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[EDIT:] Does anybody READ these descriptions first? Honestly, READ BEFORE YOU FEEL LIKE BEING OFFENDED.

What I mean by this is: please, don't BAWWWW at me for having a different opinion on your precious Pony-fandom and don't link me to stupid-shit articles on why your fandom is SO AWESOME, like a survey on "Brony-subculture."

Why? Because I don't give a fuck. :| Go be butthurt somewhere else, because I can't stand whiners. :icongtfoplz:

U MAD? :icontrolldanceplz:

I must admit, I love watching the show. :popcorn:
1. I'm an animation student, who practically likes anything animated (as long as it's well done) and it has a good story to it. Other than that...Not a chance. :bored:
2. It's funny. :bucktooth: I'm serious. 20-years-old, and I'm finally catching onto all the adult-content in my childhood movies and shows. This one being one of them (even though I never was into MLP before this one) :lol:

But the fans...Holy shit on a stick, what the fuck is wrong with some of you fans? :stare: You go around claiming to practice love and tolerance, as what the show teaches, yet...every time someone rains on your parade and bashes on your cartoon-ponies and the creator, you get all butthurt and grab your pitchforks to fucking mob the person. "OMIGOD, HOW DARE YOU HAVE A DIFFERENT OPINION!!1!! GO BURN IN HELL, HATER!!1!!"

I've lost count at how many times I've seen some so-called "bronies" threaten death upon the so-called "haters" and even praying to God to make them suffer...all because of their opinion. Ooh, a different opinion. How scary and threatening that is. :iconwoooplz:

I saw one Senior member get fucking spammed by a bunch of whiny, butthurt bronies a few weeks ago, all because she didn't like the way Derpy was shown as and expressed her honest opinion on the matter: [link]

Farther back, I saw some Christian brony ask someone where they lived, because they wanted to go and kill them. When people stood against them, they responded with "praying to God to make them suffer," because they were hating on their show. I shit you not.

Some "love and tolerance" that is. :| Calm your hooves, bronies. Because you batshit-insane fans are the reasons why I don't associate myself with that side of the fandom. You honestly make not only the show look bad, but you make the rest of us fans look bad. :|

And don't even get me started on the sick fucks that fap to the show. :stare:
Actually, I already ranted about that with another stamp: [link]

On a random note: I just finished watching the first Transformers movie...and did anyone notice the MLP reference in the beginning? :lol: I'm talking about the "Are you the tooth-fairy" girl in the very beginning, holding onto what was an obvious stuffed "My Little Pony" doll. I never noticed that before, until now. :lol:
I wish I spotted it earlier, since Hasbro owns both Transformers and MLP....

Stamp template [link]
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Submitted on
February 12, 2012
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