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"Sometimes I have a big mouth when I see something that I don't like...I gotta say it." -"Real Gone" lyrics by Sheryl Crow

It makes me laugh when people call me stubborn and bitchy for having such a disagreeable opinion.

Yes, even though I'm pretty laid back and carefree most of the time, I do have a dark side to me when I'm annoyed too much. When you do annoy me or when you cross the line with me, beware of Bitch-Mode. Because if I don't like your attitude, I will chew you out for it. :stinkeye: Having a big mouth and calling you out on your bullshit by acting like a pigheaded bitch with my viewpoints is just one of my many flaws.

You can call me stubborn, rude, an idiot, a prude, etc....But if I feel like you deserve a harsh lecture, from either throwing a tantrum at me or deciding to be a snarky smart-ass, I'm likely to chew you out for it, even if I offend you.

So you can whine and cry all you want for being "too mean" to you. Most likely, you deserved the lecture. If it's really just me overreacting for no real reason, feel free to tell me...without being smart about it, though.
I do admit that sometimes I may be the one that's "out of line."

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July 24, 2012
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