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They're earned, not given out.
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Published: September 2, 2014
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"Can u give me points?"
"Can u give me a sub?"
"Can u watch me?"
"Can u fave something of mine?"
"Can u llama me?"

I'm sorry, but NO. :|
  1. That's very rude. It's like begging for money.
  2. I don't give out things just because I'm asked. I'm usually very altruistic and helpful, but I've been taken advantage of before and that's not fun. So that's why I make it my policy to not give out things when people ask.
  • If I want to donate points, I may donate. Not because you asked.
  • If I want to watch you, I will. Not because you asked.
  • If I like your work, I may fave it. Not because you asked.
  • If I have time for returning llamas, I'll return them. Not because you asked.
     3. There are many ways to get these things without asking people.
  • You can hold a contest to raise points.
  • You can do a journal feature to get watches.
  • You can do art trades to get faves.
  • You can exchange points for llamas.
  • You can participate in contests to get more faves, watches, and points, etc.
For example, I had someone ask me points so they can give their friend a Premium for their b-day and they only had 24 points left to get. I had to turn them down, even with only that much left. I felt bad, but I tried to encourage them to do something like a journal feature and a donation pool to raise points for their friend's gift. That way, they're not going around begging, which is very annoying and can become a problem if people keep giving out points to random strangers.

Another example: You give some stranger points -> more people will come asking for points -> you give them points too -> MORE people come asking.
It's like feeding stray cats. If you give 1 stray cat some food, then more stray cats will come for food. My dad's shop-neighbor did this and now they have a dozen stray cats roaming around there.

Just because I recently donated some points to a donation pool, or I recently gave someone a llama, or recently watched someone, does not mean I'm going to do the same for anyone else. I just felt like doing a nice thing because I had a little bit of points that I could afford to donate away, or I had the time to give out llamas.

But if you ask for it, you are less likely to get it.
I once wished a few years ago about having a Ludey-plush. Earlier this year, a friend of mine actually commissioned an artist to make me a Ludey-plush. Now Plush!Ludey is sitting on my desk in Senior Studio to keep me company and to cuddle with when I feel stressed out with work. :huggle: I never begged anyone or commissioned anyone to make one for me because I had no money to pay for it, but it was something that I wanted to have someday...And a friend was nice enough to commission it as a belated b-day present without me ever asking them for it. :meow:

If you've ever watched Fullmetal Alchemist, then you've probably heard of the "First Law of Alchemy: Equivalent Exchange." In order to obtain anything, something of equal value must be given. Same concept here. If you want something from people, it's best offer something in exchange for it. If you don't have anything that's just as good to offer in return, then you get NOTHING. :stare: Or in Ed and Al's case, someone loses their body or a leg...

So please don't be a beggar, okay? It's annoying and a bit rude, and it makes me not want to give anything to you. :grump:

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