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DWOAH: Nicholas Raine vs The Lone WandererDeadliest warriors of all historyNicholas Raine vs The Lone WandererStep out into the apocalypseNicholas Raine info:Height: 6 footWeight: 200lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Wingsticks, Settler Pistol, Combat Shotgun, Authority Machine Gun, Striker Crossbow, HE Grenades, Rocket Launcher, Authority Pulse CannonStrengths: Is the main character of Rage, Peak human strength (Can carry several heavy Weapons without any hindrance, Can beat Armoured Authority Soldiers, Bandits and smaller Mutants to death with his Bare Hands), Extreme durability (Can survive dozens of bullets and several explosions before dying), Peak human speed, Can heal himself via Bandages, Can bring himself back from the brink of death thanks to the Defibrillator Unit housed in his chest, Activating his Defib Unit releases a lethal EMP-like pulse that damages or outright kills nearby enemies, Each of his weapons have alternate ammunition for multiple situations e.g. Armoured opponents, Can create Sub Weapons on the fly e.g. Wingsticks and Sentry Bots, Killed hundreds of Bandits, Mutants and Authority Soldiers in his fight against the Authority.Weaknesses: Nicholas’ Defib Unit only possesses two charges so if he is brought to the brink of death three times he will die, Requires scrap items to create his Sub Weapons, His scrap items and Bandages are finite.The Lone Wanderer info:Height: 6 footWeight: 170lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Power Fist, 10mm Pistol, Xuanlong Assault Rifle, Biwwy’s Wazer Wifle, Mini Gun, Frag Grenades, Fat ManArmour: Armoured Vault Suit, Prototype Medic Power ArmourStrengths: Is the main character of Fallout 3, Extreme strength (Can carry hundreds of pounds of Weapons and items without hindrance, Can harm and even outright kill most enemies with his Bare Hands), Extreme durability (Can tank hundreds of bullets, Laser/Plasma shots and dozens of explosions before falling, Can fight through broken limbs and even through the equivalent of a cracked skull, Power Armour only adds to his durability), Peak human speed, Can ‘pause time’ to take aim at specific points of his enemies via the V.A.Ts system, Can heal via both Stimpaks and food, Killed hundreds of Raiders, Ghouls, Irradiated Wildlife and Enclave Members in his travels through the Capital Wasteland, Finished off the Enclave and saved the Capital Wasteland, Completed the Operation Anchorage training simulation, Aided Desmond Lockheart in Point Lookout, Freed the slaves of the Pitt, Prevented a Zetan invasion by destroying Mothership Zeta.Weaknesses: Despite his borderline superhuman attributes the Lone Wanderer is still human and can be killed if harmed enough, Cannot use V.A.Ts in quick succession and must let it recharge after a couple of uses, His healing items are finite.Battle begin!Dust flew up into the air as several trucks clad with the Brotherhood of Steel emblem sped through the canyon, filled to the brim with their cargo of Aqua Pura to deliver to settlements and any Wastelander in need they came across.As they turned a corner the Knight driving the first truck noticed a man standing in the road several hundred yards ahead, a man holding a Rocket Launcher.“Raider!” the Knight exclaimed as he violently spun the steering wheel trying to avoid the man as he took aim and fired his Rocket Launcher, the Rocket striking the back left of the truck rather than head on, taking the vehicle off of the road but luckily not outright destroying it allowing the Knight to survive.Holstering his Rocket Launcher Nicholas then drew his Settler Pistol, having mistaken the trucks for Authority vehicles he had attacked both to just take them out and to raid what goods they had inside.Approaching the other trucks with his Pistol drawn Nicholas’ attention was then drawn back to the first truck as the passenger side door was kicked open, a young man clad in an Armoured jumpsuit emerging armed with his 10mm Pistol to which both men took aim at each other with their respective Side Arm.A split second later they both fired, both of their shots hitting the others Side Arm knocking the Pistols clean out of their hands, both men stumbling as their Weapons were forcibly removed from their grasp before quickly swapping to their next Weapon, the Lone Wanderer drawing his Xuanlong Assault Rifle, loading and cocking the Kalashnikov style Rifle whilst Nicholas drew his Combat Shotgun and loaded it with Pop Rocket ammunition.As he took aim with his Rifle the Wanderer jumped as what looked like a Firework shot out of Nicholas’ Shotgun and whizzed passed his head, the Pop Rocket hitting the side of the canyon wall a few metres behind him before exploding with the force of a Grenade, shaking the canyon wall slightly causing rocks to fall down forcing the Wanderer to dodge as Nicholas then barrelled towards him, taking the younger man by surprise by slamming the butt of his Shotgun to his head intending to follow it up with a point blank shot to his face.To his surprise though the Wanderer barely moved or reacted to the Shotgun butt to the head, obviously used to far stronger hits as the younger man responded by shunting the older man back and taking aim with his Assault Rifle, firing wildly from the hip to force Nicholas back, scoring multiple hits in Nicholas’ back and shoulders as he was forced to turn and run for cover.Gritting his teeth through the pain of the gunshots Nicholas ducked behind a large rock formation whilst pulling out Bandages to deal with his wounds, diving out of the way of the other Brotherhood trucks as the Wanderer signalled them to keep driving to their objective, the Knight from the destroyed truck quickly jumping onto the last one and clambering into the back to prevent themselves from being left behind as the Wanderer drew a Frag Grenade and threw it after Nicholas.As the Grenade landed a few feet away from him Nicholas dove to avoid it whilst drawing a Wingstick, throwing the Bladed Boomerang Weapon as he dove out of the way of the Grenade to which the Wingstick spun towards the Wanderer, narrowly cutting across his cheek as he just barely turned to avoid it in time.Swapping his Shotgun for his Crossbow Nicholas loaded it with Mind Control Bolts, aiming to end the fight via forcing the Wanderer to self detonate when a Laser blast shot passed him, the younger man having swapped his Weapon as well, going with Biwwy’s Wazer Wifle that he had gotten off of the speech impediment suffering boy back at Little Lamplight, the second shot hitting Nicholas’ Crossbow burning through its wire and rendering it useless before he could fire a single shot with it.Forced to cast the Crossbow aside Nicholas replaced it with his Authority Machine Gun, spraying his P90-esque Weapon from the hip matching the Wanderer’s wild Laser fire, flashes of gunfire and Lasers lighting up the canyon as Nicholas finally landed a meaningful shot on the Wanderer, hitting him several times in the chest and stomach staining his Vault Suit with his blood as the bullet wounds began to bleed profusely.But instead of running like his opponent did for cover the Wanderer pulled out a Stimpak and drove it into his side, injecting himself with the healing drug closing up his bullet wounds as well as forcing the bullets out of his body to the point that it was like he was never shot.Gritting his teeth in annoyance as Lazer blast narrowly clipped his arm Nicholas drew a HE Grenade and cooked it whilst firing his Machine Gun one handed, spraying a rain of bullets along the canyon before throwing his Grenade, the Explosive detonating the moment it landed several feet in front of the Wanderer, the blast knocking him off of his feet and damaging his Wazer Wifle to the point of rendering it unusable without repair as he was knocked onto his back.Quickly rolling away as another HE Grenade landed near immediately after the first one exploded the Wanderer took the second explosion to his back allowing it to propel him to the canyon wall, gasping in pain as the impact with the rock broke his left arm to which he quickly drew another Stimpak and stabbed it into the crippled limb, the sounds of the bones reknitting and healing back into the place resonating from his arm as the drug healed the shattered bones.As he picked himself up the Wanderer heard Nicholas running full sprint towards him, standing fully just in time to take the full force of a right hook to his face, knocking him back against the canyon wall as Nicholas began to rain blows upon him, punching the younger man in the head and chest as hard as he could over and over again, being so focused on trying to cave in the Wanderer’s skull that he didn’t notice him donning his Power Fist.Taking several more punches to the face, feeling his teeth break and jaw crack the Wanderer then harshly retaliated, slamming the Power Fist to Nicholas’ chest with explosive force borderline crushing the older man’s rib cage and lungs as he was sent flying back onto his back.Panting heavily as he checked his jaw the Wanderer then slowly approached Nicholas’ still body, just barely hearing the sound of diodes charging from within his body when Nicholas suddenly jerked hard as his Defib Unit activated, forcibly restarting his failing heart as well as emitting a powerful EMP-like shock from within his body, catching the Wanderer in its ‘dome’ making him suffer from the powerful shock whilst Nicholas sprung back up and drew his Authority Pulse Cannon.With a malicious grin Nicholas loaded the Pulse Cannon with BFG rounds and backed away whilst charging his Weapon as the Wanderer struggled to overcome the powerful electrical shock that ravaged his body.Firing his Pulse Cannon Nicholas lit up the entire canyon with a flash of green as the powerful Pulse struck the Lone Wanderer dead on, engulfing him entirely in a blast that had outright killed any enemy of Nicholas’ he had fired upon before.Smirking confidently believing that the fight was over Nicholas swapped the rounds in his Pulse Cannon to regular bullets before readying himself to loot the damaged truck that had been left behind when a booming almost electrically static-y voice rang out from the ash cloud his Pulse Cannon shot had created.“BACK ON YOUR FEET SOLDIER! THIS FIGHT AIN’T OVER YET!!!”.Then from within the ash cloud he saw the Wanderer rising to his feet now clad in bulky metallic Armour, the younger man having donned his Medic Power Armour after having just barely survived the BFG round hit.“DON’T YOU DARE EVEN THINK ABOUT DYING ON ME MAGGOT! TAKE YOUR MED-X AND GET BACK TO THE FIGHT!” the Armour’s AI barked as its systems started to pump the Wanderer’s body full of Med-X, the morphine based drug ridding him of all pain before administering a Stimpak as well, healing him enough to let him draw his Minigun “NOW THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!!!”.With that the Wanderer began to march towards Nicholas firing his Minigun as he advanced, utilising his V.A.Ts system to target each of Nicholas’ limbs as he went, filling the air between them with hundreds of bullets as Nicholas desperately fired back with his Pulse Cannons regular firing mode causing the canyon to erupt with the endless sound of Minigun fire, the Pulse Cannon rounds pinging off of the Wanderer’s Power Armour whilst his Minigun rounds tore through whatever flesh they hit, eventually preventing Nicholas from continuing to shoot as his arms ended up riddled with bullets.Before he could land the killing shot however the roar of gunfire from his Minigun was replaced with empty clicks as the Weapon ran dry, the Wanderer sighing in annoyance as he dropped the heavy Weapon as Nicholas also dropped his Pulse Cannon, the older man desperately trying to reach for Bandages to stem the blood flow of his wounds only to stop with wide shocked eyes at the new Weapon the Wanderer pulled out, the Weapon looking like a rag tag shoulder mounted catapult with a miniature Nuke loaded into it.Readying the Fat Man the Wanderer activated his V.A.Ts system, the targeting showing a 100% chance to hit its mark to which he simply pulled the trigger, launching its Mini Nuke payload the several dozen yards between them, Nicholas only able to stare in horror as it soared towards him.When the Mini Nuke made contact the entire canyon lit up with an atomic flash, the blast force making the Wanderer stumble as his Pipboy’s Geiger Counter clicked loudly from the wash of gamma radiation that rushed over him, a small mushroom cloud now standing where Nicholas once did, his body utterly destroyed and atomised from the moment the Nuke detonated preventing his Defib Unit from ever bringing him back even if it had somehow survived the blast.Holstering his Fat Man the Wanderer then administered a quick Radaway to bring his Radiation level down when his Power Armour spoke again “GOOD WORK SOLDIER! YOU’RE A CREDIT TO THIS ARMY!”.Winner: The Lone WandererFirst let me apologise for how long this fight took thanks to a mixture of extra work hours and needing to finish Rage to make sure that I got everything correct.So why does the Lone Wanderer beat Nicholas Raine?Well simply in everything other than age the Wanderer beats Nicholas in damn near every category, he’s arguably stronger, is FAR more durable, has better access to healing and augmenting drugs to aide him in a fight and his Weaponry far outclasses Nicholas’ to the point that it’s not even funny, yes having the equivalent of a Minigun fused with the BFG is cool but what is that to a Launcher that fires actual Nukes?So after this fight the Wanderer alone walked away alive.


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