Kaiyo Gei by EloriaStudios
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On the Coast of Adalyn by EloriaStudios
The World of Alondria Crest by EloriaStudios
The World of Alondria by EloriaStudios
Dance of the Poufle by EloriaStudios
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